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by Doctor Cimmerian, Emotional Entropy and Billith


Utica, New York: the source of SCP-7213.

Item #: SCP-7213

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Future cross-dimensional bleed transmissions are to be catalogued and responded to via the Department of Anomalous Broadcasting. It is not believed, however, that SCP-7213 specific broadcasts will continue.

Description: SCP-7213 was a transmission phenomenon that occurred on December 6th, 2014 in Utica, New York between 0634 and 2351. During this time, all radio and microwave sources inside Utica were unable to transmit. Instead, a series of radio transmissions from a neighboring reality were picked up by receivers throughout the area. Beyond the loss of signal from Utica sources, the phenomenon was not detectable outside the city limits of Utica, New York.

SCP-7213 continued for approximately 17 hours and 17 minutes. The cessation of signals from SCP-7213 did not immediately result in the resumption of signals from sources inside Utica, and given the breakdown of social structure inside the city, there was considerable difficulty in organizing local, regional, and state level law enforcement in order to restore order to the city.

Eventually, an order was given by the SCP Foundation's governing council, with the approval of the US Federal Government and Foundation Ethics Committee, to apply an aerosolized amnestic to the population of Utica. Approximately 6 minutes after the initial dispersal of the amnestic agent (at around 0352 on December 7th), signal sources began to function again inside of Utica.

Once non-7213 signal sources resumed function, order was restored over the next 3 hours. After an additional week of disinformation, the population of Utica returned to normalcy. There have been no further signal transmissions related to SCP-7213.

The following broadcasts are typical examples of those received during the event.

While SCP-7213's originating dimension appears to be similar to our own, there are provable discrepancies that have been noted above. This may be due to knowledge of the impending disaster being extant long before it was publicly disseminated.

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