SCP-7212 - Antichrist-Cloning Virgin Mary
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Item #: SCP-7212

Object Class: Keter



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7212 is held in a standard Keter-class cell, located within the Heavy Containment Zone (West Wing) of Site-16. The frontal steel door has been welded shut, and the maintenance shaft (M-HC29a) directly accessing the chamber has been requisitioned as a funnel for forthcoming SCP-7212-1.

The SCP-7212 containment team is to be regularly supplied with appropriate defensive materials and is staffed by tactical combat-ready personnel. An array of 10 KNAUER ABA-2B4 automatic sentry turrets have been installed at various strategic points within M-HC29a. Additional sentry turrets have been installed within 1 2 miles of SCP-7212's containment in anticipation of containment breaches.

Turrets are to be activated and and kept fully operational at all times, especially during any confirmed SCP-7212 conception event. After all SCP-7212-1 within M-HC29a have been neutralized, armed containment personnel must coat the resulting viscera in specialized hydrochloric chemical compound HF/PURE and transport the remaining material to I-HC177 for liquidation.

Additionally, all containment and security personnel present during and following SCP-7212 conception events are to undergo Class 3 VMC sensory sedation processing. Persons of any Abrahamic faith are not to come within 100 meters of any 7212-1 instance.

In the event of a containment breach, MTF Lambda-93 ("Shaka Zulu") is tasked with tracking and terminating instances.

Description: SCP-7212 is a 1.74 m tall humanoid figure composed of an unidentified calcium curd. The object is capable of limited locomotion when unobserved. SCP-7212 superficially resembles a contemporary depiction of the Virgin Mary. The object is solid, however exhibits multiple pseudo-organic traits in the lower abdomen: notably, a 1.4 cm long, cartilaginous vagina is present in the crotch, which is capable of dilating up to 50 cm in diameter during conception events. This organ lacks a clitoris. A sallow, putrid-smelling, lactic substance has been frequently observed to rupture from this area during conceptions. Conception events produce live SCP-7212-1.

SCP-7212-1 bear genetic similarities to [REDACTED]. They are organic, humanoid entities of variable appearance, always resembling male Homo sapiens of apparent Semitic ancestry. They possess mild to severe cognitohazardous properties. 7212-1 are hostile and capable of extreme violence. Although the exact physical measurements of the capabilities of 7212-1 have not been recorded, it is known that instances possess supernatural strength and dexterity, and will produce a loud cackle while pursuing victims; this sound has been recorded at over 270 dB. 7212-1 regenerate rapidly and exhibit minimal bleeding. Acute cranial trauma is required to efficiently terminate instances. SCP-7212 has been known to conceive broods of up to 8 adult 7212-1 at a time.

ADDENDUM 11-03-2019: Recovery Incident

On 11/03/2019, rancher Emily Guillemot observed the apparent creation of SCP-7212. She reported the incident to the Fresno County Police Department as it was occurring, making the following call.

A policeman was dispatched to the scene. Upon discovering instance SCP-7212-1-001aa, police officer Frank Chance was maimed and terminated. It took 16 minutes before Chance's absence was recognized by the police department. A SWAT team was summarily dispatched to the location, who also suffered heavy casualties. Upon recording 7212-001aa's supernatural traits, the SCP Foundation was alerted.

MTF Lambda-93 Tactical Team 4 was dispatched to the site. Based on the scant description of 7212-001aa and its capabilities, agents were mobilized with heavy weaponry.

ADDENDUM 08-10-2019: SCP-7212 was initially contained via a reinforced Keter-class containment chamber. The SCP-7212-1 instance sedated and contained during the object's recovery, 7212-1-001aa, was placed in cryogenic storage.

CCTV security cameras were installed on the western and northern sides of SCP-7212's containment chamber. As the conception phenomenon of 7212-1 from SCP-7212 was unknown at the time, SCP-7212 was considered a Euclid-class object. SCP-7212 was to be monitored at all times by a rotating team of at least 4 security personnel stationed within the observation deck.

On 08/10/2019, the first recorded conception of an SCP-7212-1 brood was witnessed by SCP-7212 containment personnel. 3 instances were produced in total; 1-002aa, 002ab, and 002ac. 002ab expired instantly due to an unnatural merge between the frontal lobe and the left arm, which exhibited polydactyly. Containment personnel issued a Code Yellow emergency at SCP-7212's containment and requested assistance.

It is at this point that 002aa approached the hydraulically-sealed steel gate connecting the chamber to the outside. Staff witnessed 002aa inserting its fingers into the seam between the two doors. Over a course of approximately 2 minutes, 002aa pried the steel doors open with its hands, destroying its arms in the process.

002aa and 002ac breached containment. A Code Red containment breach was declared and the observation deck locked down. 002aa sprinted towards HC-South while 002ac remained at the exterior window of the observation deck.

Security footage shows 002ac severing its own head and throwing it through the plexiglass window into the observation deck. Rapid regeneration enabled the entity to terminate all 4 personnel.

In HC-South, janitor Jo Green was sitting near Dr. Vermillion's office. She was wearing noise-cancelling headphones and reading a hardback Spanish copy of Crime and Punishment. 002ac approached the subject and proceeded to [REDACTED]. Her cadaver was later extracted.

MTF Lambda-93 was deployed into HC-South as the area was locked down. Personnel were advised to seek refuge in any available evacuation shelters. With minimal casualties, MTF agents were able to terminate the two breached instances.

The doors to SCP-7212's containment chamber were repaired and welded shut. As this took place immediately after the breach, 7212-1-002ab's cadaver had yet to be disposed of, under the assumption that it was inert. However, after the doors were welded together, 002ab reanimated. Unable to breach through its doors, 002ab instead utilized gross physical force to tunnel into M-HC29a. MTF L-93 agents faced the entity in combat within the maintenance shaft, suffering 8 injuries but terminating the instance for a second time.

The remains of all SCP-7212-1 were promptly doused with HF/PURE. SCP has since been revised, and M-HC29a has been requisitioned as a vital element of those procedures.

ADDENDUM 01-05-2019: Shortly after Collie Streisand's promotion to SCP-7212 HMCL, a new team of offensive containment personnel were appointed by her and Assistant Director Igoe. However, following the successful termination of SCP-7212-1-009aa, 009ab, 009ac, and 009ad, containment operative Bryan Scotts immediately began exhibiting unusual behavior during the removal of doused SCP-7212-1 cadavers from M-HC29a.

The following interview was promptly conducted.

Notably, Bryan Scotts was found to be the only member of the SCP-7212 containment team subscribed to an Abrahamic faith (Catholicism). SCP has since been revised.

ADDENDUM 10-04-2021: SCP-7212-1 instances 017aa and 017ab conceived. Both instances emerged juvenile, approximately 1-7 years old. 017ab neutralized per standard protocol.

Instance 017aa was resilient and extremely hostile. 2 members of the SCP-7212 containment team were severely injured by the instance before it escaped its containment area. MTF L-93 were dispatched into the Heavy Containment Zone to combat the instance.



Upon confrontation, 017aa maimed and terminated Agent Ryder within 2 minutes. Agents Willcox and Toledo were terminated within 10 minutes of combat. Security footage shows 017aa pulling what appeared to be a two-handed sword from an apparent spacial breach or pocket dimension. This weapon appeared to absorb the majority of light which contacted its surface, appearing as a pitch black silhouette, with the "portal" from which 017aa produced the weapon appearing similar.

017aa used this weapon to swiftly terminate Agents Costello, Richardson, and Wong. A separate L-93 TacTeam was dispatched to assist the initial group, and after 36 minutes of combat, instance 017aa was neutralized. The weapon was confiscated for research, however "disintegrated" 2 hours after the instance's death.

Additional sentry turrets have been installed within 2 miles of the SCP-7212 containment zone. SCP revised.

ADDENDUM 07-07-2023: SCP-7212 conceives 7212-1-122ag and 7212-1-122af. Instance 1-122ag terminated as normal. However, instance 1-122af remained within the containment cell. Using SCP-7212's lactive excrement, 1-122af produced a line of text on the northern wall of the chamber before expiring. Cause of death was found to be malnutrition. The following was translated from Aramaic:

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