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Item #: SCP-7208 Level 4/7208
Object Class: Euclid SERENDIPITYSYZYGY Classified


Partially mapped portion of SCP-7208.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7208 is INTRINSICAXIOMATIC to a majority of PATTERNSCONSTRUCTS that make up baseline reality. As a result, the disruption of SCP-7208 or any of its constituents is to be avoided.

Due to the NATUREPERSONALITY of SCP-7208, it may only be described using inherently nebulous language, such as semiotic pataphors,.Descriptions that employ concepts of adjacent or fundamentally disparate connotation in order to construct novel concepts with broader implications, or to approximate concepts that RESIDEFESTER outside the Nöosphere. terms with many or contradictory definitions, and motifs which serve to make BRIEFINGSYMBOLISM more ambiguous, but are otherwise IRRELEVANTNEGLIGIBLE to SCP-7208 as a whole.

In general, SCP-7208 may not be CONVEYEDWOVEN using concepts that suppose any BELITTLINGSUPPRESSIVE connotation, nor may it be REFERREDALLUDED to using any designation other than “SCP-7208,” which inherently expresses no meaningful connotation as to the significance of SCP-7208.

Information about SCP-7208 is limited to personnel with Level 4 Clearance or higher; further research has been suspended indefinitely.

Personnel are advised to avoid DIVININGCONCEIVING SCP-7208 any unique or specific definition. All personnel directly involved in the OBSERVATIONSUPERVISION of SCP-7208 are to be screened biweekly for indications that they have attempted, consciously or unconsciously, to UNRAVELFATHOM SCP-7208 or any of its elements.

Personnel who understand SCP-7208 are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-7208 is the RHAPSODYTAPESTRY of concepts that preside over luck. SCP-7208 has only been partially analysed, due to its aforementioned NATUREPERSONALITY. The portions known to the Foundation correspond to the concepts of probability, randomness, circumstance, and SERENDIPITYSYZYGY.

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver, director of the analysis of SCP-7208 until its indefinite suspension, is currently held in a standard humanoid containment cell until further notice.

From the limited portions of SCP-7208’s TOPOLOGYCATEGORY, it was hypothesised that SCP-7208 PERMEATESDOMINATES up to █8.14% of the Nöosphere in such a way that it at least partially intersects with human concepts of faith, hope, intention, and CREATIVITYFREEDOM.

As a result, SCP-7208 and its constituents are directly impacted by a subject’s interpretation of their meaning. This is somewhat ALLEVIATEDREMEDIED by SCP-7208's special containment procedures, namely the use of pataphors, which effectively prevent subjects from constructing a coherent mental picture of the RHAPSODYTAPESTRY onto which they may, consciously or unconsciously, suppose their own VERSESTITCHING.

Changes in SCP-7208 or its constituents are directly reflected in baseline reality. One such reality restructuring event.τὰ ἐπὶ τὰ μεταφυσικά has occurred. (see: Incident-7208-π)

Director ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver is not to be identified using any specific or unique designation other than the duonym which was retroactively APPENDEDSEWN to her IDENTITYVOLITION following the events of Incident-7208-π .

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver directed a temporary research team assigned to analyse the portions of the Nöosphere corresponding to human CREATIVITYFREEDOM. Her discovery and subsequent partial TOPOLOGICALCATEGORICAL analysis of SCP-7208 has allowed the Foundation to develop an iterative framework for determining the outcomes of random or otherwise anomalous events to an arbitrary degree of accuracy,.Monkeys and typewriters. designated Protocol-7208-ρ "Rhapsody."


Notice: The following audio transcription was recovered from security footage captured in the Director ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver's office.

[knocking is heard from the door]

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "Come in?"

[a civilian identified as Andrew Taylor enters the room]

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "I hope what you’re about to tell me is important."

Andrew: "I am sick and tired of this entire project."

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "You came to me just to complain?"

[Andrew approaches ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver's DESKLOOM]

Andrew: “Do you think you can blame me when all our research has been nothing but prancing around a single data structure, pretending that if we think about it as little as humanly possible, we might be able to draw it out of its shell enough to catch it in a jar, all so the Foundation can shake it up every time reality isn’t tickling its fancy?”

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "Andrew, you know very well our protocols and our rules regarding SCP-7208, I suggest you–"

[Andrew slams both of his hands against the DESKLOOM]

Andrew: "I know very well our pedantic platitude horseshit."

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "Andrew."

Andrew: "Are we playing hard-to-get with a memeplex? Why can’t we just nail this thing on the head and get our framework over with?"

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "We can't."

Andrew: "Why? Why can’t we? What’s the matter?"

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "Were you present during any of our briefings?"

Andrew: “Oh please, pretend I wasn’t.”

[a pause; ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver is seen burying her face in her hands, groaning]

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "We were all assigned by Foundation executives to look inside the Nöosphere at the idea, or the concept, or whatever of human CREATIVITYFREEDOM. What we found clung, or attached, or sucking up to it was a piece of a much bigger idea. When we mapped out more and more of it, we found it was just dissolved, just woven into reality as a whole, and because it was intersecting with CREATIVITYFREEDOM of all things, we couldn’t make any assumptions about it whatsoever, or else those assumptions would have become the de facto truth."

[Andrew is seen stepping back from the DESKLOOM]

Andrew: "So we understand it more so we can understand it less?"

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "It would be best if we don’t understand it at all, but it appears to be necessary if we want to get any use out of it."

Andrew: "What use does it have if we can’t meaningfully interact with it in a way that doesn’t jeopardise our existence?"

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "That’s still to be determined. I strongly urge you to get back to your research and help everyone figure that out."

Andrew: "You have to be fucking–"

[Andrew approaches the door]

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver: "Where are you going?"

Andrew: "This is not worth the amount of time you put into it; it’s consuming you. I’m not going to be part of a stupid fucking passion project."

[Andrew exits the room]

In the hour following the time of recording, all research of SCP-7208 was terminated. During the reassignment of personnel, it was found that no researcher named Andrew Taylor had ever CONTRIBUTEDSUBMITTED to the research of SCP-7208.

Director ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver was discovered PEACEFULCOMATOSE in her office, and immediately admitted to the Foundation’s on-site infirmary.

ABIGAILAMELIA Weaver is an integral constituent of SCP-7208 ’s overall structure. Her continued well-being is INTRINSICAXIOMATIC to the integrity of SCP-7208, and Foundation efforts are currently aimed toward methods of prolonging her LIFEDREAM in containment.

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