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Item #: SCP-7206

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7206’s remains have been disposed of through a Foundation waste treatment facility.

Description: SCP-7206 is a humanoid reality bender, residing in [REDACTED], United States.

SCP-7206 is capable of transmuting any living being they directly perceive1 into almost any mundane material or object desired. SCP-7206 has shown to only be capable of creating items equal to, or smaller than the subject’s original size. Only items produced using SCP-7206’s abilities can be returned to their original state, despite being comparatively smaller.

Discovery Log: SCP-7206 displayed no anomalous properties until three months before discovery. It is believed that SCP-7206’s anomalous properties manifested recently, having previously remained dormant. Anomalous activity was not immediately noticed, as SCP-7206 would use their abilities sparingly.

SCP-7206's usage of their abilities occur irregularly, based solely on the needs or whims of SCP-7206 at the time. SCP-7206 has expressed neither distress nor concern towards their new abilities, utilizing them freely on civilians whenever they see fit. Further examination is needed to determine SCP-7206's exact personality file, although sociopathic tendencies are evident.

Incident Log: The following is a list of noticeable incidents involving SCP-7206 prior to containment. All footage was recovered from surveillance cameras located in [REDACTED].

SCP-7206 waits in-line at a bus stop. The bus arrives, and SCP-7206 steps on.

Bus driver: Two-fifty, pal.

SCP-7206 reaches around in their pockets for several seconds, expressing frustration.

SCP-7206: Oh for god’s sake. Hang on a sec.

SCP-7206 turns around and looks at the civilian behind them. The person is transmuted into a dollar coin, which SCP-7206 catches in their hand.

SCP-7206: Wait, not enough.

SCP-7206 looks to the remaining civilians in line, who all stare in shock. Subjects have little time to react before being transmuted into individual coins. SCP-7206 mutters "Wait, no." and "Only one?" to themselves as they do. SCP-7206 counts the coins before handing them to the bus driver, who stares in disbelief.

SCP-7206: Here you go. $2.75, right?

SCP-7206 hands the coins to the driver, $3.00 in total. SCP-7206 steps onto the bus and takes a seat. The bus pulls away three minutes later. The driver quietly sobs throughout the entirety of the drive.

SCP-7206 walks through a local park while eating an ice cream cone, which they accidentally drop.

SCP-7206: Aww, damn it.

SCP-7206 looks around, noticing a woman and a young boy, the latter of which is licking his own ice cream cone. SCP-7206 approaches the two. The boy is transmuted into an ice-cream cone identical to that which SCP-7206 dropped. SCP-7206 catches the cone, and begins eating it as they walk away. The woman approaches SCP-7206, visibly distraught.

Woman: What- What did- What did you just do!? What did you do- Where is he!? WHERE IS HE!? What have you done!?

SCP-7206 looks back at the woman, continuing to lick the ice cream cone. The woman stares directly at the cone, physically gagging as her face turns even redder.

Woman: Give him- Change him back!

SCP-7206 stares at the woman as they bite a large chunk out of the ice cream cone.

SCP-7206: What?


The woman reaches inside her bag.

SCP-7206: Ok! Jeez…

SCP-7206 causally tosses the ice cream cone onto the tarmac path. A second later, the young boy is restored. The woman immediately reaches down and embraces him, hugging him tightly and shaking. SCP-7206 walks off, before transmuting a nearby pigeon into another ice cream cone which they begin eating.

Note: Medical examination revealed a noticeable decrease in the child’s brain matter and neural activity following the event.

SCP-7206 walks up to a homeless woman taking shelter under a bridge. SCP-7206 smiles, before handing over three pizza boxes to her. The woman looks up at him, clearly set aback, but smiling.

Homeless woman: Wow. I… Are you for real?

SCP-7206 looks at her, smiles back, pulls out his phone, and takes a picture of them together. The woman is then transmuted into a cardboard pizza box identical to the other three, and SCP-7206 places it on top of the pile. SCP-7206 walks away.

Note: Later investigations revealed that seven homeless people had been reported missing throughout the area.

SCP-7206 approaches a bench and sits down. A man sits beside him, reading a newspaper. SCP-7206 looks around and sighs to themselves while fidgeting. After a few minutes, SCP-7206 turns and notices the man. The man transmutes into a soap bubble. SCP-7206 stares at the bubble floating around for a minute, before sighing again and walking away. The bubble floats towards a teenage boy, who pops it and smiles. The boy then reaches the bench and notices the fallen newspaper. He looks around.

Teenage boy: Dad?

Recovery Log: MTF Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits”) were appointed for the recovery mission of SCP-7206. It was concluded that the best course of action would be to approach SCP-7206 stealthily, subdue them, and restrain the subject while unconscious. Use of excessive force was permitted if necessary.

A Scranton Reality Anchor was placed within range of SCP-7206's apartment. On location personnel watching via agent's body-cam's would be instructed to activate the device upon indication of SCP-7206 becoming hostile. Agents were equipped with compact Realty Harnesses.

The incident was recorded as follows:

Agents unlock the door to SCP-7206's apartment and quietly enter. SCP-7206 lies alone on a sofa, watching a large television set. Empty wrappers and snack foods litter the carpeted floor. An agent steps on a piece of food, alerting SCP-7206. SCP-7206 turns around and jumps up, glaring at the agents.

SCP-7206: Who are!? You pieces of-

SCP-7206 vanishes.

Post-incident Report: The exact reason for SCP-7206's transfiguration of itself is unknown. It has been speculated that the reality harnesses prevented SCP-7206's abilities to alter any of the agents, instead defaulting to the sole remaining feasible target, SCP-7206 themselves. Another conclusion suggests that SCP-7206 perceived their own reflection on the vizor of one of the agents, causing them to unwittingly think of themselves while choosing a target.

The fecal matter resulting from the transfiguration was collected and later disposed of.

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