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SCP-7205 as seen upon transition from real-space.


Access to SCP-7205 can only be obtained by conforming to a wide number of measurable averages. Although this list is not comprehensive and this is not the only known means of egress, entry to SCP-7205 can be reliably achieved when a person meeting all of the following requirements leaves a population center with the intent to reach the city of Leima, OH:

  • Driver has been en route for at least 48-minutes, or, has covered a distance of at least 47-kilometers1.
  • Driver is occupying a 'crossover' vehicle2.
  • Driver is the sole occupant of the vehicle, and the vehicle contains one or no pets3.
  • Driver is between the ages of 31 and 454.
  • Driver has a personal income approximating 35,977 USD, or, is a member of a household with an approximate income of 67,521 USD5.

Update: As the result of a research cooperation agreement, only one scientific observer is permitted at any given time. Any observers present beyond the single, designated unit will be treated by SCP-7205 as a statistical inclusion and are subject to the effects of the anomaly.


SCP-7205 is the designation for the collective phenomenon affecting the city of Leima, which is nominally reported to be in central Ohio, USA. Within the boundaries of the city, all demographics and events are representative of 'the average American' on a per capita basis. This representation includes demographics and events which would normally deviate day-by-day but normalize over long periods of time, such as the birth rate and death rate.

The city of Leima, OH has a reported population of 16,200 people. Although available information within SCP-7205 designates the object's location as approximately 80-kilometers northwest of Columbus, Ohio, observable geography does not support this conclusion. The city limits encompasses approximately 200 square kilometers and is bordered by a mountain range, a desert, a large body of salt water, a river, a region of rolling plains, a deciduous forest, and a salt flat. The specific direction in which these geographic features are located is variable, as well as their location relative to other geographic features.

SCP-7205-1 is the designation for a 'probability engine' located in the geographic center of SCP-7205. This object is composed of a polished, black stone and resembles a railroad spike approximately 8 meters in height. The engine produces a significant amount of onto-kinetic radiation which is believed to be responsible for the edits to local space-time. These edits include changes to the personal history and physiology of residents in order to conform to expected statistical models, but has so far not extended beyond the boundaries of the anomaly.

Transition into and out of SCP-7205 is closely regulated by an armed security force which reports to a 'Central Statistical Command'. This command office is located within city hall and is not accessible to the public.


On 23rd September, 2017 Agent Clinton Dureau left the Site-11 facility in Lansing, MI en route to rendezvous with a Level-1 research detachment in the Ohio River Valley. At 2h21m into Agent Dureau's journey, vehicle GPS stopped reporting location data and failed to respond to pings. A visual search was conducted for both the missing agent as well as his vehicle and returned no useful leads.

On 15th May, 2022, almost five years after his disappearance, Agent Dureau and his vehicle began transmitting their location from a truck stop near White Sands, New Mexico. Contact was made and the agent and his vehicle were retrieved.

The following is a debriefing interview with Agent Dureau. A full audio recording is available as an attachment to this file.


After the recovery of Agent Dureau a task force was dispatched to further investigate potentially anomalous activity within SCP-7205. Despite extensive reconciliation with available GPS data, as well as an exhaustive physical search, resources were unable to locate the city of Leima, OH.

A second task force wave was dispatched attempting to more closely mirror the circumstances under which Agent Dureau went missing, patrolling the upper Ohio River Valley in teams of two and four agents. After three days, resources were unable to locate the city of Leima, OH.

Containment specialists assigned to the investigation made a recommendation to assign task force agents to other priorities and conduct the search using less qualified employees with fewer specialize skills. Within the three-day allotted window for this investigation, a pair of field agents were able to re-discover SCP-7205 and successfully return with relevant information. Among objects recovered from the containment zone was a personal invitation from the Mayor of Leima to parlay with a single Foundation designee of our choosing.

To Whom It May Concern,

Your attempts to intrude upon our peace will remain fruitless and ultimately harmful to both institutions. I'd invite you to cease your search and adopt a more civil approach. Please, consider carefully a representative to explain your interest in our fair city and I will ensure their safe passage in and out of Leima.

The Honorable J.D. Wiggins, Esq.


On 1st July, 2022, Agent Clint Dureau was approved via special request to carry out the parlay with SCP-7205. Dureau was outfitted with relevant recording equipment and escorted to the rendezvous coordinates as designated by the invitation.

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