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SCP-7204 and trainer, prior to her demise during Incident 7204-β.

Item #: SCP-7204

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The aquatic mammal containment tank housing the anomaly must contain no portals through which it could observe any space outside of its tank. The drainage and plumbing systems servicing the tank are to operate independently of all other adjacent infrastructure with pressure monitors being checked once every four hours.

It has been determined that the continued deterioration of SCP-7204's mental faculties presents a danger to those personnel responsible for its care. To maintain its mental health, SCP-7204 is to be placed within a tank containing other non-anomalous dolphins on a bi-weekly basis. During socialization and feeding times, all lighting within the tank is to be dimmed in order to prevent SCP-7204 from making visual contact with Foundation marine biologist personnel.

Description: SCP-7204 is a male adult dolphin, estimated to be approximately fifteen years old. It has a scar on its dorsal fin from a boat strike which took place prior to initial containment.

When placed in an artificial habitat with a drainage system, an anomalous link forms between its blowhole and any drains or other comparable plumbing inside the tank. SCP-7204 is able to forcefully absorb matter within its visual perception field into its blowhole, after which the object will be transported through a spacetime portal before reappearing, miniaturized, inside the drainage system. This effect was originally noted by trainers at the [REDACTED] aquarium, who reported miniaturized versions of missing property appearing in the dolphin tank.

The effect does not apply to everything in SCP-7204's visual perception, it appears to activate randomly or possibly based on SCP-7204's preferences1. Prior to the effect's activation, SCP-7204 will expel water from its blowhole. Objects or persons previously affected by its anomalous effect or which were present in the drain may be launched from SCP-7204's body during these blowhole expulsions.

Foundation assets first became aware of SCP-7204 after four [REDACTED] aquarium trainers were reported as missing persons. Subsequently, biological matter believed to be trace human remains were found inside the dolphin tank drainage filter. Reports to law enforcement authorities alerted local Foundation agents, who secured SCP-7204 after verifying its anomalous properties.

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