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Item#: 7198
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Staff level 2 and below are to be periodically reminded that all special containment procedures for SCP-7198 are done in SCP-7198's best interest. Additionally, subliminal messages procuring the idea that these procedures are in SCP-7198's best interest are to be propagated to respective staff during non-working hours.

SCP-7198 is contained in a standard containment cell while not undergoing Procedure Hippocratic Oath. Procedure Hippocratic Oath must be performed on SCP-7198 twice daily for the foreseeable future in a standard surgical operating room1. If Procedure Hippocratic Oath is not performed at least once every 48 hours [DATA REDACTED] will occur. If [DATA REDACTED] occurs Procedure Hippocratic Oath must be performed as soon as possible to prevent further loses. SCP-7198 must be conscious during the procedure and cannot be administered any pain-relieving or anesthetic medication2. All protests and pleas coming from SCP-7198 are to be ignored, and staff are to continuously remind SCP-7198 that this procedure is in their best interest.

All personnel assigned to SCP-7198 are to be given biweekly cognitive reassurance evaluations to maintain efficacious containment of SCP-7198. If, at any point, a member of staff believes that this procedure is no longer in SCP-7198's best interest, they are to be given Class C amnestic treatment and moved off-site. Please see your supervisor if you have any questions, or if you begin to feel as if this procedure is no longer in SCP-7198's best interest.

At the start of each new business quarter, a board of site directors must convince the ethics committee that Procedure Hippocratic Oath continues to be performed in SCP-7198's best interest. As per mandate ETHOS.7198B, a unanimous vote by the ethics committee is the only way to cease Procedure Hippocratic Oath3. If a vote is not unanimous, a new vote may be cast the following quarter.

Description: SCP-7198 is an 18-year-old male of western european descent and standard build. His anomalous property appears when his right hallux4 is surgically, or otherwise, removed. Upon removal, the toe will begin to age rapidly and degrade into dust. After 5 minutes a new hallux will begin to regenerate where the previous one was removed. SCP-7198 expresses discomfort and pain as this new toe grows in. Genetic testing on the dust collected has revealed inconclusive results and does not match any human DNA.

If the toe is removed while the patient is under any sort of pain-relieving or anesthetic medication, the toe will show no anomalous properties and will degrade naturally. Genetic testing confirms this toe to match SCP-7198. Only when all medication wears off will SCP-7198's toe begin to regenerate. SCP-7198 reports extreme levels of discomfort and pain during this set of circumstances.

The dust, collected from Procedure Hippocratic Oath, is easily encapsulated, and the resulting pill, designated as "Clarity," is approved for usage by all foundation employees. A dosage as small as 5 micrograms can provide a number of physical and mental healing effects. These effects include repairing most bruises, lacerations, and burns, and the removal of nonnative/malignant bodies that provide a detrimental effect on the host's body5. People who suffer from mental illness also report slight improvements in some of their symptoms, besides those related to PTSD6. To this date, there does not appear to be any adverse effects brought on by repeated Clarity use.

In the past, SCP-7198 frequently attempted to resist attempts by staff to perform Procedure Hippocratic Oath. However, after several rounds of hypnotic therapy this behavior has regressed to only occurring 1 to 2 times per year. Although an unintended side effect, the current special containment procedures also assist in maintaining this state of mind.

Discovery: SCP-7198 was first brought to the Foundation's attention when an emergency transmission was intercepted from a standard 911 call. An adult male, claiming to be the father of SCP-7198, explained that his son was in a lawn mower accident and required immediate medical assistance. SCP-7198’s right leg had been caught underneath the mower blade which proceeded to lacerate his leg and foot for several seconds before the mower was stopped.

In his after-action report, Agent Forness7 noted, “the scene looked like a blood bath, but the child was physically unharmed.” Recognizing this as a potential anomaly, and the risk of death to the child deemed low, Agent Forness undertook interviewing the father on scene. See interview log 7198/1.

Following this interview, the boy was taken into Foundation custody and designated SCP-7198. Upon further review it is believed that the Clarity produced as a result of this accident soaked into the wounds resulting in the full recovery of SCP-7198.

Update 1: On 12/23/██ three [DATA REDACTED] events resulted in the restriction of a multitude of beneficial SCPs, namely SCP-006 and SCP-500. Later that day, SCP-7198 was temporarily reclassified to temporary thaumiel status and Procedure Hippocratic Oath was developed to mass-produce Clarity. As of 07/04/██, Clarity has become the most common source of emergency medicine utilized in all Foundation site pharmacies and field agent emergency kits.

Update 2: Due to an influx of Keter-class containment breaches in recent years, SCP-7198 has volunteered to undergo Procedure Hippocratic Oath more than the scheduled two times per day to assist with the inflow of injured staff members. This has resulted in SCP-7198 becoming the first anomalous recipient of the Foundation Red Heart Award.

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