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Item#: 7194
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7194 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell measuring 5 meters by 5 meters, located within Site-12. The containment chamber must have walls constructed with a thickness of 30 centimeters of reinforced steel and must be equipped with both audio and visual surveillance equipment. Access to SCP-7194's containment cell is restricted to Level 4 personnel and above.

SCP-7194 is to be continuously monitored, and any instances of offspring generation must be promptly recorded and analyzed. Upon the generation of any SCP-7194-1 instance, on-site personnel are to immediately incinerate the offspring in a designated on-site incineration chamber to ensure complete destruction.

Personnel assigned to SCP-7194 must undergo regular psychological evaluations to ensure their ability to handle the anomalies produced by SCP-7194 without displaying emotional attachment or distress.

In the event of a containment breach, Procedure Falicy01 is to be enacted immediately. All personnel within a 100-meter radius of the breach must evacuate the area, and the breach site must be sealed until SCP-7194 can be successfully re-contained.

SCP-7194 is to be kept within a facility free from pathogenic, bacterial, or viral in anomalous.

Additionally, SCP-7194-2 instances undergoing metamorphosis are to be terminated promptly. However, SCP-7194-2 instances should be studied before termination, along with any SCP-7194-3 instances they produce.


SCP-7194 is a large biological entity resembling a human womb, measuring approximately 3 meters in height and 2 meters in width, with a brownish tint to its outer membrane. SCP-7194 is suspended within its containment cell by a series of steel supports to prevent movement. SCP-7194's security classification was elevated from Level 2 to Level 4 clearance following the event known as "Falicy-1" details of which remain highly classified. to those under level 4 clearance.

At regular intervals of exactly 24 hours, SCP-7194 will enter an active state in which it generates an adult humanoid organism. These humanoids, designated SCP-7194-1, are produced fully formed and appear to be physically identical to ordinary humans. However, SCP-7194-1 instances exhibit animalistic behavior, often displaying instincts suited to their immediate environment. For example, if SCP-7194 generates an instance in a desert environment, the resulting SCP-7194-1 instance may display behavior and adaptations typical of desert-dwelling animals.

SCP-7194-2 entities exhibit a notable size disparity compared to typical SCP-7194-1 instances, featuring enlarged pelvic bone structures. Notably, these entities possess the unique capability to birth SCP-7194-3 instances. The SCP-7194-3 entities closely resemble SCP-7194-1 instances, except for their significantly reduced size. as well as this SCP-7194-2 are capable of reproduction. making the

Intriguingly, if left undisturbed for an extended period, SCP-7194-2 undergoes a metamorphic process. The ultimate outcome of this transformation remains undisclosed, as MTF-Salira-7 terminated the entity during this transitional phase.

Contained SCP-7194-1 instances exhibit little to no higher cognitive function and are largely non-communicative. They are docile when not provoked, but caution should be exercised when handling them.

Containment Breaches

SCP-7194 Breach Incident-1

(Date: ██/██/20██): SCP-7194 was observed to produce a single SCP-7194-1 instance that, upon breach, displayed heightened aggression and the ability to communicate. The instance breached containment by damaging the cell's steel supports, causing structural damage to the containment cell itself. It attempted to interact with on-site personnel in a manner consistent with ordinary human behavior, making it difficult to identify as an anomaly. The instance was successfully re-contained after █ casualties.

SCP-7194 Breach Incident-2

(Date: ██/██/20██): SCP-7194 breached containment once more, this time producing multiple SCP-7194-1 instances simultaneously. These instances displayed the same aggressive and communicative behavior as the previous breach. The breach resulted in █ casualties before re-containment was achieved. Further autopsy revealed that these new entities have produced organs for vocal replications along with chromatophores.

SCP-7194-1 Incident Report Falicy-1

Recording Researcher: Dr.Raikin

The incident began following a seismic event of unknown origin, which severely compromised the structural integrity of Site-12. As a direct consequence of the earthquake-like disturbance, containment procedures for SCP-████ were breached when the containment cell's integrity was compromised.

Multiple instances of SCP-████, escaped from containment, posing an immediate threat to on-site personnel. Foundation security personnel were dispatched to contain the SCP-████ instances while simultaneously addressing the earthquake's aftermath.

Simultaneously, SCP-7194, a large biological entity capable of generating humanoid instances designated as SCP-7194-1, entered its active state. The seismic event appeared to trigger SCP-7194's active phase, generating an SCP-7194-1 instance. This instance materialized within the vicinity of the SCP-████ containment breach due to the structural damage caused by the earthquake.

The newly generated SCP-7194-1 instance exhibited aggressive behavior upon encountering the SCP-████ instances. Foundation personnel initially regarded this aggression with concern. However, it soon became apparent that the SCP-7194-1 instance was actively engaging and neutralizing SCP-████ entities.

During the confrontation, Foundation personnel observed an extraordinary phenomenon. When the SCP-7194-1 instance was overwhelmed and killed by SCP-████ entities, it did not undergo the typical decomposition associated with SCP-████ █████████. Instead, the deceased SCP-7194-1 instance displayed signs of reanimation after a brief period.

After death, the SCP-7194-1 instance exhibited revival, implying that it had utilized SCP-████ to reanimate itself. This unexpected interaction suggests that SCP-7194-1 instances have developed the ability to harness SCP-████ to restore their own vitality after death. All future SCP-7194-1 Instances are to terminated and future testing is to be halted.

SCP-7194, SCP-7194-1. SCP-7194-2, SCP-7194-3 Incident Report Falicy-2

Recording Researcher: Dr.Zaher

In the midst of an abrupt power outage that struck Site-12, an extraordinary event unfolded as SCP-7194-2 materialized within SCP-7194. The emergence of SCP-7194-2 coincided with the initial sighting of SCP-7194-3. These entities underwent an astonishingly rapid proliferation, their numbers escalating at an unprecedented rate. This unforeseen outbreak swiftly overwhelmed the security teams assigned to the facility, throwing Site-12 into the throes of an acute containment crisis.

Amid the escalating crisis, the Foundation's elite Mobile Task Force, codenamed MTF-Salira-7, was urgently dispatched to Site-12. Equipped with specialized containment and neutralization protocols, the task force confronted the SCP-7194-2. Their arrival coincided with a startling revelation, as SCP-7194-2 appeared to be undergoing a mysterious metamorphosis of unknown nature. As this transformation unfolded, MTF-Salira-7 acted swiftly and decisively, utilizing advanced containment procedures to terminate SCP-7194-2 before it could complete its metamorphic process. This critical intervention managed to halt the anomaly's progression, preventing the potential escalation of the containment crisis.

As a direct consequence of this incident, SCP-7194's classification has been elevated to Keter status along with its risk class rising to danger. necessitating its relocation to a facility entirely devoid of any bacterial, pathogenic, or viral contaminations. Future SCP-7194-2 and SCP-7194-3 instances are to be captured and studied.

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