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Sample of SCP-7190 taken at scene of discovery.

Item #: SCP-7190

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7190 is stored in a walk-in freezer unit at Site-77. Due to SCP-7190 being in limited supply, researchers wishing to utilize the anomaly must get approval for at least two personnel of Level 3 clearance.

Description: SCP-7190 refers to a collection of sushi of varying types and styles. Other than its immunity to spoilage, it is physically non-anomalous.

Subjects that consume SCP-7190 consistently report them to taste highly sweet and tangy, but otherwise palatable, even to individuals who heavily dislike seafood. Analysis shows each instance to contain a wide variety of vitamins1 and does not activate allergens of those allergic to shellfish. Documentation, witness testimonies, and thorough experimentation reveals that long term consumption of SCP-7190 will exhibit many beneficial side effects including, but not limited to:

  • Improved mood;
  • Improved hair growth;
  • Weight loss;
  • Enhanced sexual function;
  • Moderate growth and enhancement in the mammary gland (in biological females only);
  • Curing Tourettes and other speech-related disorders;
  • Curing throat-based cancers and diseases.

Through rigorous testing, it was confirmed SCP-7190 is safe for human consumption, as previous test subjects did not exhibit any ill effects or aliments at any point post-digestion.

Addendum-01, Discovery: SCP-7190 was unintentionally discovered through surveillance of the Silverlin family, a known client of Marshal Carter & Dark. Chad Silverlin, the youngest member of the family, made a post on the social networking service TikTok before it was self-deleted. In the post Chad was enthusiastically describing his experience at Poseidon's Ocean Club2, making mention of a 'secret menu' and consuming a plate of SCP-7190.

This initially didn't warrant attention until it was learned other high priority MC&D clients had also frequented the same restaurant, prompting MTF Lambda-14 (“One Star Reviewers”) to raid the establishment after business hours. SCP-7190 and ingredients commonly utilized in anomalous cuisine were found in a hidden compartment in the walk-in freezer. Multiple SCP-7190 instances was confiscated and delivered to Site-77.

After noting SCP-7190's properties, Dr. Manoj drafted a project proposal regarding the object, citing its massive potential the anomaly could bring. Lambda-14 was authorized to collect more SCP-7190 instances following Dr. Manoj's findings.

Addendum-02, Pursuit of Suppliers: Although Poseidon's Ocean Club staff were knowledgeable in para-cooking, it was apparent their training was outsourced, and acquired their ingredients from a third party. Captain Bailey authorized the staff to be amnestized of their memory of the raid. The establishment was allowed to conduct its business under the covert surveillance of Lambda-14. This was done not only to identify patrons ordering from the 'secret menu', but to also identify the supplier.

One week later, a nondescript van arrived at the establishment before business hours, delivering boxes of supplies before driving off. Over a period of two days, Lambda-14 remotely tracked the vehicle to ████ ██████, a private stockyard on the coast of ████████, Florida. The shipyard appeared to be operating beyond its official business hours with vans entering and exiting the property at scheduled intervals.

Lambda-14 cut off phone lines then cordoned off the area, quickly subduing and taking control of ████ ██████ with relative ease. Large quantities of SCP-7190 were held at the property alongside unrelated anomalous substances. Undocumented migrant workers and armed mercenaries were captured at the scene with the most prominent being Ivan Frady, the property's owner. Frady refused to cooperate until Captain Bailey took charge of the interrogation.

Addendum-04, Progress: According to Frady's testimony, MC&D was Ambrose's primary collaborator and sole supplier of SCP-7190 related materials. Frady provided more documents to prove his statement and most of the mercenaries captured were identified to have definite connections to the organization as well. As determined in Frady's settlement for the Foundation's protection, he was required to expose all known depot locations, request an emergency supply of SCP-7190 from his employers, and allow the Foundation to covertly gain autonomy of the smuggling network to avert suspicion.

Two days later, a submarine emerged from the docking section of the stockyard. Several individuals exited the vessel to be intercepted and arrested by MTF Lambda-14 and Mu-3 (“Highest Bidders”).3 This led to the Foundation learning of UE-111789's location.

Eventually, Lambda-14 and Mu-3 was given the order to shut down MC&D's and Ambrose joint network: all known eateries exposed throughout the operation had their SCP-7190's confiscated and all individuals aware of the deal was amnestized or detained. Despite having great success in shutting down the network, production of SCP-7190 still remains in circulation.

Addedunm-04, Overhaul: Two weeks in the aftermath of the network's dissolution, the Foundation received an anonymous tip who claimed to be a former MC&D member, providing directions to a nondescript fishery operating in the Okinawa region of Japan. Mu-3 and Lambnda-14 were deployed to investigate the address.

Attached below are the results of the deployment.

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