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Item #: SCP-7185

Object Class: Safe



Special Containment Procedures: The factory and surrounding area containing SCP-7185 have been cordoned off from the general public under the guise of a dangerous chemical leakage. Accordingly, a 5-meter tall chain-link fence has been erected from an exactly 15-kilometer radius of SCP-7185. The fence is to be checked weekly for damage, at which point if damage is located it is to be repaired. Any geographical mentions of the abandoned settlement of Beard, Oregon, United States, have been removed from maps. Public satellite imagery has been altered to exclude Beard, and the road leading to the town has been relabeled as private property.


SCP-7185-1 photographed at a nearby shed upon initial discovery.

Description: SCP-7185 is an unidentified machine located within an abandoned factory in the Southern Cascadian Mountain Range, Oregon, United States. SCP-7185 is not connected to any exterior power or piping, but maintains three levers that control its operations. If both black-tipped levers are switched down, and a currently rusted-over lever is pulled, SCP-7185 will produce a green liquid dubbed SCP-7185-1.

SCP-7185-1 is an alcoholic beverage with a semi-viscous consistency, which when ingested, will result in a series of changes to subjects bodies over the span of a several-week-spanning period which will result in the bodily mutation and deformation of subjects. SCP-7185-1 works to successfully degrade the effectiveness of depressants, opiates, and stimulants following an extended period post-ingestion. These changes will vary on a case-by-case basis, and inevitably result in the subjects expiration. Following the expiration of subjects, the anomalous cause of their deaths will cease manifesting.

Discovery: On July 18th, 2014, numerous reports were made to park rangers of an entity emerging from the treeline at Crater Lake National Park and attacking civilians. Foundation agents embedded for the containment of SCP-3310 discredited the rumors as a case of mass hysteria, and subsequently detained witnessing civilians prior to their amnesticization and release. A search effort began for the entity lasting 2-hours, at which point the entity was recovered. A subsequent analysis concluded that the entity was a civilian known as "Zach Hermann", at which point Hermann was transferred to a nearby Foundation outpost at SCP-3462, Oregon, United States, for emergency surgery.

Hermann's body had been fully covered in growths of Kindbergia Oregana1 and numerous unidentified root growths across his skin and internal organs. After approximately 18-hours of contiguous surgery, it was deemed infeasible to remove all of the growths at the time with the given resources. As such, primary surgical efforts were focused on the removal of growths concentrated around Hermann's eyes, nostrils, ear canals, and throat. After a further 7-hours of surgery, minor progress was made at which point Hermann was transferred to Site-56 for a further surgery to be hypothesized and implemented, along with interviewing Hermann as to the origin of the anomaly that occurred in his physical person.

Interview Log-7185-1

Interviewer: Researcher Charlie Kanley

Interviewee: Zach Hermann

Hermann is situated on a medical bed in a private room. Kanley sits in a seat adjacent to the bed.

Kanley: Greetings, Mr. Hermann. Are you able to speak at the moment?

Hermann moves his mouth slowly and begins speaking in a raspy voice.

Hermann: Yes.

Kanley: Great. Now, we found you at Crater Lake with some pretty serious injuries that most people wouldn't survive, any clue as to which part of Crater Lake this happened to you?

Hermann: North.

Kanley: The north side of the park?

Hermann: No. North of the park.

Kanley: By where?

Hermann: Oakridge.

Kanley: Pretty far from here. Why did you walk all the way down to Crater Lake?

Hermann coughs.

Hermann: The roots grew over my eyes. I didn't know where I was going after Kellen died.

Kanley: And who exactly is this "Kellen" person?

Hermann: My husband.

Kanley: Did Kellen additionally suffer from similar symptoms as your own?

Hermann: Yes.

Kanley: Alright, was this exactly in Oakridge, or at a location nearby? How do you get to where this happened to you?

Hermann: Ride down to Hills Creek Lake, and follow Hills Creek Road south until you see a sign saying "Beard" and a road by the sign.

Kanley: Is that a town?

Hermann: Abandoned.

Kanley: Then whatever caused this is in Beard?

Hermann: Yes.

Kanley: Anyone else besides you and your expired husband involved?

Hermann: Yes. Azrael, Mark, and Angel. We also had Caleb, but he isn't alive anymore.

Kanley: Ok. We will attempt to remove other growths within the next few hours.

Hermann: The anesthesia does not work.

Kanley: Pardon?

Hermann: I felt everything that happened during the surgery.

Kanley: We will attempt to discern why that is happening. But regardless, we need to proceed with the surgery to ensure that you are in healthy condition.

Kanley stands out of her chair.

Kanley: And of course, to make sure you are able to give us another interview tomorrow.

Kanley laughs at her joke and walks out of the room. Hermann remains silent and looks down, clutching his head in his hands.

Hermann: Why'd I give them that fucking drink?

Closing Summary: A team has been dispatched to Beard, Oregon, United States, for the recovery of a potentially anomalous object and any civilians at risk of destroying the veil. Hermann is to remain under medical analysis as surgeries progress for the monitoring of future growths within his anatomy. After successful surgeries are implemented, Hermann is to remain in Foundation custody until further interviews can discern as much useful information regarding the potential anomaly as possible.

Foundation Agents noticed difficulty in traversing the path to the town due to both the poor state of infrastructure leading to the town, and the conflicting series of roads leading to separate abandoned properties on the outskirts of the town through the woods. At 17:29, PDT, Agents arrived at the town center and searched the surrounding area, at which point at 17:41, PDT, Agents located a factory containing approximately 3 expired human bodies, and several green jars of what was later determined to be SCP-7185-1. Outside of the factory, a shallow grave was discovered in which a fourth expired body was located.

Interview Log-7185-2

Interviewer: Researcher Charlie Kanley

Interviewee: Zach Hermann

Kanley: Greetings, Mr. Hermann. Are you feeling any better?

Hermann: Doesn't hurt to talk as much.

Kanley: Good. I take it the surgeries have gone well despite the complication.

Hermann: Yes they have. Except for the itty bitty thing that I feel your surgeons digging through me.

Both are silent for several seconds.

Kanley: Well, we found Beard, and have secured the area. Now need to ask you some more specific questions about the anomaly.

Hermann: Are they safe?

Kanley: Who?

Hermann: My friends. Did you fucking find them?

Kanley: No. A search is currently underway.2

Hermann looks down and sighs.

Hermann: Good. They have to be alive. This shouldn't have happened to Kellen for nothing.

Kanley: Agents have found multiple samples of a green liquid. Is this the drink you were referring to?

Hermann: Yeah. Angel found a journal that said it was some sort of alcohol the owners of the factory gave to their workers in the '30's. Only stopped using it after workers kept getting drunk, or something like that.

Kanley: Why did you choose to ingest it?

Hermann: It was all my fault. I thought we could get our hands on some beer for free. We only got supplies once a month, and they never gave us anything for our downtime.

Kanley: Supplies for what?

Hermann: An abandoned town has a lot of shit we can sell. Some guy hired us out to scavenge through anything of value in the town then we would sell it later.

Kanley: Know what his name was?

Hermann: Sean.

Kanley: I meant his specific name.

Hermann: He just put an ad up on Craigslist.

Kanley: Alright. Can you provide a description of the machine that produced the liquid?

Hermann: It's blue. It also has a little wooden box with a nozzle that pours the drink. If you pull the levers it dispenses the liquid.

Kanley: Ok. Do you-

A transmission is sent to Kanley through her earpiece.

Kanley: Excuse me for a second.

Kanley leaves the room. The interview is subsequently ceased.

Closing Summary: Agents positioned within proximity of SCP-7185 were ordered to determine and isolate SCP-7185. Further questions are to be decided upon, and Hermann is to be interrogated again for any further knowledge he has regarding SCP-7185, and the effects of SCP-7185-1.

Researcher Kanley is to be formally commended for her ingenuity in not informing Hermann of the ceased life functions of his associates. Tracking efforts through "Sean's" craigslist account have begun to discern his exact location.

Due to the outdated and un-maintained infrastructure surrounding SCP-7185, renovations were ordered to further ease containment and allow for the establishment of wireless communication with personnel at SCP-7185. Shortly following the conclusion of Interview Log-7185-2, Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 was dispatched to SCP-7185 due to the severe credible threat of a Chaos Insurgency raid on the facilities. All other personnel were sent away from SCP-7185 for their personal safety. It was deemed safe for standard personnel to re-enter the facility after 14-hours had passed. In which, numerous firefights were reported to have occurred, ultimately concluding in the members of the Chaos Insurgency being driven away from SCP-7185 while sustaining major casualties. Alpha-1 remained on location to ensure the peaceful collection of information regarding SCP-7185.

Alpha-1 would transfer control over a journal found nearby to the expired bodies found in proximity to SCP-7185. The journal was in a state of severe damage due to the conditions it was kept in until its discovery, as such, entries within the journal were divided into three differing sections based on their condition.

1. Readable condition.

2. Barely discernible condition.

3. Indiscernible condition.

Readable Condition Entries

Zach and Kellen just left. I doubt we need Zach around here anymore. I will miss Kellen, however.

I'm writing this because I am not sure we will all surv We are all in pretty good shape. Caleb wasn't good for morale, but we all know that was a freak accident. He was always getting sick, so that must of destroyed his immune system. Though none of us have heard of a man catching on fire from a disease.

We still know that all of us have only a few more days left to wait, then they'll come back with help. Zach decided that all of us needed to try the beer, and now this happens. Whatever happens to him in the woods, he deserves. But Kellen does not. Why'd that dumbass go with that piece of shit?

Regardless, Angel and I tried exploring the roads to find a way out. Low and behold, when you abandon a town for 70 years it gets hard to navigate. We keep finding roads that lead to nowhere, or that are blocked by a landslide.

The rest of us decided to start looking through the factory we found the beer in to look if they ever made an antidote. I hope to god they did. But if we can't, I don't know how long we will last.


The remainder of notable entries within the journal were placed under-recovery, in order to repair the damage done to the journals and fully discern the text transcribed through the damage done to the entries. Further interviews were decided upon to collect valuable information regarding the location of any further SCP-7185-1 instances, and relevant information regarding the effects of SCP-7185-1 prior to human testing via D-Class personnel.

Interview Log-7185-3

Interviewer: Researcher Charlie Kanley

Interviewee: Zach Hermann

Hermann moves his head to look at Kanley walking into the room.

Hermann: Did you find them yet?

Kanley: No. It was delayed following complications with a hostile group.

Hermann: What group?!

Kanley: It was dealt with. We-

Hermann: Did they kidnap my friends?

Kanley: As I was saying, they followed us to the location. Your friends were already gone. We believe they may have left the location shortly after you and Kellen did.

Hermann: Based on what?

Kanley: Not much. Just the lack of signs of habitation around SCP-7185.

Hermann: The fuck is that?

Kanley: What?

Hermann makes air quotes with his hands.

Hermann: SCP-7185.

Kanley: Oh, that is what we call the machine that produces the drinks.

Kanley laughs. Hermann remains emotionless.

Kanley: Sorry, sometimes I forget you aren't as in the know about new info as we are.

Hermann: Where, did, they, Go?

Kanley: We do think someone may have picked them up. We are looking through hospital reports at the moment.

Hermann: Nobody picked them up. The only guy who ever came down was Sean once every three months to pick up whatever we found.

Kanley: So Sean could have picked them up?

Hermann: I said nobody did. That piece of shit came down to Beard right before Caleb died, and you want to know what he did?

Kanley: What did he do?

Hermann: He saw us, and immediately drove the other direction without even thinking to get us help.

Kanley: How shortly prior was this to Caleb's expiration?

Hermann: Four fucking days.

Kanley scribbles a note on her clipboard.

Kanley: What happened immediately following the initial ingestion of SCP-7185-1?

Hermann: Nothing much. It was actually pretty helpful

Kanley: What do you mean by helpful?

Hermann: Stuff like us having more energy. Like, we stopped needing to sleep altogether after a week or so.

Kanley: Any physical effects of 7185-1?

Hermann: We starting healing from stuff like cuts faster.

Kanley: When did negative properties of 7185-1 manifest? Such as…

Kanley gestures at Hermann's left forearm, which has a noticeable root growth emerging from within the skin.

Hermann: I think I already knew what you meant.

Kanley: It is my duty to be thorough. But when did it first appear?

Hermann: After around a month. Just us all feeling aches around our bodies.

Kanley: When did specific anomalous symptoms occur within all of you?

Hermann: A few days after that, there were just weird things we started feeling. Caleb got a really bad fever, I felt a tightness in my chest, and Mark's hair just started falling out. Same with Angel.

Kanley: So 7185-1's effects varied?

Hermann: Yes.

Kanley: What were the end results of everyone's symptoms?

Hermann: I don't know. The only one that got bad was Caleb's.

Kanley: And what were Caleb's symptoms?

Hermann: After his hair was gone, his skin started peeling. It was very red. Then one night, he ran out screaming on fire. We tried to pour water on him, but he just kept fucking catching on fire. Even would be a few minutes when we thought he was out, then have him catch again.

Kanley: Forgive me if I am mistaken, but is there not a creek that runs through the settlement? Could you not simply submerge him in there?

Hermann: We tried to. It didn't do shit, and his skin started forming massive blisters which just kept popping. We couldn't even keep him submerged since he was constantly coming up to breathe, only for the fire to relight the second he went above the water.

Kanley: And when did Caleb finally expire?

Hermann: I don't know. It was morning when he stopped burning.

Kanley: Where is his body?

Hermann: Buried him by the factory.

Kanley: Then you were forcibly removed from the town? Seeing as your friends blamed you for this?

Hermann: Yes. I had to find help back to them. Alone or not. But Kellen decided to stay with me.

Kanley: You two are married.

Hermann: Yes, but I didn't expect him to join me. Not after I killed Caleb.

Kanley: These are all the questions required at the time.

Kanley stands up and exits the room.

Closing Summary: New samples of SCP-7185-1 have been collected for the purposes of analysis and experimentation. Expired bodies discovered close to SCP-7185 are to be transferred to the proper facilities for their required autopsies in order to extract relevant information. A fourth interview was scheduled for the next day following another series of surgeries to remove further growths from Hermann's anatomy.

The location of Sean was revealed shortly following the recovery of the journal entry, and Sean's identity was confirmed to be "Sean MacDougall". Agents were promptly dispatched to MacDougall's location, at which point he was detained and interrogated. No valuable information was recovered in the interrogation, as such, MacDougall was amnesticized and released. Saved information regarding the location of Beard, or referencing any victims of SCP-7185-1 were removed from MacDougall's personal devices. Money held by MacDougall prior amounting to roughly $46,000 USD were seized from MacDougall's financial assets to conceal any traces of money gained from scavenging within Beard. The new money gained was promptly used to help finance the containment of SCP-7185.

Following initial recovery efforts, sections of journal entries in "Barely Discernible Condition" were recovered, although minor water damage was present along numerous sections of the entries, causing small amounts of information to be unrecoverable.

Barely-Discernible Condition Entries

What just happened?

Mark just fucking died. His hair started falling out, and it was getting a bunch of rashes with his skin peeling, so we were worried something like what happened to Caleb was going to happen to him. But then we thought it would be fine, since winter was around and he could stay in the snow.

Then something started building up on his skin. We didn't know what it was at first, all we knew was that it would appear every few hours and we had to scrape it off. After two days, it started appearing faster and faster. Then it started dripping off of him. It felt hot, too. Angel thinks it was candlewax, and I mean it looked like it. It was a blue-ish green color, but we couldn't keep it away.

Mark, that idiot, didn't even say it hurt that much. Kept us from trying to help him for a few days. Only after it literally started burning off his eyes did he finally let us start to help him remove it, and by then I don't know what we could do. He only had another day before he started getting completely covered in it. Then he stopped moving, and I guess we all thought he was dead. We're waiting to move him until the wax finally cools down, which hasn't exactly happened yet. I swear it is still growing even a few days after he died.

The snow is beautiful outside. We're both huddled around that goddamn machine because this is the room Mark's body was in. Whatever is covering him has definitely grown. We're trying to pick away at it, but we can only really use sticks or boards because that wax thing is still scalding hot. Me and Angel started looking around the place while we were waiting for the snow storm to stop. Ended up finding a bunch of weird logos. Hard to describe but it has this almost gear-looking thing and three inward-facing arrows. Overall, not much we were able to find about curing us of this, of course. So we just decided to lay down and rest for a few hours. Not that we can even fucking sleep.

I guess all I can do is write in this about what I'm thinking. What I'm thinking is whether I should ask Angel on a date if we survive this. Assuming he is gay, Not that we will, but a good thought I guess. It's getting harder and harder to move as much. Not for a lack of energy, but it's just getting harder to move my muscles. Hopefully it isn't too bad.

I guess we also overreacted a bit with Zach. I mean, he is the one who convinced us all to drink whatever the green thing is, but he couldn't have fucking known. I don't know, I mean, I know he and his husband are heavy drinkers. At their wedding, I remember me, Angel, and Mark having to carry both of them to one of our cars back to their place. Then us scrambling to make sure they had their car back when they were sober. Just, I can't ignore what happened to Caleb and Mark. Even if it is some sort of butterfly effect, I don't know what to call it, but it was still Zach's actions that caused this.

I swear I'm seeing Mark's body moving.

He's still fucking alive. I walked over and he was trying to dig out of there. It has been like a fucking week. How was he just in a pile of hot wax? Is Caleb still alive? Did we just bury him? I mean, I guess that explains why his body was still making wax. Hopefully the lack of fires means Caleb was dead when we buried him.

He's stopped moving now. I don't know if he is dead again, or just unable to move. No matter what I am moving the wax from his face. I'm so sorry Mark.


Following the completion of securing the area within close proximity to SCP-7185, efforts began on the location and identification of the expired body of Kellen Anderson, of which the exact location was unknown to the Foundation at the time. Several teams were placed on standby across the Southern-Central Oregon area in preparation to search for the corpse of Anderson. Preliminary search efforts across broad zones of search also began.

Interview Log-7185-4

Interviewer: Researcher Charlie Kanley

Interviewee: Zach Hermann

Hermann is reclined in his medical bed. Approximately 46 minutes prior to the interview, Hermann exited a failed operation to remove further growths from his lungs.

Kanley: Greetings Hermann. I know you just got out of surgery, so I will attempt to keep things brief. We would like to locate your expired husband.

Hermann: Yeah?

Kanley: Yes. Where did he expire?

Hermann: I don't know?

Kanley: How do you not know?

Hermann: There were fucking roots over my eyes. I couldn't-

Hermann begins coughing.

Hemann: Do you have any water?

Kanley: Give me a second.

Kanley exits the room, and returns 46 seconds later with a small paper cup of water.

Kanley: Now that that has been taken care of, let us proceed.

Kanley looks through notes on her clipboard.

Kanley: We currently believe that your friends may have followed you shortly after you left. But congregated around the expired body of Kellen. Locating Kellen's body would be critical in finding the rest.

Hermann: I don't know where he is. We were in the woods I think.

Kanley: If you do not know the location, it may be best to start closer to the beginning.

Hermann coughs again, and drinks most of the water in the cup.

Kanley: Alright. Why didn't you and Kellen just follow any roads?

Hermann: We got lost. You have to spend a few miles off road to get into the town, and even then there were dozens of paths.

Kanley: And a wrong turn got you stuck in the woods?

Hermann: Yes.

Kanley: What did you have with you?

Hermann: A backpack with a lighter and a pocket knife. Then a few cans of food. Also a notebook and pen, but we didn't use those.

Kanley: And then you just wandered off into the wilderness?

Hermann: Yes.

Kanley: Did you pass any notable landmarks?

Hermann: We saw a mountain on our way like a week in. Might have been Diamond Peak.

Kanley: How long did it take after for Kellen to expire?

Hermann: I didn't really keep track of time. It was around 2 weeks or so.

Kanley: How did Kellen expire?

Hermann: He was shitting and vomiting glass and metal.

Kanley: Metal chunks emerged from Kellen's anatomy?

Hermann: Yeah, and a ton of blood too.

Hermann violently coughs for 12 seconds while reaching for the water cup, even though it is empty.

Kanley: How did he die?

Hermann: I don't know. The roots grew over my eyes so I couldn't see him, or anything. He was navigating me around and I just assumed he wasn't doing that bad. Then one day he collapsed.

Kanley: Was he dead immediately?

Hermann: No. I still heard him, so I tried to find him. When I did I just sat down with him. I don't know why, but-

Hermann coughs.

Hermann: I needed to be there when he died. I couldn't leave him.

Kanley: When did you leave him?

Hermann: After a few hours I couldn't hear him breathing, and knew he was dead. So I got up and walked by myself until I heard a car horn honking.

Kanley: Did you find these cars?

Hermann: No. I ran towards the source until it was gone, then I kept going until I heard some screams. Then you guys found me.

Kanley: Alright. We will attempt to locate your friends from this. We will keep you posted, and attempt to resolve the anesthesia issue post-surgery.

Closing notes: This interview has been largely unsuccessful in discerning the location of Anderson's corpse. Efforts are to be underway to search a broad area from Beard to Crater Lake with a general focus on areas that have a vision of Diamond Peak Volcano.

As search parties were dispatched to locate the expired corpse of Anderson, efforts finished on the partial recovery of journal entries in "Indescirnible Condition". Recovered contents were analyzed, although information potentially located within the entries was non-recoverable.

Indescirnible Condition Entries

When you can't walk, you write.

We aren't getting through this. So those plans I had about asking Angel out on a date aren't going to work. Angel died two days ago. At least with the others, it took only a few days for them to die. It took Angel a few weeks. I saw his eyelids and nails fall out, then over the next few days, he said his skin was falling off. I didn't even believe him until I saw the skin over his foot peel off in one layer. It grew back after a few hours, but large chunks kept falling off in entire pieces faster and faster. I thought it would at least be over in a few days, but he just kept recovering and it kept happening over and over again. At one point I even saw his face fucking fall off. He didn't even have most of his nose when it came back. He spent so many hours vomiting and shitting blood, I don't even know if a human has that much blood. I mean, whatever the fucking drink is probably keeps replacing his blood with new stuff. When I was a teen, I remember hearing of this Japanese man whose body couldn't heal from injuries. Of course, young me with unlimited internet access wanted to see pictures of it. I feel like teen me seeing those pictures for the first time. Only I see them 24/7, and I can't stop it.

A few days before Angel died, things started getting worse for me. I can't move at all below my chest, and weird bumps are forming on my skin. My hands are already deformed, and I don't know what is happening. I can't feel my legs anymore. I had to crawl in here from outside to avoid a storm. My hands are barely moving. I'm assuming Kellen and Zach are already dead, if not then they are assholes for choosing to not send help. We were too harsh with Zach. I mean, it definitely wasn't his fault. He drank it too, but of course we blamed him for it. We needed to blame someone, and in doing so we sentenced him and Kellen to die alone. We are great people.

I guess if I am going to die, I might as well put down what I know. Even though the biggest question is why this happened. The story about this being a drink to help the workers is full of shit. We checked the town hall, and the companies that "own" the factory just popped into existence one day. No records about the factory existing before 1921. They also never actually named any employees, just the letter "D" followed by a number. Something else happened in here. Some experiment.

But it doesn't matter. Not anymore to me at least. I can't even feel my lower body anymore. I'm putting the journal in my backpack, so if anyone finds us they can know what happened.

I don't think we'll be found.


On July 21st, 2014, at approximately 11:04 PDT Zach Hermann expired from anomalous complications while undergoing surgery. At approximately 13:27 PDT on the same day, the expired corpse of Kellen Anderson was located and underwent autopsy. A note was recovered on Anderson's person pertaining to his expiration.

To my love, my life, but never my death. May you survive this.

It's been a few hours since you left. Hopefully, your refusal to leave my side until then won't end your chances. Mine are over, but you still have a chance to make it. You will make it. I know you will.

The stars are so beautiful tonight. I don't think we've had much of a chance over the last few weeks to look at them. Always pushing to find civilization faster. You've been so busy trying to push through despite the plants growing faster. If you ever see this, know that none of this was your fault, and I will never blame you for it. It wasn't even a mistake you made, we all decided to go along with it. Azrael is wrong for kicking you out. But do not hate him, he did what he thought was right, even though he was not.

Just find out who made it. Bring them to justice for all of us, bring them to justice for Caleb, bring them to justice for me. Find who Sigmund Carr-Payton is, and why they made the factory. Find why they made it. That is all I want you to do. That is what we all need you to do.

The past few hours were the most beautiful time in my life. Cuddling with you on a cool night, gazing upon the stars, knowing this is it, but staying together nevertheless. Even though I do not wish it to be, I am content with this being my last memory. I would always choose to go into the woods with you again, so you may make it even if I will not.

The clouds are about to cover the stars now. I will take a break from writing so I can gaze upon them one last time.

Goodbye, my love.


D-Class testing utilizing SCP-7185-1 has been indefinitely postponed following a joint consensus by both the O5 council and the Ethics Committee. Further analysis of the composition of SCP-7185-1 has begun. Analysis into the origin of SCP-7185 is to be placed under the command of Researcher Charlie Kanley. However, due to the lack of surviving evidence, and the damaged condition of recovered documents, the research into its origin is to be placed at minimum priority and receive requisite funding until future breakthroughs are made.

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