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Item#: 7181
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-7181's manifestations and its targeted demographic, physical containment measures are not feasible. Instead, containment efforts should focus on monitoring and tracking potential instances of SCP-7181, as well as ensuring information regarding its anomalous properties is properly controlled and restricted.

The lead research team is to investigate reports of SCP-7181 manifestations. The team should respond to any potential instances of SCP-7181, secure the area, and conduct interviews with affected individuals, their families, and medical professionals involved. Amnestics should be administered as necessary to maintain the secrecy of SCP-7181.

Foundation web monitoring algorithms are to scan for any mentions of anomalous nursing homes or accounts describing experiences similar to SCP-7181. Individuals who make such claims should be discreetly approached, and if necessary, interviewed and administered amnestics.

Description: SCP-7171 refers to a small plot of land, measuring approximately 5,000 square meters, situated within Kansas City, Missouri. The exact location varies and has been observed to manifest in different areas within the city's limits. SCP-7181 typically appears as an unremarkable building resembling a nursing home, which can only be perceived and interacted with by individuals in the late stages of terminal illness, with a prognosis of imminent death.

Once an individual within proximity of SCP-7181 meets the specified criteria, they will perceive the structure as a hospice or nursing home facility. The interior layout and design of SCP-7181 vary depending on the perceived person's moral character and actions throughout their lifetime.

SCP-7181-1 designates the anomalous phenomena observed within instances of SCP-7181. SCP-7181-1 encompasses the distinctive interior characteristics and psychological influences present within SCP-7181, serving to establish a sanctuary-like environment for individuals nearing the end of their lives.

The interior architecture of SCP-7181-1 is subject to personalized customization, meticulously tailored to the preferences, memories, and emotional well-being of each individual inhabitant. The walls are adorned with artwork specifically chosen to align with the person's personal interests and aesthetic preferences. The artwork exhibits dynamic properties, utilizing perceptual manipulation to create an immersive and ever-evolving atmosphere.

A salient feature of SCP-7181-1 is the repeatedly playing lullaby-like music emitted from strategically placed speakers throughout the premises. This auditory stimulus induces a profound psychological effect on the occupants, inducing a perpetual state of relaxation and comfort.

Central to the experiential framework of SCP-7181-1 is an extensive collection of bookshelves distributed throughout the facility. These bookshelves house a multitude of portraits and photographs, each capturing the individual's most joyful and cherished memories. Despite their static nature, the photographs display anomalous properties, imbued with subtle movements akin to recorded video footage. When interacted with by the intended recipient, the photographs emit audio correlating with the depicted memory, affording the individual the opportunity for introspection and contemplation of their life experiences.

The encompassed memories depicted within the photographs exhibit significant diversity, encapsulating pivotal life events, personal achievements, and instances of profound happiness. Occupants of SCP-7181-1 frequently engage in protracted periods of perusing the photographic collection, employing the interactive nature of the images as a catalyst for reflection during their final moments.

It should be emphasized that SCP-7181-1 is predominantly perceived and experienced exclusively by individuals deemed suitable based on their moral integrity and ethical conduct throughout their lives. Assessment criteria for eligibility involve the assessment of sustained virtuous behavior and ethical decision-making. SCP-7181-1 is postulated to function as a form of reward or sanctum, specifically designed to cater to those individuals who have consistently adhered to a morally upright path.

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