A Thief In The Night

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Item #: SCP-7178

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to monitor emergency service lines for any calls regarding SCP-7178 sightings. Any confirmed reports are to be intercepted and fully investigated by personnel posing as law enforcement or first responders.

Determination by Foundation administration over whether or not to fully contain SCP-7178 is ongoing.

Description: SCP-7178 is a large humanoid entity of seemingly biomechanical construction. Most of its features seem to resemble those of a stereotypical goblin from European fantasy, featuring an elongated nose and ears. It wears a plain black cloak which reaches its ankles, leaving most of its body covered.

SCP-7178 will occasionally appear late at night in the bedrooms and living quarters of children or anyone under the custody of their legal parents, so long as they are alone at the time1. Despite its appearance, it will regard its targets gently and comfortingly, often embracing and speaking quietly to them. During its manifestation, SCP-7178 will remove something from its target which is causing them harm or distress. This can include physical objects as well as concepts or afflictions.

Addendum 7178.1: The following is a list of some of the first discovered SCP-7178 manifestations. A full list of incidents can be found in Incident Log 7178-A.

Notes: First documented instance of SCP-7178, was reported to emergency services by the target's parents.

Description: SCP-7178 manifested in the bedroom of James Found, a 6-year-old boy living in Little Rock, Arkansas. Found had recently been diagnosed with a potentially lethal brain tumor which had been causing him significant pain. According to him, SCP-7178 sat on the foot of his bed and complimented him on his bravery and optimism. They briefly conversed before SCP-7178 disappeared. Following the incident, Found's pain reportedly ended; later medical scans determined that his tumor had completely disappeared.

Head Researcher Notes: While this is an undeniably kind act, I suggest further surveillance of SCP-7178 and the effects it has on the children; we know nothing about SCP-7178 or what it could do. — Dr. Abigail Regimen

Notes: This incident marks the first visual recording of SCP-7178.

Description: SCP-7178 manifested behind the curtains of the bedroom of Kenji Noda, a 13-year old boy in Tokyo, Japan. Noda's father had installed security cameras in his son's room, unbeknownst to him. SCP-7178 remained mostly obscured, though it seemed to be holding its head in a way suggesting that it was in pain; Noda could be seen curled up on his pillow, seemingly crying. While much too quiet to be discernible, SCP-7178 spoke to Noda for several minutes until he eventually fell asleep, at which time SCP-7178 escaped via the window. Later analysis of the footage shows that it has been placed on a loop, indicating that SCP-7178 had "stolen" the camera's recording ability.

Head Researcher Notes: I'm not quite sure what's happening here, or what it's trying to help the kid with. — Dr. Abigail Regimen

Description: SCP-7178 manifested in the hospital room of Olivia Vieira, an 11-year-old girl in Teresena, Brazil. Vieira had recently suffered a major accident which left her completely deaf. SCP-7178 apparently conversed with her by "speaking in [her] head," although she was unwilling to relay what it had said to her. Notably, she remembered seeing a "fuzzy gray box" floating near SCP-7178's head, a detail which remained consistent in future reports. Following the incident, Vieira's deafness had been completely healed.

Head Researcher Notes: SCP-7178 seems to be genuinely attempting to help its targets, although I worry about it overstepping or causing more problems than it solves. — Dr. Abigail Regimen

Description: SCP-7178 manifested in the bedroom of Sarah Jackson, a 16-year-old-girl in Dallas, Texas. She had recently suffered from injuries from unknown sources, though her friends suspected that they had been inflicted by her father, who had been apparently disapproving of her after she had come out as a transgender woman to him. SCP-7178 had entered the bedroom via her window; notably, despite her claims that she tried to converse with the entity, it did not respond to her. It instead simply placed a hand on her head before embracing her and fleeing through her bedroom window. Following this, she relayed the incident to her friends and became remarkably more outgoing and optimistic. She claimed to have no memories of any altercations with her father, who she says had suddenly become seemingly afraid of her.

Head Researcher Notes: I strongly recommend we check on this kid and make sure he's okay, but I'm also concerned about SCP-7178's willingness to actually alter people's minds, especially if it misidentifies what it believes to be abuse. I have a son of my own and I know how teenagers can change and get into fights with parents, but it's not the same thing as abuse. — Dr. Abigail Regimen

NOTICE: Head Researcher Abigail Regimen has been reported missing. Until she can be found, Assistant Researcher David Faust will be taking control of SCP-7178 research. Per protocol, her daughter will be temporarily placed into Foundation care until an eligible guardian can be found and notified.

Addendum 7178.2: Recently, all reports of SCP-7178 have included a second entity, designated SCP-7178-1. SCP-7178-1 is a shadowy, indiscernible figure. It does not interact with or acknowledge any of the individuals SCP-7178 meets; instead, it follows SCP-7178 around, and although it makes no sound, its body language and behavior indicates that it is berating and yelling at SCP-7178. Occasionally, SCP-7178-1 will physically strike SCP-7178 . The cause of SCP-7178-1's sudden appearance and its behavior is unknown.

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