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by Rigen

Item #: SCP-7174

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-7174 instances are to be stored in a standard Secure Storage Locker outside Lunar Area-32, buried under at least 1 meter of regolith. Hazardous material and radiation warnings are to be installed over the burial site. Foundation communication satellite FCOM-P022 is to continue operation normally until the end of its designed lifetime.

Cislunar spacecrafts are to be advised away from the site of Incident 7174-RE.

Description: SCP-7174 was an assortment1 of 167 anomalously-enhanced wireless communication devices designed to facilitate communication between Lunar Area-32 and terrestrial Foundation assets. Each of these devices were capable of opening small2 two-ways Einstein-Rosen bridge3 to a fixed geocentric coordinate above the Earth's North Pole, whereupon the (otherwise unaltered) Foundation communication satellite FCOM-P022 would pick up and relay the signal transmitted by these devices to terrestrial network.

All SCP-7174 instances began malfunctioning in December 21st, 2012. Simultaneous usage of the instances as well as minute shifts in constellations vital for the anomalous modification resulted in unexpected interference between the wormholes, culminating in Incident 7174-RE: the opening of an extradimensional rift at the approximate midpoint between Lunar Area-32 and the target coordinate above FCOM-P022. Fortunately, due to the distance and scale involved, the rift had caused close to zero disruption to the Veil.

Investigation to the nature of this interdimensional rift as well as its impact beyond the gravitational echo typical for such rift is ongoing. Both destruction and continued use of SCP-7174 had been deemed as unnecessary and dangerous, hence the current containment procedure.

Addendum 7174.A: Abridged list of SCP-7174 that were active during Incident 7174-RE

No. Item # Description Additional Note
1. SCP-7174-9 A Motorola RAZR V3 cellular telephone Communications disrupted during the incident.
2. SCP-7174-12 A Nokia 2610 Experienced disruption
3. SCP-7174-19 A Nokia 3310 The only device that faced no interruption during the incident.
4. SCP-7174-21 A Nokia 6120 Experienced disruption
5. SCP-7174-33 A Siemens C65 Experienced disruption
6. SCP-7174-43 A Sony Ericsson K800 Experienced disruption
7. SCP-7174-47 A Sony Ericsson W800 Experienced disruption

[Irrelevant entries omitted]

Addendum 7174.B: FCOM-P022 internal self-diagnostics log during Incident 7174-RE

(Internal clock was set to UTC+0)

0000 Status: All systems functioning. Noise level nominal.

0109 Status: Noise level increasing. Performing self-check. All systems functioning. Reporting to ground control.

0112 Ground control transmission: Continue operation. Monitor further noise level increase.

0120 Status: All remote terminals report increased noise. Increasing error-correction on all transmission.

0306 Status: One remote terminal reports no fidelity loss. Using connection as baseline for noise analysis.

0438 Status: Noise level increased beyond error-correction capability. One remote terminal remains undisrupted.

0446 Status: Gravimetric distortion detected. All connection terminated. Reporting to ground control.

0449 Ground control transmission: Switch all systems to stand by. Monitor further distortion.

0455 Status: Gravimetric distortion strengthened. Systems on stand by. One remote terminal initiated switching request. Reporting to ground control.

0456 Ground control transmission: Accept switching request. Monitor further distortion.

0500 Status: Gravimetric distortion level remains. One remote terminal remains undisrupted.

[Extraneous log entries omitted]

0702 Status: Gravimetric distortion level begins to drop. One remote terminal remains undisrupted. Reporting to ground control.

0714 Status: Gravimetric distortion level continues to drop. One remote terminal remains undisrupted.

[Extraneous log entries omitted]

0907 Status: Gravimetric distortion drops to undetectable level. One remote terminal remains undisrupted.

Addendum 7174.C: Office of Tactical Theology Report



Subject: 2012 Eschatological Panic - Case SCP-7174 (#0872)
Date: February 6th, 2013
Site: Reliquary Area-105
Report: Lunar Area-32 had forwarded the event report for Incident 7174-RE to the Office of Tactical Theology for review, due to the coinciding date of Incident 7174-RE with the supposed eschatological event that had caused mass panic (and subsequent overload of Reliquary Area-105's database systems) back on Earth. Lunar Area-32 had also helpfully attached the report from Department of Thaumatology, who had been able to review and analyze the event faster than the Office of Tactical Theology.

Department of Thaumatology had reported that the interference caused by shifting constellations and "cross-talk" between individual thaumatic workings would necessarily collapse into "fail-safe" scenario. That is, the result of the interference would be the "hardening" of the path between the SCP-7174 devices and its target coordinate from external sources of further distortions, thaumatic or otherwise. It was then nigh-impossible, or so the report claimed, that the interference caused the interdimensional rift by and of itself. The Department of Thaumatology had continued to pursue the possibility that a third party had attempted to intrude on the thaumatic working of the devices.

Office of Tactical Theology defers to the Department of Thaumatology on the matter of such analysis. Instead, the Office would present relevant data from Near-Earth Akiva Radiation Monitoring Network (NEAR-MoNk) satellites; the Office has successfully extracted Akiva radiation density data of the relevant spaces from the chaotic flux that had enveloped the planet for the majority of year 2012.


Akiva radiation density data from NEAR-MoNk. Left hand side is Earth.

The bands of this graphs represent different faith "channels," filtered to only represent faiths relevant to 2012 Eschatological Panic. The thick green band represent the Akiva radiation density corresponding to the faith of Planet X/Nibiru Cataclysm. As the graph demonstrates, the green band experiences sudden jump in density some distance away from Earth, roughly coinciding with the region of space where interdimensional rift that caused Incident 7174-RE had manifested.

This density was expected, due to the Nibiru Cataclysm being a popular space-based eschatology. Similar or even larger spike should have occured in the Sun, due to popular eschatologies focusing on it. Unfortunately, we are yet to have the capability of untangling the mess of Akiva "channels" that converged on the Sun. But we digress.

The Office of Tactical Theology hypothesizes that the interdimensional disturbance that occured during Incident 7174-RE were caused by the spike of popular interest in the Nibiru Cataclysm eschatology, and SCP-7174 fail-safe collapse had conversely hampered the interdimensional rift from fully manifesting.

The inexplicable case of SCP-7174-19 instance continuing to function despite the imminent breakdown of space-time continuum was, unsurprisingly, not explainable through the currently known model of thaumo-akivic interference. But, if you would allow some personal opinion within this report, I would presume that it was related to popular faith related to the device model itself.

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