When The Gods Die

SCP 7167 (When The Gods Die)

Object Class: Keter / Apollyon
Risk Class - Danger/Critical
Disruption Class- Amida

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 7167 is to be kept below below the ground (specifically refers to the depths of the ocean) in vacuum conditions additionally the anomly is to be sealed inside a thick glass vial the entire containment facility is to house only 7167 .the facility is to be located at least 950 meters under the sea . As a secondary method of preventing containment the vial is to be kept completely sealed in at least 5 or more air lock bags which are to be used to capture and recontain the anomly if it somehow breaches the vial . . Personnel assigned to 7164 are required to wear thick Hazmat suits in the presence of the anomly to at least 10 metres away from it . Additionally as a security risk personnel are advised not to spend more than 10 minutes with the anomly due to its mind controlling nature . Additionally Personnel assigned to 7167 are to go on mental evaluation session every week and are to be rotated on a monthly basis .

Description: SCP 7167 also know as "when the gods die" appears to be a pathogen with mind controlling properties capable of instantly wiping out the consciousness of gods and making them do its iron will (unknown will but likely causing an xk class end of the world scenario) Additionally while not having the same effects on humans the pathogen can also replace human consciousness with its will however this is temporary but in this short time window it will try it's best to convince said human to take it out of containment. However, the scariest ability of this pathogen is not only is it incurable but if it breaches containment and rises to the surface even once containment is impossible this is the fact that makes 7167 an Apollyon class scp capable of causing an xk class end of the world scenario. Thus it should be made sure that the anomly can never ever breach containment (come up of the surface of the earth . Another scary ability is that despite killing the host (usually gods ) something which is nearly impossible the pathogen will wander around looking for a new host and when it is doing so it is completely undetectable not even by the foundation's best detectors and upon finding a capable host may unleash an xk class scenario on the defenceless world . Additionally research into 7167 has proven very difficult due to the great security risk of it breaching containment so we may never know what it truly is

Addendum: due to the great security risk only level 5 or above may access the files on the anomly. Additionally Any personnel seen roaming around with it are to be immediately terminated as additional security measures if the anomly somehow breaches the vial do not try to force it back into another vial in this scenario the bags are to be anchored to the table on which the vial was kept with only the strongest restraints to ever prevent them from falling and thus releasing the anomly

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