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Item#: 7163
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Item #: SCP-7163

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7163 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-17. The chamber should be equipped with reinforced, non-reflective walls and an observation window constructed from frosted glass. SCP-7163 is to be provided with necessary sustenance, water, and medical attention as required.

Access to SCP-7163's containment chamber is restricted to Level 4 personnel and above. Any experimentation involving SCP-7163 must be approved by at least two Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-7163 is a humanoid entity of indeterminate age, approximately 1.7 meters in height. Her face appears to be heavily blurred and pixelated, making it impossible to discern any facial features. SCP-7163's body is humanoid in shape, and it displays normal physical capabilities despite its blurred appearance.

SCP-7163 has the anomalous ability to selectively unblur or blur the faces of individuals it focuses its attention on. Faces affected by SCP-7163's influence become completely blurred and unrecognisable to observers. This blurring effect extends to any visual recording or representation of the affected individuals.

Individuals who have their faces blurred by SCP-7163 experience a swift deterioration of cognitive functions, leading to extreme disorientation and loss of identity. If the blurred individual is not immediately separated from SCP-7163's presence, they will succumb to severe mental distress and eventually expire from unknown causes.

SCP-7163 is capable of verbal communication, using a distorted, fragmented speech pattern. When questioned about its criteria for determining a "face," SCP-7163 responds evasively and metaphorically, often alluding to concepts of justice, identity, and balance. It is difficult to extract concrete information from SCP-7163 regarding its motives or intentions.

Addendum XX-7163-01:
Incident Log
Location: Site-17
Description: On [DATE REDACTED], an unexpected incident involving SCP-7163 occurred during a routine medical examination. During the examination, SCP-7163 exhibited sudden and uncontrolled manifestations of its anomalous abilities. This resulted in the temporary blurring of the faces of several Foundation personnel present in the room.

The affected personnel reported disorientation, panic, and temporary amnesia regarding their own identities. Fortunately, the effects wore off within [DURATION REDACTED] hours, and all affected personnel made a full recovery with no lasting psychological or physical harm.

The incident prompted a thorough review of SCP-7163's containment procedures and a reevaluation of its emotional and psychological state. It is currently unclear what triggered the sudden activation of SCP-7163's abilities, as there were no apparent external stimuli or threats at the time.

As a precautionary measure, additional security measures have been implemented in SCP-7163's containment area to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering during examinations. Further research into the cause of this incident and any potential emotional or psychological factors contributing to SCP-7163's anomalous abilities is ongoing.

Discovery: Foundation operatives were alerted to a series of unusual incidents in the small town of [REDACTED], which appeared to involve individuals with severely disfigured and blurred faces. The incidents had been occurring sporadically over several months, and local authorities were struggling to explain the bizarre occurrences. Some witnesses reported victims exhibiting extreme disorientation and psychological distress before disappearing entirely.


SCP-7163 discovery place.

The Foundation initiated an investigation into these events, sending a team of agents undercover to gather information discreetly. After several weeks of monitoring, the team identified a recurring pattern: blurred faces, mental deterioration, and, ultimately, the inexplicable disappearance of the affected individuals.

One particular incident that drew the Foundation's attention involved a local hospital. A patient, later identified as SCP-7163, was admitted just a few days before the events occurred, following a severe traffic accident. SCP-7163, at the time, appeared to be a young girl with her face heavily disfigured due to the accident. The medical staff noted her condition as highly unusual, as her injuries seemed inconsistent with the physical trauma she had experienced.

As SCP-7163's condition deteriorated, her facial disfigurement became more pronounced, and her cognitive functions began to decline rapidly. This decline in cognitive functions was observed to extend to the medical staff, leading to several reports of personnel suffering from severe disorientation and anxiety while attending to her.
Upon identifying SCP-7163 as the likely source of the anomalous incidents, Foundation agents took action to contain her. During her transport to Site-17, SCP-7163 reportedly exhibited anomalous abilities, leading to the death of several agents and further confirming the urgency of containment.

Once SCP-7163 was successfully contained, her anomalous properties were documented and analysed by Foundation researchers. Subsequent interviews were conducted to understand her motives and capabilities, though SCP-7163's cryptic responses and metaphoric speech made it challenging to gain a complete understanding of her origins and purpose.

Interview Log SCP-7163-1

Interviewed: SCP-7163
Interviewer: Dr. Jules Yesenia
Date: [7/█/20█]

Note: Dr. Jules Yesenia is a Level 4 Psychologist specialising in anomalous psychology and communication with humanoid entities.


Dr. Yesenia: SCP-7163, we need to know more about your past. Can you tell us what happened before your accident?


Dr. Yesenia: We believe that your accident was not ordinary. Can you describe the circumstances surrounding it?

SCP-7163: A twist of fate, a path unknown. Shadows cast, a destiny sown.

Dr. Yesenia: Destiny? Are you suggesting that your transformation was preordained?

SCP-7163: The veil was lifted, sightless eyes. A canvas painted, a new sunrise.

Dr. Yesenia: Sightless eyes? Did your accident involve damage to your eyesight?

SCP-7163: Glasses shattered, vision blurred. A world unseen, the truth obscured.

Dr. Yesenia: Your glasses. They were significant, weren't they?

SCP-7163: A fractured lens, a shattered view. Distorted faces, chaos grew.

Dr. Yesenia: Distorted faces led to chaos? Interesting… Can you explain further?

SCP-7163: Faces masked, a world in disguise. Unveiled, chaos shall rise.

Dr. Yesenia: So, your accident somehow altered your perception of faces?

SCP-7163: A kaleidoscope of souls revealed. Disfigured, truth concealed.

Dr. Yesenia: Disfigured. You became disfigured after the accident, didn't you?

SCP-7163: A shattered mask, identity lost. Faces blurred, the world's cost.

Dr. Yesenia: Identity lost. That's a significant change. Did this transformation lead to your anomalous abilities?

SCP-7163: A gift, a curse, balance maintained. Chaos quelled, justice gained.

Dr. Yesenia: You believe that your abilities bring balance and justice. But how did you learn to use them?

SCP-7163: In darkness and pain, I found my way. Shattered souls, the price to pay.

Dr. Yesenia: Shattered souls? Are you saying you can see the true nature of individuals?

SCP-7163: The masks they wear, the truths they hide. In blurred faces, justice will abide.

Dr. Yesenia: So, your abilities are a response to the deception of others?

SCP-7163: Deception unveiled, balance restored. A hidden world, chaos ignored.


The investigation into SCP-7163's past is ongoing, as the circumstances leading to her accident and transformation into an anomalous entity remain unclear. Researchers are actively exploring any available leads that may shed light on the origins and nature of this unique SCP. The investigation into SCP-7163 past has been thoroughly examined due to the connection found by an agent researching SCP-████ and its reality bending abilities. See Incident Report SCP-7163-3 for more details.


Addendum 7163-2: Incident 7163-B

On [DATE REDACTED], Researcher Adam ████ conducted an unauthorised interview with SCP-7163, believing that their facial features would remain unaffected due to an obscured scar on their face. During the interview, SCP-7163 unexpectedly launched itself at Researcher Adam ████, resulting in a violent struggle. Security personnel intervened and successfully sedated SCP-7163. Researcher Adam ████ sustained minor injuries but made a full recovery.

Addendum 7163-3: Containment Update
Following Incident 7163-B, access to SCP-7163's containment chamber was restricted to Level 4 personnel and above. All personnel must undergo psychological evaluations before interacting with SCP-7163.

The interview transcript from Incident 7163-B was never logged, and Researcher Adam ████ has sustained from telling us exactly what was said in the interrogation room. Further development in finding any sort of backup surveillance will be crucial in finding out why SCP-7163 attacked the researcher.]

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