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Item #: SCP-7151

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7151 is self-containing and does not pose any serious long term threats to normalcy. Following the arrival of new residents, personnel are to carry out Procedure 7151-Bacchanale during anomalous activity, consisting of a simulated "house party" designed to maximize noise pollution in the surrounding area. Procedure 7151-Bacchanale is to be carried out for two weeks until the antimemetic properties of SCP-7151 take effect, after which the procedure may be ceased.

Audio recording of SCP-7151 is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-7151 is the designation for an approximately 70 meter stretch of road located in a suburban development near Denver, Colorado. Between 2:13 AM and 3:57 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, SCP-7151 will emit loud, sonorous vocalizations (See Transcript attached at end). When inactive, SCP-7151 does not display any anomalous properties.

Prolonged exposure to the vocalizations emitted by SCP-7151 will cause the affected individual to gradually lose their ability to perceive the vocalizations, and will eventually result in the subject completely forgetting the existence of the vocalizations. Mnestics have been unsuccessful in restoring memory of the vocalizations in those affected.

No reports of the anomalous activity filed by long term residents exist, however, new residents have been known to report hearing distressing vocalization during the night on occasion. These concerns are invariably dropped within a 2 week timespan following initial exposure.

Addendum: Transcript of vocalizations emitted by SCP-7151.

God, please! Someone open the door! Anyone, please help. My husband, he's going to find me. God, I know someone can hear me. Please let me in! He's going to find me soon! I know you know who I am please, just please, someone help me! I don't have a lot of time! Please don't ignore me, I promise I won't steal anything. Oh God, he's gonna find me soon…

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