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Item #: SCP-7150

Object Class: Euclid

Level 4/7150


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7150 is currently contained at Site PT81; the infrastructure intended to comprise SCP-7150's containment solutions is part of Project Euphrosyne, which is currently headed by Maj. Cecilia Gaspar de Abreu, PhD. MD.

SCP-7150 is contained in a special-purpose humanoid containment cell equipped with environmental control, life-support systems, subsystems for the maintenance of water & sewage, and the delivery of assets; moreover, the cell has received several accessibility adaptations in consideration for SCP-7150's decreased mobility. Audiovisual surveillance equipment is currently maintained by the AI Camomila. Considering the SCP-7150's anomalous effects, their containment zone has been projected with a fifteen-meter radius exclusion zone; only Project personnel may have access to SCP-7150.

The specialized psychophysical accompaniment for the health & safety purposes of SCP-7150 is currently conducted by a body of medical specialists involved with the Project. Any interactions with SCP-7150 must be performed under constant audiovisual surveillance, including during any pre-programmed, or extraordinary activities.

A sobriety coin is to be granted to SCP-7150 at every milestone of their alcoholism treatment. Any requests are to be provided at the discretion of the project manager in accordance with the safety regulations outlined in the Project's memorandum, and Site PT8's internal regiment.

As means of providing maintenance to SCP-7150's status as a deity, and guaranteeing their continuous existence, Project Euphrosyne has outlined a set of actions to promote, and recognize their deific characteristics, and qualities through a series of internal informational works as means of aiding their psychophysical recovery.

The Directorate for the Administration of Archives, and Security of Information of the Lusophone Foundation2 partnered with the Records and Information Security Administration of the Anglophone Foundation, and Site Concordia3, in order to provide access to project information to prospective researchers of international branches of the Foundation through indexation as an entry into the General Standardised SCP Object Index.

Description: SCP-7150 is a humanoid entity with the appearance of a human female approximately 40 years of age. They currently weigh 65 kg, and measure 180 cm in height. The entity identifies themself as "Tyche", and claims to be the Greek goddess of chance, fortune, and luck.

In terms of mechanical metaphysics, it is currently understood that SCP-7150 functionally manipulates a type of paraphysical energy associated with causality, and chance. The manipulation of this theorized resource effectively allows the entity to influence the rate of beneficial and detrimental probalistic outcomes of a given target, including its own. However, in order to highen one subject's amount of pataphysical energy to increase the rate of its fortunate events, it must be taken from another subject, thereby increasing this target's rate of detrimental probabilistic outcomes. This ability appears to be constrained to a ten-metre radius around SCP-7150 regardless of any other factors; no specific Foundation-made paratechnology currently in use is capable of inhibiting this ability as it does not specifically concern the alteration of substantial characteristics of reality.

Records indicate that the effects of SCP-7150 were reported around the year 2000, when it was observed abusing its anomalous capabilities in the city of ███████, Portugal; these effects caused the entire municipality to suffer from a higher-than-average amount of unfortunate events; it was later found out that SCP-7150 profited from the beneficial probabilistic outcomes, such as locating large sums of lost money, winning local lotteries and gambling games, and exceptional performance in several video games with luck-based mechanics4.

Although the impact of these events was initially negligible —, as they were limited to misplaced or lost items, poor weather, and a slightly weakened economic performance of the commercial sector in the metropolitan area —, the effects of SCP-7150 greatly increased in both numerosity, and intensity over time.

  • By the year 2005, crime rates in the metropolitan area began to rise, notably forms of theft (including industrial theft), and property damage;
  • By the year 2008, the municipality began suffering disproportionally from the onsetting economic recession, resulting in greater monetary, and property losses
  • By the year 2010, the municipal government began having severe trouble maintaining the public infrastructure of the municipality; several cases of structural failures, and other related accidents sharply increased, causing a huge demand for public services such as civil defense, hospitals, and the police which the local offer couldn't handle;
  • By the year 2013, both private, and public structures began exhibiting serious signals of damage, especially with electrical wiring, plumbing, and structural stability — analyses indicated that these were caused by extremely unlikely eventualities;
  • By the year 2015, the municipality began suffering an extraordinary number of natural disasters, including health hazards such as highly infectious diseases;

When SCP-7150 was finally contained in 2017, the municipality's total population had shrunk down to a seventh of its size; both public, and private infrastructure were in serious disrepair; all large-scaled employers had left the town, and the few businesses remaining were barely functioning; the effects of investments, and other such interventions only began to affect the municipality after SCP-7150 was transported outside of its geographical area to a containment facility.

Before their containment, however, SCP-7150 managed to evade capture for over a decade via a series of (un)fortunate (mis)happenings; containment efforts were continuously frustrated due to numerous reasons such as sudden critical component failures of Foundation assets, the interruption of operations due to unexpected events, human error, and the unpredictability of the SCP-7150's actions due their near-constant state of inebriation.

SCP-7150 was contained on 25.07.2017. According to surveillance records, they operated a vehicle whilst, apparently, extremely inebriated; the dangerous driving caused them to be pursued by police forces for several minutes; the pursuit only ended when their vehicle collided with another vehicle whose driver exhibited similar reckless behaviour.

Lusophone Foundation forces embedded in first-response units arrived at the scene shortly after the accident; despite the grievous injuries they suffered, they were rescued alive from the wreckage, and transported to Site PT8 where they were allocated to the on-site Medical Department Urgent and Emergency Care Unit; surgical interventions managed to stabilize SCP-7150's health.

The psychophysical treatments employed for the recovery of SCP-7150 managed to rehabilitate their health with minor difficulties, although their physical health could not be completely restored (they require the use of a cane for walking), containment procedures have been developed, and sophisticated throughout its stay at Site PT8 as means of reducing the chance, and factors which befell them during its initial months in containment.9

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