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The following file is Level 4/7147 classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Item#: 7147
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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The tree line surrounding SCP-7147.

Special Containment Procedures: The land surrounding SCP-7147 has been purchased and marked as private property. Observation Post 714 is to remain staffed by at least one security guard at all times. Any civilians found trespassing are to be turned over to the local authorities; no further actions are deemed necessary.

SCP-7147 is to be tested for the reemergence of anomalous phenomena on a monthly basis. In the event that SCP-7147's previous anomalous capabilities are restored the O5 council is to be notified immediately. Following this, all mentions of SCP-7147 in the Foundation database, including the entirety of this file, are to be expunged.

As of 07/25/2022, no further attempts to deliberately restore SCP-7147's anomalous attributes are to be undertaken.

Description: SCP-7147 is a forest glade located in the Olympic Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The perimeter of SCP-7147 has developed in a manner which resembles the Foundation insignia.

Prior to 05/17/2022, any objects, entities, or concepts recognized as anomalous by the Foundation that were brought into SCP-7147 would either disappear entirely or be permanently altered in such a way so as to conform with consensus reality, effectively neutralizing all anomalous phenomenon.

Addendum 7147-1: Discovery

SCP-7147 was first encountered by members of MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways") on 03/05/2022. The detachment was in the process of tracking four instances of SCP-████ which had recently escaped from a nearby GoI-466 (Wilson's Wildlife Solutions) facility.

During pursuit, one of the SCP-████ instances fled towards SCP-7147, however, upon clearing the tree line, the entity was transformed into a snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus), allowing it to be captured without further difficulty. While the coordinates and time of the incident were recorded, further investigation was postponed until the completion of the MTF's objective.

Following the successful capture of the rest of the SCP-████ instances, the Lepus americanus specimen was tested and confirmed to no longer possess anomalous abilities. The subsequent incident investigation ultimately determined that SCP-7147 was the cause of the entity's neutralization. This discovery led to the establishment of Observation Post 714 as well as the initialization of a series of tests to determine the extent of SCP-7147's capabilities.

Addendum 7147-2: Test Logs

All anomalies tested were brought into SCP-7147 before being transferred to one of Observation Post 714's isolated testing rooms. Testing was overseen by Dr. Alexander Sharpe and Dr. Serena Lewis. Below is an abridged test log.

Addendum 7147-3: Procedure 700-HARPOCRATES Proposal

Upon the completion of the initial battery of tests, the following memorandum and proposal were submitted to the O5 council.

After careful deliberation, the O5 Council voted in favor of a slightly modified version of Procedure 700-HARPOCRATES with several changes being added to the approval process. Firstly, all proposals regarding non-anomalous entities must be approved by the Ethics Committee. Secondly, the number of Level 4/7147 personnel required to receive approval was changed to two.

Addendum 7147-4: Neutralization

On 05/17/2022 UAE-OP714-1 was assigned the official designation of SCP-7147. Despite all contingency plans being followed, SCP-7147 was found to be neutralized. Immediate investigation revealed a single note to be located at the center of SCP-7147.

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