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Item#: 7146
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An SCP-7146 tablet.

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-7146 tablets are to be kept in a filing cabinet in Site-24's Low Security Object sector. Testing with SCP-7146 has been forbidden, by order of the Administrator and Ethics Committee.

Stationary Task Force Phi-40 "Side Effects Include" is to continue collaborating with Mobile Task Force Sigma-12 "Doctor Feelgoods" with tracing and terminating the distribution, and advertisement, of further SCP-7146 tablets. STF Phi-40 is to also help with coordinating compensatory payments to the families of SCP-7146's victims.

The tracking and apprehension of remaining members of Group of Interest-1205 "Accelerate the Future" are ongoing.

Description: SCP-7146 is a collective designation for "off the counter" pharmaceutical tablets, offered exclusively through online orders brought on by digital advertisements, targeted primarily to persons in "expansion" fetish communities. SCP-7146 is advertised with text reading "Expansion Tablets, by Accelerate the Future1. Clearance Sale, 50% OFF!".

Clicking on an advertisement for SCP-7146 redirects the user to a checkout page, where they are prompted to provide their name, address, favored part(s) of the body, and payment information2. Upon filling out the form, the user is informed that their delivery of SCP-7146 will arrive at their address within one to two business days3.

SCP-7146 will arrive at the user's address in bottles superficially resembling those used for prescribed medications, with the exception of the translucent plastic being green in colouration. SCP-7146 bottles will contain 30 tablets; no information is provided for the refilling or refunding of SCP-7146.

SCP-7146's anomalous effects take effect up to an hour after consumption. After that amount of time, SCP-7146's users experience exponential growth in body parts considered sexually arousing. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Penises;
  • Testicles;
  • Lips;
  • Buttocks;
  • Breasts;
  • Nipples;
  • And thighs.

The parts of the body affected by SCP-7146 are believed to be individualized, based on what the user fills out on the provided checkout form.

SCP-7146's effects are invariably fatal, due to the factor of them not cessating until the biological and physical limitations of the human body result in rejection of further growth. Said rejections culminate in affected body parts exploding, which results in either instant expiration or that caused by gradual blood loss.

It is estimated that no less than 500 orders of SCP-7146 have taken place, with those placed in Foundation containment making up less than 70% of extant supply. Of these ≥500 orders, 474 fatalities have been recorded.

Addendum 7146-1 - Discovery: SCP-7146 first came to the Foundation's attention via the death of fetish artist Bryant "BigIron" Ironson in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Boston law enforcement answered a 911 call from Ironson's partner, who reported hearing an explosion and noises "like meat being tenderized" from Ironson's study, but was unable to open the door due to it being locked from the inside.

The door was breached following a further report of a pungent smell coming from the room. Inside the body of Ironson was found, nude and surrounded by a mixture of blood, flesh, viscera, and seminal fluids on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Ironson's hip region was completely obliterated, and clutched in their hand was a bottle of what would later be designated SCP-7146.

A Foundation operative embedded in Boston Police Dispatch intercepted the call-in reporting Ironson's death, and undercover agents were quickly sent to Ironson's apartment in order to amnesticize, clean up and collect information. After retrieval of the bottle, and a search of Ironson's browser history, preliminary files for SCP-7146 and their seller (hereafter referred to as PoI-1205-40) were drafted, and STF Phi-40 was formed.

Bryant Ironson's death was officially reported as a suicide. Their partner has been subsequently sent a monthly recompensatory stimulus of $100,000 in exchange for their silence.

Addendum 7146-2 - List of SCP-7146 fatalities between 25-02-21 and 01-05-21:

I know that it might come across as callous, letting these deaths happen before we were finally able to track down PoI-1205-40. But traces can't always be instantaneous due to various extenuating factors. - Doctor Hope Bernes, Stationary Task Force Phi-40

Name Date Report Notes
Susan Melenski 03-03-21 Victim, 27, was a model for the fetish site GrowthGrrls, specializing in manipulated "shopped" nude photographs with an expanded chest. Victim was found in her car a day after expiration, the windows obscured by viscera and remnants of silicon implants. An SCP-7146 bottle was discovered in the car's glove compartment. Car was acquired by the Foundation. Victim's death was officially reported as suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.
Geoffrey "Big Geoff" Inclow 27-03-21 Victim, 30, ran the Twitter account "@BigAssGeoffInc", primarily focused on photographs that accentuated their buttocks. Victim was found in their home after their neighbors filed a scent complaint with the local police, face down against their beed with their gluteal region having exploded. SCP-7146 was found on their nightstand. Neighbors and law enforcement officials were amnesticized. Victim's death was officially reported as an overdose of sleeping pills.
Mariko Dunn 30-04-21 Victim, 23, was an ASMR4 roleplay livestreamer on the website Twitch, operating under the handle "BigKissyLips98". Victim's expiration was the first instance of SCP-7146's effects being witnessed live by Foundation operatives, as she was seen taking a tablet on stream in the midst of a session. Victim's lips expanded exponentially, with her breaking character and panicking when the growth did not cease. The victim's jaw was seen to explode in the midst of their attempt to shut off their stream. Victim's death was witnessed by 4,000 viewers and "clipped" 43 times, before STF Phi-40 - in collaboration with the Department of Anomalous Broadcasting - was able to forcefully shut the stream down, administer Class-I amnestics, and scrub online records. Victim's death was officially reported as suicide via a gunshot to the jaw.

Addendum 7146-4 - Discovery of PoI-1205-40: On 01-05-2021, the computer on which the advertising servers for SCP-7146 were run was discovered after three months of telemetric forensic work by Phi-40, in a pond in Forest Park, Missouri. The computer's contents themselves were unable to be recovered due to extensive water damage. However, the serial number on the its hard drive was still partially legible, allowing agents to track the purchase to a local computer repair shop, and after accessing the store's financial records, determined the identity of PoI-1205-40 to be one Zachariah Lang, age 37.

PoI-1205-40's place of residence was narrowed down to a suburb in West Alton, Illinois, and agents from Mobile Task Force Sigma-12 were dispatched in plainclothes to the location in order to apprehend and question them. However, when the agents breached the residence, PoI-1205-40 was discovered deceased in their bedroom, having bled out due to the effects of SCP-7146 on their pectoral region.

Time of death was narrowed down to less than an hour prior to Sigma-12's arrival.

Empty bottles of SCP-7146 were found scattered around their body, and a laptop on their desk was opened to an empty IRC chat, the contents of which have been reproduced below.

ZL4ng86: consider this my official resignation from atf
ZL4ng86: whatever good that does
ZL4ng86: fucking ollie and his fursuits
ZL4ng86: i thought i was numb to it all
ZL4ng86: the effects my pills would have on these suckers
Zl4ng86: "no fetishes are harmless" i was told over and over again until it was rooted in my mind
ZL4ng86: then i saw what happened to mariko
ZL4ng86: i was on the stream. i saw the raw panic on her face the terror in her voice
ZL4ng86: it broke me
ZL4ng86: i've taken a bunch of my leftover stock
ZL4ng86: and sent the rest of the profits to the dunn family's gofundme for the funeral
ZL4ng86: i know it won't make up for what i did
ZL4ng86: if there's an afterlife, i'm going to hell for my complicity
ZL4ng86: i came to terms with that
ZL4ng86: but it gives me some peace of mind
ZL4ng86: w hile i wait for it to end
ZL4ng86: i can feel my bon escreaking. it's almost time.
ZL4ng86: if there is a hell
ZL4ng86: i hope all of you scammers and murderers are going down their with me
ZL4ng86: especially YOU oll|

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