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Item #: SCP-7145

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-7145 is currently stored in Item Locker #7145 in Site-19's anomalous item storage. No further procedures are considered necessary

Under no circumstances is Dr. Patra to be permitted access to SCP-7145. A keycard lock has been outfitted onto Item Locker #7145 requiring Level 4 access or higher with the exception of Dr. Patra's keycard, which will be denied at any level.

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Description: SCP-7145 is a standard magic 8-ball fortune-telling novelty item produced by Mattel, Inc. The outer shell of the object is constructed of plastic and colored to appear similar to an oversized number 8 billiards ball with the exception of a window allowing the user to view the object's interior. The interior consists of roughly 100ml of alcohol and a single 20-sided icosahedron die floating within. The die is inscribed on each side with varying answers to binary yes-or-no questions.

Whenever a subject asks a binary yes-or-no question and shakes SCP-7145 immediately proceeding, the die will display one of the 20 sides inscribed with an answer to the question. If the question asked relates to a matter which can be proven with unequivocal fact, the returned answer will always be correct. This is true regardless of whether or not the events required to transpire in order to prove the answer correct have occurred. Investigation is currently ongoing into whether the object alters reality such that its responses are correct or if the object is only capable of correctly predicting what is already going to happen.

Addendum 7145-1: Testing Logs

Certain logs have been redacted for brevity. You may request a full list of test logs from your site's documentation department.

Addendum 7145-2: Patient First Verbal Response Log (PFVRL)

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