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Item#: 7144
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Item #: SCP-7144

Object Class: Safe Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7144-1 is to be held in a locked standard object containment unit at Site-19. Monthly maintenance is to be performed to prevent rust buildup on SCP-7144-1's exterior.

Additional security measures have been deemed unnecessary following incident 7144-Δ.

Description: SCP-7144 is a phenomenon affecting Andrew Davidson and his mobile hot dog stand, designated in this document as SCP-7144-2 and SCP-7144-1, respectively.

SCP-7144-1 is a mobile food stand modified for the preparation and sale of hot dogs. SCP-7144-1's make and model are similar to hot dog carts produced throughout the mid 1900s. Apart from its sole anomalous effects, SCP-7144-1 is functionally identical to a non-anomalous hot dog cart.

It is not currently known when SCP-7144-1 was first constructed.

SCP-7144-2 is a 45-year-old male possessing no anomalous traits when not utilizing SCP-7144-1. Physical examination has revealed the subject to be in good health, although his mental state has degraded considerably while under Foundation custody. Records indicate that SCP-7144-2 has been selling hot dogs for more than 27 years and that SCP-7144-1 has been in the possession of the Davidson family since the early 1940s.

SCP-7144-1 possesses the ability to produce a seemingly unlimited number of hot dogs when used by SCP-7144-2, hereby designated as SCP-7144-3. Hot dogs produced by SCP-7144-1 spontaneously manifest in the object’s hot water tank but do not appear to be directly influenced by the actions of SCP-7144-2. Instances of SCP-7144-3 are safe for human consumption, with testing revealing no noticeable abnormalities. Spectroscopic testing has revealed that SCP-7144-3 specimens have an identical chemical composition to Nathan's-brand hot dogs.

SCP-7144 came to the Foundation's attention during a routine sweep of the New York metropolitan area in the August of 1995. Further investigation by Foundation agents revealed localized downward spikes in hume levels when SCP-7144-2 utilized SCP-7144-1 to conduct business. SCP-7144-1 was subsequently contained under the guise of a New York Health Department violation.2

Audio Log Transcript

Date: 9/8/1995

Subject: SCP-7144-1 Classification

Team Lead: Dr. James Palmer


Dr. Palmer: Are you sure this piece of junk warrants a classification?

Agent Martinez: Hume readings were there, sir.

Dr. Palmer: We've put the thing through every test we have. It's a cart that makes endless hot dogs.

Brief Pause

Come to think of it, the one guy that can actually trigger the damn thing's effect is probably back home in Brooklyn already. Can't we just add it to the anomalous object log? It'd save me a writeup.

Agent Martinez: That's not my call, doctor.

Dr. Palmer: ….Just toss it in a containment locker. I'll file a relegation request when I get the chance.


Following testing, SCP-7144-2 was administered Class C Amnestics and released.

Incident 7144-α

On 19/9/1995, approximately 2 weeks after initial containment, SCP-7144-1 breached its containment cell. Video footage showed that SCP-7144-1 had repeatedly rammed against the door of its chamber, heavily its own exterior in the process.

When confronted by security personnel, SCP-7144-1 propelled its chassis forwards at a speed of approximately 22 meters per second to strike an approaching guard, fracturing their ribcage and left clavicle. The remaining personnel proceeded to open fire on SCP-7144-1, apparently terminating it in the process.

The remains of SCP-7144-1 were promptly transferred to a more secure containment cell and its containment procedures were updated. Dr. Palmer's actions during the object's initial classification are currently under review.

Addendum SCP-7144-A: Following incident 7144-α, SCP-7144-1 appears to be self-repairing, regenerating material lost during its initial containment breach. At the current rate, SCP-7144-1 is expected to reach its pre-breach mass in approximately 3 weeks.

SCP-7144-1 continues to exhibit the ability to launch itself at high speeds, the intensity of which have been steadily increasing.3

Re-classification to Euclid pending.

Incident 7144-β

SCP-7144-1 breached containment for a second time on 11/2/1996 through the use of a yellow-colored caustic fluid4 secreted from the object's water tank. SCP-7144-1 applied this fluid to the walls of its container before repeatedly crashing into the weakened section until the point of structural failure.

Security personnel were once again able to incapacitate SCP-7144-1 through the combined use of incendiary weaponry and conventional firearms. Notably, SCP-7144-1 was able to withstand significantly more physical abuse than its initial escape attempt.

It is theorized that SCP-7144-1 may possess a degree of sentience, shown by its tactical application of solvent during its breach of containment.

Re-classification to Keter pending.

Addendum SCP-7144-B: Before new containment procedures could be put into place, SCP-7144-1 facilitated its third escape attempt while in a temporary containment cell. A timeline of this breach is detailed below.

Incident 7144-γ

12:00: The melted remains of SCP-7144-1 are observed to regenerate at an accelerated rate, reaching pre-incident mass by 12:13

12:15: Foundation security details are stationed outside SCP-7144-1's cell.

12:33: SCP-7144-1's surface temperature is observed to spike to 815° C

12:47 SCP-7144-1 emits a loud wailing sound at a volume of 120 db. I

12:50: Temperatures suddenly drop to expected levels

12:51: SCP-7144-1 expels a large number of humanoid, flesh-toned entities from its water tank; hereby referred to as 7144-1A. 7144-1A entities exhibited immense physical strength and attempted to force open the containment chamber's door.

12:54: SCP-7144-1 begins to secrete a mixture of fluoroantimonic acid and yellow mustard at an accelerated rate, quickly flooding its containment chamber. 7144-1A specimens appear to be immune to the fluid's effects.

1:22: Containment chamber is breached by the combined efforts of SCP-7144-1's caustic fluid and the force exerted by 7144-1A specimens. SCP-7144-1 proves to be impervious to both gunfire and extreme temperatures.5

2:50: Foundation personnel are able to terminate all SCP-7144-1A instances and incapacitate SCP-7144-1 via high explosive ordinance.6

<End Log>

Testing of 7144-1A specimens has revealed them to be composed chiefly of Nathan's-brand hot dogs alongside trace amounts of organic material with a genetic profile similar to that of SCP-7144-2.

Re-classification to Keter approved.

7144-1 is only going to get more difficult to keep locked up. Every time we re-contain the damn thing it comes back with something new. Are we really going to wait around until it detonates a fucking hotdog-nuke on the site?
Go contain -2 and keep the two together. Everything was fine until he got out of the picture. - Area Director Kitch

Following Incident 7144-γ, SCP-7144-1's containment procedures were updated to include the presence of SCP-7144-2. As of 4/4/1996 there have been no further containment breaches by SCP-7144-1.

Addendum SCP-7144-C: Despite foundation efforts, SCP-7144-2's mental state has continued to deteriorate. These changes have been correlated with an increased surface temperature in SCP-7144-1.

Recent events have made clear that SCP-7144-1 is much more complex than previously thought. The object grows more potent with every breach attempt and we aren't sure if there's an upper limit to what it can do.
It is obvious that SCP-7144-1 is highly receptive to changes in SCP-7144-2's mental and physical health. We can't separate the two and we can't keep SCP-7144-2 happy enough in here.
The best outcome for all of this is to put those two back where they started. - Dr. Abrams

Seconded. I'd much rather we amnesticize a civilian or two that notices some extra sausages than deal with more of those godawful hotdog flesh monsters. - Dr. Raul

Approved - Site Director Edwards

Changes in containment procedures have been approved as of 14/11/1997

Incident 7144-Δ

On 2/8/1999, SCP-7144-2 died in his sleep. The following morning, Foundation agents located SCP-7144-1 within the residence. Further investigation revealed SCP-7144-1 to no longer possess anomalous properties.

SCP-7144-1 has been successfully secured and its containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

Re-classification to Neutralized has been approved as of 5/9/1999.

Investigation into 7144-2's background has shown his father to have operated SCP-7144-1 alongside his son until his death in April 1966.

A note written by SCP-7144-2's father was discovered in SCP-7144-2's residence during recovery. Its contents have been transcribed below due to potential relevance to SCP-7144-1.

Dear Andrew,

Today marks your 16th birthday and my last day alone with ol' Carol. She'll be all yours soon, and I'm sure she'll be in good hands. Words cannot express how excited I am to teach you the family business. The job isn't pretty, but it's honest work, and I hope you'll learn to take the same pride in it as I have.

Just remember I'll always be there for you, no matter what.

- Dad

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