SCP 7143

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Item#: 7143
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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7143 is to be stored in a standard Euclid class object containment vault at site-52. SCP-7143-a and b events are to be monitored by MTF Gamma-59 “Dark Sailors”. Affected individuals are to be given proper amnestics. At present it is impossible to contain SCP-7143-a or Scp-7143-b events, thus containment procedures are focused on the mitigation of the object’s anomalous properties with the use of amnestics.


SCP-7143 is an analog watch of unknown model made by ██████ in ████. Foundation webcrawlers have been unable to locate any mention of this model on the internet, and agents have been unable to find it in Seiko’s company records. On the leather band there is an inscription saying, “Thank you, brother”.

When present in the same room as SCP-7143, the present person’s vision is replaced by a viewscape similar to that offered by night-vision goggles. It is to be noticed that this viewscape is of a much higher quality than expected from even the best night-vision goggles. When placed outdoors, this effect does not occur. However, if SCP 7143 is worn on the left wrist, the previously mentioned effect will apply to the wearer.

Once every 10 years, SCP-7143 teleports and appears on the left-wrist of a random person in the town of ██████ in █████ with a population of █████. The affected individuals will then lie down and sleep for extended periods of time, ranging from █ days to ██ years. This is referred to as an SCP-7143-a event. The affected individual may be awoken by a shock of sufficient voltage, which varies from person to person and has been known to reach lethal levels. Removing SCP-7143 does not affect the individual. During the hibernation period, individuals do not require any nutrition, and seemingly subsist on surrounding chemical energy.

SCP-7143 is believed to be a low level infohazard. Acquiring knowledge of SCP-7143 may cause it to appear in the same room or in the vicinity of the acquirer. The odds of this are ██████. This is referred to as an SCP-7143-b event. Thus it is imperative that knowledge of SCP-7143 be limited in order to prevent its escape from Foundation control.


“It is my belief that the individuals chosen by SCP-7143 during SCP-7143-a events, are, in fact, not random. I have been looking at their genetic profiles, and they seem to share one thing in common. It is likely that all individuals chosen thus far share a common ancestor, maybe as far back as 400 or even 600 years. Furthermore, the object is only targeting members of this bloodline residing in the town of [Redacted]. I thus advise that the O5 Council consider the possibility of the SCP-7143 object having some form of sentience.”
- Dr Wright


Based on Dr Bright’s observations, tests are ongoing to determine the level of sentience present in the SCP-7143 object.

Testing Log-7143-01

Date : ██ ████████ 19██

Testing Log-7143-02

Date : ██ ████ 20██

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