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The neck of Dillan Mann laid out in Site ██ prior to his autopsy.

Item #: SCP-7142

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor the digital logs of the British National Health Service, along with any records kept digitally by private therapists and schools in the United Kindom. Individuals reporting dreams, daydreams or hallucinations involving the entities characteristic of SCP-7142 are to be apprehended and brought into Foundation custody at the earliest possible convenience. These subjects can then either be selected for testing of SCP-7142 or, due to the large annual volume of SCP-7142 targets, be administered █████ ██████████ (a minor cognitohazard which renders subjects permanently deaf), amnesticised, and released with appropriate cover stories given. These individuals are then to be lightly monitored indefinitely, and, if visions return, be brought back into Foundation custody. Reports of unusual human corpses (particularly those with elongated necks) are to be immediately investigated and, if confirmed, remains are to be taken to Site ██, incinerated, and reports suppressed.

The entities reported by targets of SCP-7142 are currently believed to be either incorporeal or entirely fictitious in nature. As such, permanent deafening of targets has proven to be the most effective method of containing the anomaly, with no physical manifestation of any entity to contain. However, as testing has shown SCP-7142 to have a very real effect on the real world, this should be considered unconfirmed.

Description: SCP-7142 is a recurring dream exclusively affecting individuals suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who live in the United Kingdom. Subjects targeted by SCP-7142, seemingly chosen otherwise at random, will initially report a dream in which they stand, unable to move or look around, at the top of an inclined suburban road. Sketches from subjects have shown this road to be adjoined to a council housing estate in the town of Harlow in Southeast England. A pair of entities will emerge from around the corner at the far end of the road, and begin pacing steadily towards the subject’s viewpoint. The entity on the subject’s left, designated SCP-7142-A, consistently appears as a giraffe-like creature, though primarily deep blue in colour, and possessing a rounded, stubby body with a neck uncharacteristically short for a giraffe; its overall appearance having cartoon-like proportions. The entity is approximately man-high. The appearance of the entity on the subject’s right, designated SCP-7142-B, has been much less consistent between subjects, and has been described as anything from a French bulldog with extremely blunt body proportions and walking perfectly on two legs, to a completely amorphous creature with a leathery outer hide. However, the entity is always reported to be 2-3 feet high. These two entities will proceed to slowly pace towards the subject’s viewpoint in perfect synchronisation until they reach the halfway point between the end of the road and the subject, at which point the dream will end.

Identical dreams will then reoccur every few nights. After approximately 5 iterations of the dream, subjects will develop an increasing sense of dread, and will begin to irrationally believe that the pair of entities in the dream are moving towards their location in the real world. Subjects at this stage show a fearful aversion to steady beats and rhythms, claiming that when heard, they allow the entities to walk at a steady pace towards them. Such rhythms include simple melodies in music such as beating drums, breathing (often resulting in subjects deliberately breathing in irregular patterns), blinking, walking, and the sound of their own heartbeat.

If a subject is repeatedly exposed to these sources of noise, their dreams will enter a second stage. In this stage, subjects’ dreams will again involve being frozen in place, though they will be in a location physically closer to where they are situated in the real world. SCP-7142-A and B will then emerge at a moderate distance from behind an object within the environment, and begin pacing towards the subject, again, in perfect synchronisation, until they are relatively close to the subject, at which point the dream will end. Subjects may also experience additional daydreams involving the entities in the same locations. If exposure to the aforementioned noises does not discontinue, subsequent dreams will involve locations closer and closer to the subject. At this stage, paranoia relating to the impending arrival of the entities will become extreme. In some documented cases, subjects have spontaneously and, at a first glance, inexplicably migrated to other parts of the world, almost always initially to Australia, Indonesia, or New Zealand. In the longest recorded case relating to SCP-7142, lasting 16 years, a Michael ███████████ migrated 21 times to various countries before his death of natural causes. To what extent this paranoia is anomalous in origin, and how much of it is simply a result of the non-anomalous mental health issues many targets of SCP-7142 generally have, is unknown.

As the location depicted in the dreams become nearer and nearer to the subject, subjects will respond increasingly drastically to the sound of steady rhythms. Reactions to these sounds have included: storming out of the room in which a sound is being emitted, covering one’s ears and screaming, assault of an individual who was audibly snoring, vandalisation of a set of concert speakers, the removal of one’s ears, and the attempted removal of one’s own lungs and heart. Subjects will claim that any of these sources of noise, among others, literally are the sound of SCP-7142-A and B pacing towards them.

It appears that targets of SCP-7142 can ‘evade’ it indefinitely by continually relocating themselves to different parts of the world, though there is currently no known way of permanently stopping the dreams or effects of the anomaly. If subjects still do not relocate or isolate themselves from the aforementioned noise sources, their dreams will enter a third and final stage. No subjects entering this stage have remained physically unharmed for over 14 days. During the stage, subjects will report dreams involving the entities in places familiar to them or in extreme proximity to their real location, such as in view of their home, at their place of work, or at the gates of their school.

Within 14 days of entering this stage, all subjects will experience extreme and sudden bodily modifications and trauma in their sleep, with direct and remote observation by Foundation personnel having shown grievous bodily injuries being inflicted by an unseen force. During these events, extensive force will be applied to the subject’s head and neck; subjects with longer hair will appear to have their hair lifted up and pulled taut, at which point the head will be jerked away from the body at speeds recorded from 0.2m/s to 14m/s. However, the head will not be disconnected from the subject; rather the subject’s neck will anomalously elongate to compensate for the dislocation of the head, with new tissue and vertebrae spontaneously materialising to allow for this process. At the end of these events, subjects’ necks have been measured at anywhere from 5 to ~350 times their normal length, and in one instance over ████ meters long. Additionally, a unique event involving two Foundation personnel targeted by SCP-7142 resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] (see Test Log B1). The only other modification consistently inflicted on SCP-7142 victims is the complete removal of exactly 2 of the subject's limbs, either at the hip or shoulder, with trauma indicating removal through means of anything from accelerated necrosis, to what appears to be laser removal. Trauma inflicted during SCP-7142 events will invariably result in death, brain death, or permanent neck-down paralysis of the subject.

In the wake of SCP-7142 events, fluid has been observed in proximity to the victim, either in the form of puddles or what appears to be condensation on the surface of objects in their immediate environment. Testing of this fluid has shown it to be genetically and chemically identical to spinal and cranial fluid found in members of the species G. camelopardalis.

Discovery Log: SCP-7142 first came to the Foundation’s attention in March of 2003 when Duncan Hilton, a former member of security staff at Site ██, re-initiated contact with the Foundation after experiencing repeated dreams and daydreams characteristic of the anomaly. Due to Hilton’s diagnosis with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia (which had previously resulted in his retirement), his reports initially went uninvestigated, and he was instead offered mental health treatment covered by Foundation funds. Hilton’s altered remains were found in his home 14 weeks later, after which point his previous claims surfaced, and a wide-scale survey for similar reports was conducted. A connection between reports of recurring dreams involving entities SCP-7142-A and B, and reports of unusual corpses with SCP-7142’s characteristic modifications, was subsequently established. Anomaly was added to the SCP database and listed as Keter. At time of writing, no evidence exists suggesting SCP-7142 activity before late 2002. Research of the area depicted in all initial SCP-7142-related dreams has returned fruitless, with the only somewhat mysterious activity ever reported in the town being the formation of a sinkhole which resulted in the complete submerging of a suburban home in 2002, shortly after a 14 year old boy who lived there had gone missing.

Addendum: A series of tests involving targets of SCP-7142 has been ongoing since late 2004. Due to lack of understanding of the anomaly, many initial tests were simply observations of subjects targeted by SCP-7142.

Addendum: In wake of the disaster that was Test 7142 B1, Site ██ was decommissioned for a period of 2 months while the threat imposed by the SCP-7142 ‘sinkhole’ was assessed. After it was confirmed that the mass of tissue comprised of the remains of Dr Bates and Special Operative Cornwall was no longer expanding at a dangerous rate, the wing was permanently sectioned off, and the rest of the facility returned to full operation. On the 1st of September 2021, Dr Isherl formally proposed that his observations while held captive by the anomaly indicated either a non-euclidian or extra-dimensional nature. Exploration missions pending approval. Surprisingly, superficial analysis of the containment chamber by Foundation drones found no trace of the cerebrospinal fluid recorded by cameras 1 and 2 during Test 7142 B1. Additionally, upon analysis, neither did guard body camera footage show any sign of said fluid during the incident, even in the exact locations where it was picked up by cameras 1 and 2. Due to this reason, it is presently believed that neither S.O. Cornwall nor Dr Isherl hit anything with their weapons during the experiment, and the fluid observed is thought to have been illusory in nature. Dr Isherl has gone on record contesting this.

Due to the high resilience exhibited by the oesophagi of S.O. Cornwall and Dr Bates, application in field agent rope-based equipment has been suggested. Testing has been postponed until further examination of the 7142 sinkhole is conducted.

D-1402 was post-humously nominated for the Site ██ Award for his selflessness and bravery in attempting to rescue Dr Isherl during the incident. Nomination awaiting decision.

Addendum: On the 14th of February 2022, D-1402 was found wandering on the outskirts of Harlow town, England, before being apprehended by the Foundation. Along with an emaciated and generally tattered appearance, D-1402’s left arm had been severed at the mid-forearm. D-1402 was carrying a stuffed animal resembling a bulldog, which was made primarily of leather, and had sustained extensive damage, including the absence of both its hind legs. Subject was generally uncooperative with personnel, though apathetic to the point of posing little resistance. Subject taken in for interview.

Note: Following a survey of the subterranean region surrounding 14 ████████ ███ in Harlow, England, an exploration by Mobile Task Force November-2 was planned, and is scheduled to begin on ██/██/███. Testing of the house D-1402 exited from has shown none of the extradimensional or non-euclidean properties purported. Exploration of the Site ██ sinkhole remains pending.

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