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Item #: SCP-7141

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Standard storage locker. When in use in Initiative-7141-1, SCP-7141 may be retrieved by any level-2 staff.

Description: SCP-7141 is a black and gold hardcover book with 1000 pages. It has the anomalous property of changing the text contained within it to the entire story of its reader's life. Notably, this includes events that occur in the future.

On the inside of the cover, the following text is present:

When in your hands you hold,
This book of black and gold,
You hold a certain wealth,
In sickness or in health.

A wealth of knowledge true,
That's only meant for you,
But if you change the text,
Then surely you'll be next.

So open this archive,
And see how long you thrive,
And read until you're wise,
With dark and clouded eyes.

When a sentient being makes contact with SCP-7141, text will manifest on its pages detailing the entire narrative of their life. If multiple subjects are in physical contact with the book, then the corresponding text of whichever subject is making contact with a greater surface area will manifest. Contact with any non-sentient being will produce the same effect as contact with nothing at all, being the absence of any text, except for the text on the inside cover. The story itself will be written in an autobiographical tone.

After reading any part of SCP-7141 that takes place in the future and would influence a subject to take different actions than described in the text, the contents of SCP-7141 will instantly change to reflect this discrepancy. SCP-7141 will never contain any mention of the use of itself in the future, rather, use of SCP-7141 will only appear in it after doing so.

It is possible to make edits to one's future through SCP-7141 by crossing out or removing any unwanted events and writing in any additions in the margins or in between paragraphs. Doing so will cause said edits to occur at the time written in SCP-7141, even if said events are themselves anomalous, such as the manifestation of objects. Making edits will invariably cause unintentional or unwanted secondary results. Such unintended results are usually equal and opposite to the aforementioned edit. For example, if one were to embellish the sudden manifestation of a large sum of money, they may have their money stolen in the near future. Making edits to the past has no effect.

Discovery: SCP-7141 was discovered on 07/06/2022 when staff of █████ Hospital found it on the body of a man who had entered the hospital seconds before he died. Upon reading it and realizing its anomalous properties, a Foundation staff member who was in the hospital lobby at the time contacted the Foundation, SCP-7141 was contained, and Class-A amnestics were administered to all civilians present.

Addendum 7141-1: Due to SCP-7141's use case as a relatively convenient method of looking into the future, Initiative-7141-1 has been put in place in which randomly selected staff members are given SCP-7141, instructed to read all pages containing their employment with the SCP Foundation, and identify any containment breaches mentioned in the text. While Initiative-7141-1 has proven effective in identifying containment breaches, the threat of breaches will likely never be completely eradicated by it due to its relatively time-consuming nature.

Requests to cross-test SCP-7141 with dangerous Keter-class anomalies in order to determine potential neutralization methods are currently pending.

Addendum 7141-2: Due to findings in initial testing with SCP-7141, where a tissue sample was used to make physical contact with SCP-7141 and the story of the researcher, from whom the sample was, appeared as normal, as well as evidence in stanza 3 line 4 of the poem on the inside cover of SCP-7141, the hypothesis was formed that SCP-7141 has the ability to show the life story of deceased subjects when placed on their corpse. Later testing proved this theory true. With this information, researchers recovered the body of the man who first possessed SCP-7141 and identified the effects of prolonged use of SCP-7141. Below are the pages of interest.

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