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Item#: 7139
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Special Containment Procedures: All files within the scope of SCP-7139, currently SCP-7139-1 through SCP-7139-7, are to be kept on a secure storage drive in a standard anomalous items containment locker inside Site-25. During testing the storage drive containing the SCP-7139 files is never to be used with computers or printers connected to the internet or the Foundation network in any form to prevent SCP-7139 from proliferating back onto the internet.

Description: SCP-7139 refers to a .zip file1 that contains seven .stl files2. The .zip file was found being advertised on multiple .stl hub websites as 'Good prints for beginners and experts!' and 'A fun collection of trinkets!'. There does not seem to be a specific theme to the files themselves, or the anomalous characteristics exhibited by the files when printed.

When loaded into a 'slicer'3 and printed on any 3D printer the successful prints start exhibiting their anomalous characteristics up to two hours after being completed. The anomalous behavior varies between the files but always seems thematically appropriate for the object printed. The models do not seem to exhibit any anomalous characteristics if they are edited or opened in any 3D modeling program.

The following files are currently known to be part of SCP-7139:
Designation Title Description Anomalous Characteristic
SCP-7139-1 Cattuette A 10cm tall 'Maneki-Neko4' statuette When placed on a shelf next to another object it will occasionally knock the other object off of the shelf. No specific timeframe has been found for this effect.
SCP-7139-2 Die Time An Icosahedron5 die When rolled this die occasionally doesn't stop rolling on its own and will continue until picked up.
SCP-7139-3 Sub-Woofer A 10cm tall dog statuette A Barking sound gets emitted from the object after the sound of a doorbell is played.
SCP-7139-4 My Heart belongs to you a small anatomically correct heart-shaped keychain. The heart beats for 20 minutes at a time every 5 hours.
SCP-7139-5 Flight of the bumblebee A small low-poly6bumblebee Can take small flights. Note: The ability of SCP-7139-5 to fly seems to be tied to the size it is printed at.
SCP-7139-6 Summertime Sadness A life-size soft-serve ice cream cone The ice cream melts over the course of 8 hours
SCP-7139-7 Snek A 30cm long articulated snake The snake slithers in place at random intervals for 5 minutes at a time.

SCP-7139 has been connected to a member of GOI 58697 'Jonathan Kirby'8 who has been taken in for interrogation after SCP-7139 was discovered and secured by the foundation. Kirby has been taken in under the guise of drug charges by 5 assembled members of MTF Iota-10. The arrest log and the interview with Mr. Kirby will be supplied in the related documents section of this entry.

SCP-7139 was discovered by personnel monitoring online reports of possible anomalies. When the team came across SCP-7139 it had already been distributed to approximately 100 people. The files were traced and deleted off of devices of unauthorized peoples and transferred to a secure drive. All instances where SCP-7139 had been distributed have been examined to evaluate the best way to properly amnestize the people that had downloaded the files. This has been achieved by sending e-mails containing images with amnestic and anti-memetic properties that were deleted upon viewing by the subject. The monitoring for anomalous activity related to SCP-7139 was suspended after a year post retrieval.

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