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Item#: 7134
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-7134 is uncontained and 7134-Events are recurring. As of 6/27/2022, forty-nine (49) personnel are in long-term assignment to SCP-7134 operations, lead by Head Researcher Dr. Yago Morro, PhD. and Head Tactician Captain Jackson Baxters (both Lv. 4 Clearance).

Mobile Task Force Sampson-7 "Bugsy's Bunny" has been organized for the securement of 7134-Events. Intercepted communications, surveillances, or other media pertaining to SCP-7134 and 7134-Events are to be followed up on by MTF Sampson-7 to conduct the securement of the 7134-Event, and the demanifestation or termination of SCP-7134. Attempts to contain extant SCP-7134 are not to be made unless approved prior to mission by Head Tactician. Miscellaneous reports of anomalous rabbits forwarded by field agents and web crawlers (per standard cryptid investigation protocols) are under further review to determine undocumented 7134-Events requiring securing.

The Weather-Gamble Cross-Positioning (WGCP) System is in operation for the designed purpose of locating meteorological activity in relation to gambling establishments within the continental United States of America, and for cataloging viable locations for 7134-Events. In the field tracking of SCP-7134, personnel are advised to use Kant counters to assist in locating extant specimens.

All SCP-7134 in containment are deceased. Eighty (80) cadavers are in cryogenic storage at: Site-19; Site-43; Site-66; Site-104. Four (4) taxidermies are on display at: Site-87; Site-169.1 Additional cadavers are to be disposed of as level 0 biological material following autopsy unless reserved for future study.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7134 is a mammalian species of leporine morphology with cervine traits (Lepus antilocapra), analogous to the "jackalope" of North American folklore. Aside from the chimeric nature of the species, specimens have exhibited unexplained abilities including: intangibility; cognitohazardous compulsion; sentience; sapience; capability of speech for the utilization of language; low-end reality-bending; probability-alteration or short-term clairvoyance, and preservation of a single identity through reincarnation or gestalt consciousness.

Sightings of SCP-7134, designated 7134-Events, are scarce yet regularly occurring under predictable circumstances. Observation of over seven hundred (>700) confirmed 7134-Events has identified three universal constants, as the phenomenon occurs exclusively:

  • within the continental United States of America,
  • within the property lines of establishments host to gambling,
  • on the night of a full moon.

Additional criteria for loci of 7134-Events are under consideration. While manifestation of an SCP-7134 instance has not been directly observed, specimens have always been in the vicinity of at least one (1) conscious person for a 7134-Event.

The next 7134-Event is projected for: July 13th, 2022. (7134-Event-07132022)



SCP-7134 Taxidermy №4, restored. Pictured in Site-169 mess hall.

HISTORY: The earliest written record of a horned jackrabbit or similar cryptid in North America can be dated back to 1829, with the reported capture by a trapper named Roy Ball. It is unknown if this and many subsequent records of jackalope sightings were valid, as following the taxidermy of a supposed "jackalope" by brothers Douglas and Ralph Herrick in 1934,10 the creature has become commonplace in American pop culture and rogue taxidermy. The oldest verified instance of SCP-7134 is a taxidermy mount dated to the 1870s (pictured), recovered from a cottage in Westminster in 2012. The extent of the SCP-7134 species' relevancy with the whole of jackrabbits or similar folklore predating 1829 is unknown. Request the Department of Mythology and Folkloristics for access to further reading on: jackalopes; North American cryptids; Anishinaabe traditional beliefs.

The SCP Foundation's earliest record of an SCP-7134 instance dates back to 1938, describing the recovery of a full-body taxidermy of a leporine species with horns found in the possession of an American associate of Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd. Surviving documentation indicates that the specimen was found and killed on the premise of an Atlantic City casino with known affiliations with MC&D. The whereabouts of Anomalous Object #343-LMRFDD and further documentation have since been lost.

Foundation assets would not encounter an 7134-Event until July 25th, 1945. Field Agent Drew Lotts responded to the aftermath of a fire at a cardroom in Galveston, Texas. Lotts' investigation into an anomalous origin for the fire procured an eyewitness account of 7134-Event-07251945 (formerly Incident-7134-B), and recovery of type specimen, SCP-7134-07251945. SCP-7134 was added to the registry of SCP objects on July 28th, 1945. Following 7134-Event-01071947 (formerly Incident-7134-G) and discovery of phenomenon's correlation with the lunar cycle, manifestations of SCP-7134 were redesignated as 7134-Events, suffixed by date of occurrence.11

Miscellaneous field agents and task force members would be redirected for SCP-7134 securement efforts until in November of 1973, when Mobile Task Force Sampson-7 "Bugsy's Bunny" was organized for the specialized response to 7134-Events, and potential anomalies localized to gambling establishment. Across eight decades of containment efforts, eleven (11) Foundation personnel have been killed in action, three (3) missing in action during 7134-Events.

Through observation and interactions with field agents, SCP-7134 has aggregated information to become knowledgeable of the SCP Foundation to a limited extent. SCP-7134 is currently believed to understand that the SCP Foundation:

  • is a covert organization dealing with "skips",
  • considers SCP-7134 a "skip",
  • is in active opposition of SCP-7134 activity,
  • has a presence in all forty-eight (48) states of the continental U.S,
  • has at least five (5) task forces that have been assigned to SCP-7134 at some point,
  • has no current intent for capturing SCP-7134 alive.

ADDENDUM: Introduction to supplementary documents pertaining to SCP-7134.

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