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SCP-7133 during its Sunrise Effect.

Item #: SCP-7133

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7133 is to be contained within a designated exclusion zone with a radius of 20 kilometers surrounding the land. The exclusion zone must be clearly marked with warning signs and guarded by a security detail to prevent unauthorized access. Access to SCP-7133 is strictly prohibited without prior approval from Level-4 personnel.

Description: SCP-7133 designates a 17-kilometer region consisting of mountains and woodland located in Northern Virginia, encompassing coordinates ████████, ████████. Upon entering SCP-7133, notable anomalous properties become evident. After crossing the boundary, the sky immediately appears as pitch-black darkness, regardless of the external time of day or weather conditions, creating an impression of perpetual nocturnality within SCP-7133.

The darkness within SCP-7133 is absolute, making it impossible to discern any objects or terrain beyond a few meters. However, upon careful observation, faint bioluminescent mosses and fungi can be seen emitting a dim glow, providing minimal illumination to navigate through the area.

Despite the perpetual darkness, audible signs of active wildlife are detected throughout the area. Strange calls, hoots, and rustling sounds echo through the woods, reminiscent of nocturnal creatures. However, upon close investigation, no animals or traces of animal presence have been discovered within SCP-7133. Attempts to set up cameras, traps, or audio recording devices to capture physical evidence of these sounds have been unsuccessful, as the recordings only capture the empty wilderness.

Wooden signs inscribed with an unidentifiable language, impervious to translation, are intermittently placed within the region. The signs vary in size and design, some resembling traditional road signs while others take the form of engraved plaques mounted on trees. Efforts to decipher the language or identify any patterns in their placement have yielded no conclusive results. Researchers have noted that the signs appear to change position periodically, making it difficult to map the region accurately.

Situated precisely at the center of SCP-7133 is a wooden cabin designated as "The Ellington Family Bed & Breakfast" (hereafter referred to as the "B&B"). The cabin consists of a single, spacious room, housing a solitary bed positioned at the center. The cabin walls are adorned with a series of six portraits, each depicting individuals identified with the surname "Ellington." The portraits are expertly painted, capturing the likeness and personalities of the Ellington family members in remarkable detail.

Adjacent to the bed, a cabinet contains a wooden box labeled "Ellington Family Prized Memories." The box contains numerous monochromatic photographs portraying various members of the purported "Ellington family" achieving notable milestones, including awards, anniversaries, and university graduations. The subjects in the photographs exude an air of contentment and accomplishment, adding to the overall sense of familiarity and warmth within the B&B.

Individuals who choose to sleep on the bed within the cabin experience a phenomenon referred to as the "Sunrise Effect." Upon awakening, these individuals perceive a sunrise occurring within SCP-7133, while others present alongside them continue to perceive the region as shrouded in darkness. The Sunrise Effect induces a profound sense of awe and wonder, compelling affected individuals to observe the sunrise until it dissipates.

The sunrise witnessed during the Sunrise Effect is described as a mesmerizing display of vibrant colors and celestial beauty. The sun rises slowly above the horizon, casting a golden glow that gradually illuminates the surroundings, revealing breathtaking landscapes filled with lush vegetation, crystal-clear lakes, and majestic mountains. The skies are adorned with radiant clouds, swirling with vivid hues of orange, pink, and purple. The Sunrise Effect elicits intense emotions of serenity, joy, and tranquility in those who experience it, often prompting them to reflect on their lives and find solace in the view before them.

While under the influence of the Sunrise Effect, individuals capturing visual media, such as photographs or videos, will have their recordings depict the sunrise. The photographs exhibit stunningly detailed and vivid images, perfectly replicating the scenery witnessed during the Sunrise Effect. Conversely, individuals not under the influence of the Sunrise Effect will consistently capture visual media portraying a nighttime scene, with only faint glimmers of the bioluminescent flora in the frame.

Following the conclusion of the Sunrise Effect, SCP-7133 transitions into the "Afternoon Effect." Individuals who previously experienced the Sunrise Effect become compelled to explore SCP-7133, driven by an irresistible urge. This compulsion manifests as an intense curiosity and desire to uncover the secrets hidden within the anomalous region. Explorations typically involve traversing the mountains, investigating the woodland, and searching for any signs of life or clues about the nature of SCP-7133.

The Afternoon Effect exposes affected individuals to the diverse and extraordinary features of SCP-7133. They encounter peculiar landmarks, such as ancient stone formations resembling monuments and enigmatic structures reminiscent of ruins. Some individuals report coming across tranquil meadows populated by ethereal flora, emitting soft luminescence. Others describe stumbling upon hidden waterfalls cascading from sheer cliffs, their waters reflecting the colors of the unseen sun. The Afternoon Effect provides a unique opportunity to experience an otherworldly realm of natural beauty and grandeur, encouraging individuals to delve deeper into SCP-7133's mysteries.

As the day progresses, the Afternoon Effect gradually gives way to the "Sunset Effect." During this stage, affected individuals experience pronounced fatigue and exhaustion, prompting them to abandon their explorations and return to the Ellington Family B&B. The Sunset Effect intensifies the sense of weariness, making each step a struggle as the darkness of the night closes in. The distant sounds of wildlife become more subdued, replaced by an eerie silence that pervades the area.

Upon reaching the B&B and lying on the bed, affected individuals quickly fall into a deep sleep. Upon awakening, the entire cycle recommences, beginning with the Sunrise Effect once again. The repetition of the cycle is relentless, with individuals compelled to go through the Sunrise Effect, explore during the Afternoon Effect, and succumb to the Sunset Effect repeatedly.

After precisely 50 cycles, the affected individual undergoes a metamorphosis, surpassing the limitations of their previous existence. As they awaken from their final slumber within the Ellington Family B&B, a symphony of serenity resonates through their being.

Entering the shadowy embrace of SCP-7133's darkness, they become attuned to its secrets. No longer bound by the need for exploration, they perceive the profound beauty that resides within the night.

A deep kinship with the untamed wilderness envelops their spirit. They glide through the nocturnal tapestry, witnessing the ethereal ballet of hidden creatures. The mystifying signs and ancient monuments transform into gateways of understanding, inviting contemplation and introspection instead of an insatiable thirst for answers.

In the tranquil silence of the nocturne, they find solace. Embracing the simplicity of their existence, they unravel the mysteries of self. Amidst the quietude, they discover an inner symphony, harmonizing the melody of their renewed being.

Becoming custodians of SCP-7133, they coexist in symbiosis with its anomalous essence. They become scholars of its mysteries, their insights interweaving with the meticulous research of the Foundation. Their observations and reflections blossom into verses, intertwined with delicate threads of metaphor and meaning.

Their journey unfolds as an odyssey of personal renaissance, transcending the boundaries of mere comprehension. Embracing the veiled obscurity, they unveil the luminous truths within. And in this delicate dance of shadows, they ignite a celestial radiance within themselves, guiding others towards the transformative path of enlightenment.

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