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An instance of SCP-7123-A.

ITEM #: SCP-7123

Due to the nature of SCP-7123, containment methods are primarily focused on tracking and mitigating knowledge of its effects. MTF-Theta 30 "Danse Macabre" are assigned to this task until further notice. Any recovered SCP-7123-A instances are to be stored at Site 23 for further testing.

SCP-71231 is a phenomenon that occurs seemingly at random and in nearly every populated area on the planet. To date, over ██00 manifestations have occurred since initial discovery.2

Evidence of an SCP-7123 event begins with the manifestation of an instance of SCP-7123-A. SCP-7123-A instances are typically various forms of board game, dice, or game of chance. Common instances include chess boards,3 roulette wheels,4 and Chō-Han.5

While active, SCP-7123-A instances are exceedingly resilient to conventional forms of damage, capable of resisting heat in excess of 6000° Kelvin, cold approaching Absolute Zero, crush force in excess of 3000 psi, and the explosive force of a 1000lb tritonal explosive. Conversely, inert instances can be disposed of to the same degree of effectiveness as their non-anomalous counterparts.

When an individual makes physical contact with an active -A instance, SCP-7123-B will become visible to that individual. There are currently no known means to capture SCP-7123-B on cameras or any form of recording device, and the entity does not appear on X-Ray, thermal or other visual means of detection. However, its actions in baseline reality are detected by motion sensors6. Additionally, visual records are able to be procured by affected individuals drawing imagery of SCP-7123-B (see Test Log SCP-7123.1).

As of yet, is currently unclear if SCP-7123-B is a singular entity, or near-identical individual entities that manifest with each SCP-7123 event; however, every surviving account or Foundation-conducted interview describes the same appearance - a tall, thin figure beneath a black or dark robe, obscuring any distinguishing features (if any exist), with only a pair of slender hands in thin black gloves seen outside of the cloak. Upon becoming visible to an affected individual, SCP-7123-B will gesture to the SCP-7123-A instance before them, beckoning the subject to play the game. SCP-7123-B will also partake in the game, and unless the subject steps away or refuses to play, the game will continue until either side loses or forfeits. If the subject loses, they will suffer an immediate heart attack, causing their death. To date, there have been no known victories against SCP-7123-B.

If an affected individual refuses to partake in the game, no physical harm will come to them; however, SCP-7123-B will remain visible to the subject. This effect will not relent until either the subject agrees to play the game, or they convince another individual to touch the SCP-7123-A instance. Doing so will "pass on" the effect to that new individual, leaving the original target entirely unaffected.

SCP-7123 first became known to the Foundation on 16/0█/19 ██, following a police report in ██████, London; two civilians [henceforth referred to as Civilian A and Civilian B for the sake of clarity] had apparently seen "Death himself" after noticing a previously unseen deck of cards on their kitchen table. Civilian A had touched the cards first, and then prompted Civilian B to do the same. Both were too scared to initiate the 'game' further, and contacted local authorities. Foundation agents embedded within the Metropolitan Police Force ensured the redaction of the report, and the amnesticisation of all affected individuals, while the still-active SCP-7123-A instance was successfully retrieved and sent to Site 23 for analysis.

Upon discovery that active SCP-7123-A instances can be safely transported by MTF units, and more readily located via the detection of hotspots in abnormal Hume Levels emitted by active instances, Standard Operating Procedure was altered to reflect this. Henceforth, MTF Theta 30 are to be dispatched to any new SCP-7123 events detected by the Foundation for the primary purpose of obtaining active SCP-7123-A instances, so as to perform further testing with SCP-7123-B.

TEST LOG: SCP-7123.1

Foreword: D-1971991 was sent into Chamber 7123-16 containing an active SCP-7123-A instance so as to properly record its effects. D-1971991 was also given a piece of paper and HB pencil so as to provide a visual record of SCP-7123-B. Doctor Edward Block, Senior Researcher of SCP-7123, is present over intercom during this test.

<Begin Log, 12:47 13/07/2019>

Doctor Block: D-1971991, please approach the objects on the table [the SCP-7123-A instance, in this case a 2000 piece puzzle and small sand hourglass].

D-1971991: Doc, are you kidding me with this? You really brought me here to play a puzzle? What is this, my birthday-

Doctor Block: (more firmly) D-1971991, please approach the objects at the table and sit down. If you cannot comply, you will be forcibly returned to your quarters.

D-1971991: Fine, fine, whatever; you're the boss, Doc.

D-1971991 approaches the table and sits down in the closest provided chair.

Doctor Block: Please touch one of the puzzle pieces, or the hourglass.

D-1971991 sighs, and rests one finger against the top of the hourglass. He instantly pulls back, due to the presumed manifestation of SCP-7123-B.

D-1971991: Holy sh- what the fuck is that thing?

Doctor Block: Please describe what it is you're seeing, speaking clearly.

D-1971991: You're telling me you aren't seeing this? Are you fucking blind?!

Doctor Block: Due to the nature of the anomaly, only you are able to see the entity in front of you. You may recall that we provided you with drawing materials; please draw what it is you see while describing it for the microphone.

D-1971991: Fuck no! Let me out of here before that thing does anything to me!

Doctor Block: D-1971991, may I remind you that you are in the presence of armed Foundation officers, who can on my order, forcibly restrain you and leave you in the presence of SCP-7123-B until you cooperate. Now, can you please do what is asked of you?

D-1971991: …Fine. Whatever.

D-1971991 retrieves the paper and pencil from the provided satchel, and begins to draw an approximation of SCP-7123-B.

D-1971991: Okay, so honestly? Best way I can describe this thing is…well, The Grim Reaper. (sighing) I know, that sounds stupid saying it. Long black robes, tall, thin, the whole nine yards.

Doctor Block: That's quite alright, whatever frame of reference that makes it easiest for you to describe to us. Are there any other distinguishing features of note?

D-1971991: Only its hands…or rather, what's covering them. It's got these thin black gloves on, I can't quite tell if those are full hands under them or…something else.

Doctor Block: Very well. When you are done with the sketch, please hand it to one of the Guards present.

D-1971991 continues drawing for approximately two minutes, before setting down the pencil and handing the sheet of paper to the nearest Guard.

D-1971991: Okay, so now what? Am I free to go?

Doctor Block: Not quite yet. If you would please attempt to finish the puzzle in front of you as quickly as possible.

D-1971991 glances at the hourglass next to the puzzle.

D-1971991: What about this?

Doctor Block: We believe that will be taken care of for you.

Shortly after Doctor Block finishes speaking, the hourglass is lifted off the ground, twisted, and placed upside-down back onto the table; it is presumed that SCP-7123-B, hearing the conversation, initiated the 'game'.

D-1971991: Oh shit! Fuckfuckfuck, uhh… guess I'll start with a corner?

D-1971991 picks up the bottom-left corner piece of the puzzle and places it on the provided checkerboard mat, and begins frantically looking for adjoining pieces.


Before D-1971991 can place the final piece of the puzzle, the last grains of sand in the hourglass drop to the bottom.

D-1971991: Oh shit, I…I didn't finish in time. What uh, what happens now? Do I have to start again or-

At this point, D-1971991 begins convulsing, and collapses onto the floor of the Test Chamber. The Guards present attempt to provide medical support, but he is declared dead of a heart attack. His body is removed from the Chamber.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Once it was determined that no further mainfestations of SCP-7123-B could occur from the SCP-7123-A instance, both it and the drawing of -B were recovered from the Test Chamber for further analysis.


Artist depiction of SCP-7123-B, as drawn by D-1971991.

A lack of verbal response from SCP-7123-B, either as determined by D-1971991 or picked up on any audio devices, was noted by Researcher Logan. Researcher Logan requests an interview with SCP-7123-B so as to devise a means to potentially communicate with it and discover more about SCP-7123 as a whole. [GRANTED]


Interviewed: [SCP-7123-B.]

Interviewer: [Researcher Logan]

Foreword: In an attempt to communicate with SCP-7123-B, Researcher Logan requested a deck of Tarot cards to be brought along with them to the attempted interview [GRANTED]. A still-active SCP-7123-A instance7 was placed on the centre table of Interview Room D within Site-23.

<Begin Log, 20:35 24/09/2019>

Researcher Logan places his hand on the SCP-7123-A instance, allowing him to perceive SCP-7123-B.

Researcher Logan: Hello SCP-7123-B. This may seem rather unorthodox, given your…history, but I was hoping that now we are able to perceive one another, perhaps we can properly communicate with one another. I am Researcher Logan, and am speaking to you today as part of the SCP Foundation. Is there anything you're able to tell us about yourself?

SCP-7123-B: [unresponsive]

Researcher Logan: Ah, yes. Well, I did anticipate there'd be a lack of response on your part, and so I brought a different means with which to communicate, one you'd perhaps find more preferable.

Researcher Logan pulls the Major Arcana Tarot deck from out of his lab coat pocket and places it on the table. The chair opposite Researcher Logan shifts slightly, indicating SCP-7123-B has noticed the cards. The cards are then seen leaving the Researcher's hand and seemingly floating; it is presumed that SCP-7123-B has taken the deck from him and is inspecting each card.

Researcher Logan: Ah, excellent. I'm glad they take your interest; I trust they will be satisfactory for the purposes I've asked?

Motion sensors detect a slight shift in air pressure around the approximate location of SCP-7123-B's head; it is presumed, coupled with later footage, that this was a nod.

Researcher Logan: What is the purpose of the SCP-7123-A instances?

Researcher Logan gestures to the SCP-7123-A instance still present on the table. SCP-7123-B picks a card from the deck and turns it over.

Researcher Logan: "JUSTICE…but reversed. I see; something we aren't fully meant to know? I do have to press for more questions, if possible."

Researcher Logan: "where do you come from?"

SCP-7123-B turns over the next card.

Researcher Logan: "THE STAR. You are from a higher power? You follow a Celestial Mandate. But I wonder now…"

Researcher Logan: "what is your purpose?"

SCP-7123-B turns over the next card.

Researcher Logan: "THE TOWER. Upheaval, karmic justice…destruction…"

Long pause.

Researcher Logan. …who are you?

Long pause.

SCP-7123-B turns over the next card.

Researcher Logan:"…DEATH."

At the reveal of this final card, Researcher Logan collapsed to the floor in a manner similar to all prior known victims of SCP-7123, and was pronounced dead of a heart attack by on-site medical staff.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following the death of Researcher Logan, Doctor Block has called that all staff testing with SCP-7123 be suspended until further notice [GRANTED].

On 22/03/2020, Doctor Block requested access to an active SCP-7123-A instance, specifically a chessboard instance. Due to his history with the game, provisional request was granted on the condition that Doctor Block appoint his successor on the project in the event of his death, to which he agreed.

TEST LOG SCP-7123.2:

Foreword: Doctor Block requested to enter the chamber alone, albeit overseen in the Observation Desk by Acting Senior Researcher Dr Arts.

<Begin Log 07:39 23/03/2020>

Doctor Block enters the Test Chamber alone, as requested. The voice of Dr Arts comes through on the intercom.

Doctor Arts: Dr Block, can you hear me? Just checking all systems are running properly.

Doctor Block: Yes, thank you Charles. You don't have to worry, I have everything under control.

Doctor Block sits down in the closest provided chair. Across from him, a still active SCP-7123-A instance; a chessboard, as requested by Doctor Block.

Doctor Block: I promise you, Theodore, you won't have died for nothing…

Doctor Block touches the nearest chess piece, and raises his head to meet the presumed gaze of SCP-7123-B.

Doctor Block: Ah, hello. I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting face to face. Though I must say, first impressions aren't promising, what with my friend you murdered. But, I know how this ends. How it must end. I shall do everything in my power to see to it you never take another soul. That besides…

Doctor Block picks up a pawn piece on his side of the board.

Doctor Block: Here's to a clean game, hm?

Doctor Block moves his pawn to E4. In response, SCP-7123-B moves the pawn parallel to Doctor Block's, placing it at E5.

Doctor Block moves one of his knights to F3; SCP-7123-B moves another pawn, this time to D6.

Doctor Block pauses for a moment, looking at SCP-7123-B, and then at the pawn in his hand.

Doctor Block then moves that pawn two squares forward, to D4. SCP-7123-B responds by moving a bishop to G4.


Doctor Block moves his queen to D4, putting SCP-7123-B in checkmate.

Doctor Block: I…I won…holy shit, I won…

SCP-7123-B:y o u …

Doctor Block: oh my god…

SCP-7123-B: y o u … l u c k y… s o n o f a b i t c h…

The SCP-7123-A instance disappears, having seemingly de-manifested. The chair where SCP-7123-B clatters to the floor; according to Doctor Block, this was SCP-7123-B rising from its seat, and then de-manifesting in front of him. On-site medical staff enter the test chamber to escort Doctor Block from it, and are seen administering a mild sedative to calm his high stress levels.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Due to the as yet unclear results of this test, along with all active SCP-7123-A instances in the custody of the Foundation becoming inert, it has been deemed acceptable to reclassify SCP-7123 as Pending. OUTDATED, SEE ADDENDUM SCP-7123.4.

Approximately two months after Test SCP-7123.2, Doctor Block collapsed in his office in a manner identical to all other victims of SCP-7123-B. Upon recovery of the body, medical staff also found a note left on Doctor Block's desk.


Analysis of both the handwriting and the parchment used in the note is currently inconclusive.

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