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SCP-7122 inside it's containment room

Item #: SCP-7122

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7122 is to be stored in a secure safe inside a standard containment room. Said room is to have two (2) armed guards posted outside of it and is only to be accessible by level 3 staff or higher. Any access to SCP-7122's containment room is to be reported to the site director immediately who can initiate a lockdown if deemed necessary. It is thus recommended that the director be informed before accessing SCP-7122's containment room.

As SCP-7122 is an inanimate object that needs to be handled for anomalous effects to occour, there is no threat of it breaching containment by itself. However, the Department of Intelligence has assessed that there is a possibility that the item may be an object of interest for hostile GOIs.

In case of a containment breach the entire wing of Site-717 containing SCP-7122 is to initiate a lockdown with all light as well as internet and intranet access being cut off immediately in order to prohibit utilization of SCP-7122’s anomalous effects. Foundation staff within the compromised area are to be advised not to use any source of light for the entire duration of the lockdown. The only personnel allowed to access the locked down section of Site-717 in case of a containment breach is the on site tactical response team. Upon recontainment all electronical devices capable of storing digital data and media as well as SCP-7122 are to be investigated for any instances of .ano files. Only after all results have turned out negative, personnel are to be released from lockdown and both internet and intranet access is to be turned back on.

Description: SCP-7122 is a Nikon brand D3500 DSLR Camera (Serial number ██████████) with a standard 18-55mm kit lens. SCP-7122’s anomalous effects manifest when it is used to photograph a person. Upon taking a picture, an image file in the format .ano is created. Said files can be viewed without any special software on all common media devices. Going to the metadata will seemingly reveal nothing out of the ordinary. However, instead of displaying information about the file such as file name, or the time, date and location of its creation, such information will instead be displayed about the subject depicted in the photograph. Additionally, a field can be found at the bottom of the window saying „Further properties…“. Investigation of these properties will open up a separate window with a sporadically expanding, seemingly nonsensical and random array of numbers and letters. It is theorised that the extent of these properties directly correlates to the subject's age and experiences. Although the size of most .ano files ranges from 175 kilobytes to 3,5 megabytes the average amount of data found within the „Further properties…“ section is estimated to be around one petabyte. All Foundation efforts to decode said data have so far proven unsuccessful.

Further anomalous effects become apparent when the files are altered or deleted. When a .ano file is inserted into video editing software and a spoken audio track is combined with said file, the subject in the photograph will initiate motion matching the spoken tracks while the recorded voice will instantly change as well to match the voice of the depicted subject. However, tests have shown that the person in the photo is the only one affected by this, meaning that the rest of the picture will not initiate any sort of movement. Deletion of a .ano file will result in the immediate termination of the subject in the picture. Tests have shown that this effect only applies to the pictured person, even in crowd scenarios. If no specific subject exists in such a picture, no anomalous effects will manifest. The Foundation has not yet been able to determine the medical cause of death of the test subjects. SCP-7122’s effects also apply to various animals (see test logs) and can be avoided by creating a copy of the original .ano file in advance. Deleting the metadata of a .ano file will not result in the subject’s death. However, the subject will become unresponsive and cease almost all motor functions in a catatonic state. Tests have shown that subjects affected by this are not incapable of actions like walking, but rather simply do not do so for most of the time.

Discovery: SCP-7122 came to the Foundation's attention after a sudden rise of unexplained deaths and reported cases of anonymous blackmail in Gustavsberg, Sweden and the surrounding area. The SCP Foundation dispatched two local field agents to investigate the situation. In cooperation with swedish law enforcement agencies, Agent Roland Jansson and Agent Karl Berg subsequently managed to deduce that the cases were linked to Jens Eklund, a local amateur photographer and videographer and drug addict. Agents Jansson and Berg were ordered to investigate the property under the guise of an electrical inspection following a short unrelated blackout in Gustavsberg. After they were able to determine that the camera was the object of interest, it was given the official designation of SCP-7122 and a tactical response team was dispatched to recover the item under the pretext of a drug raid. Jens Eklund was fatally wounded during said raid after using SCP-7122 to kill two TACREP operators.

Addendum 7122-01: As per order of Site Director Seickler researchers are to refrain from performing experiments similar to Test 7122-11 unless necessary and approved by Director Seickler himself or at least two level 4 personnel. This rule will stay in effect until SCP-7122's anomalous effects are understood to a fuller extent.

Addendum 7122-02: The Department of Intelligence has requested utilization of SCP-7122 by field agents in order to assure cooperation of influential non-foundation individuals and to be able to terminate them or hostile POIs if necessary. The Department has also requested permission to set up several databases with .ano files of said individuals. Proposal is pending

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