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Item#: 7121
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Caw caw caw caw caw



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7121 is to be contained within a standard animal containment unit located in Site-19. Access to the containment cell is strictly limited to personnel with Level 2 clearance and above, and all personnel entering the cell must be accompanied by a minimum of two additional individuals. SCP-7121's containment cell is to be checked twice a day for any signs of damage or tampering.

In the event of a breach, security personnel must follow the emergency protocol outlined in Document SCP-7121-B536. Personnel are not to attempt to physically remove SCP-7121 from its location, instead, they are to lure it into its containment unit with food or other non-threatening objects. If said attempt proves unsuccessful, personnel are to maintain a direct line of sight while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. Under no circumstances are personnel to disclose any classified information while in SCP-7121's presence, regardless of how secure the area might otherwise appear to be. All research and experimentation involving SCP-7121 must be approved by at least one level 3 clearance personnel and conducted within its containment unit.

Description: SCP-7121 is a male specimen of Corvus brachyrhynchos (Common American Crow) 45 centimeters in length with a wingspan of approximately 70 cm, weighing 500 grams. It displays no unusual physical or behavioral characteristics for its species with the exception of its persistent ability to infiltrate Foundation facilities. Despite multiple attempts to remove SCP-7121 from Site-19, it consistently reappears inside restricted areas, seemingly without any outside assistance.

SCP-7121 has been observed to enter Foundation facilities through a variety of means, including following personnel through open doors, using air ducts to access secured areas, and secretly boarding vehicles entering the site. Furthermore, SCP-7121 has been observed to manifest in and escape from areas that were thought to be fully enclosed and securely sealed, although the means by which it does so remain unknown. Initial SCP-7121 manifestations repeatedly resulted in disorder and widespread confusion, with removal attempts proving detrimental to delicate research equipment. Further research is required to determine how SCP-7121 is able to bypass security measures in order to prevent any future breaches by SCP-7121 and detect its presence.

Incident Log - SCP-7121 - Containment Breaches:

Incident Number# Incident Description
#001 SCP-7121 was initially discovered flying within the Site-19 cafeteria. Research staff initially mistook SCP-7121 for a standard bird and attempted to remove it from the facility. This caused a major commotion with several researchers and staff members attempting to capture the bird. SCP-7121 managed to evade capture and disappeared from view

Broken plates and glasses were subsequently replaced and Researcher Sara Kim was compensated for their workplace injury. Extensive searches of the cafeteria and surrounding areas were conducted, but SCP-7121 was not found.
#002 SCP-7121 is discovered on a table inside the Site-19 break room. Research staff reported SCP-7121 observing their activities and taking an interest in their food. Junior Researcher Ezekiel Martins attempted to capture SCP-7121, using a lab coat as an impromptu net. Despite initial resistance and attempts to fly away, SCP-7121 is successfully captured and transported outside site facilities. SCP-7121 is observed to perch on top of a nearby tree before flying away. Junior Researcher Ezekiel Martins later reported the theft of several coins that were inside his lab coat pockets.
#003 SCP-7121 is located inside the Site-19 armory, perched atop a shelf containing firearms and ammunition. Security personnel are alerted to its presence by its cawing and attempted to apprehend SCP-7121. SCP-7121 evaded capture by flying around the armory and perching on various objects, knocking over several boxes of ammunition.

During the commotion, SCP-7121 managed to fly out of sight, escaping through the door. Despite extensive searches, SCP-7121 was once again not found. Upon closer examination of the shelf, SCP-7121 had made a stash of small trinkets and shiny objects. A formal report is made to the Site Director informing on the breach in security.
#004 SCP-7121 is found preening itself on top of SCP-███ inside its containment chamber. SCP-███ appeared unfazed by the presence of SCP-7121. After several failed attempts, research personnel acquired a small amount of grain from a nearby storage room, managing to use it to lure SCP-7121 down. SCP-7121 was captured when it attempted to grab the bag. SCP-7121’s formal designation as an anomalous object is proposed, pending classification.
#005 Following Incident #004, SCP-7121 was escorted to a testing chamber, where it underwent a number of tests and experiments, including blood sampling, genetic analysis, and behavioral observation. No anomalous properties were detected. SCP-7121 was outfitted with a GPS Device for avian tracking and placed in a standard animal containment unit outfitted with camera surveillance.

Approximately 15 minutes later, the facility experienced a site-wide power outage, with all lights and security cameras being non-functional for several seconds while the emergency generators powered up. Upon power being restored, the GPS signal was lost and SCP-7121 was nowhere to be found. A single silver spoon (presumably taken from the site cafeteria) was found in its place. The containment unit was found to be intact, and no signs of forced entry or damage were observed. Investigation into the cause of the power outage is ongoing. The GPS device has not yet been recovered.
#006 SCP-7121 is discovered inside the Site-19 nuclear warhead silo. Security personnel report seeing SCP-7121 perched on top of a missile guidance system. SCP-7121 is given an official SCP designation.

Addendum: I don't understand it. We've tested this thing every which way, and it's just a damn crow. I don’t know how it keeps infiltrating our facilities but it’s not exhibiting any unusual behavior or posing any kind of threat. And yet we've had to step up security measures and waste countless man-hours trying to keep this thing contained. Sure, it’s a real nuisance, but it's still just a regular bird for crying out loud. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should just ignore it and let it roam free. But I do think we should be realistic about the level of threat it poses, and allocate resources accordingly so we can focus on the real anomalies that pose a genuine threat. It's ridiculous, asinine even, that we’re spending so much time and effort on this thing when there are surely much more important and pressing matters that require our attention and on which our time would be better spent.


I'm aware that some researchers have been making light of the situation with SCP-7121, and that it's been the subject of jokes and mockery. “Did you hear Site-19 can’t even keep a bird contained?” I understand the skepticism surrounding SCP-7121's official designation and especially its classification as Keter. However, let me remind everyone that the Foundation's work is to ensure the safety of humanity and protect it from all potential threats. It may just be a bird, but it's a bird that keeps finding its way into our secure facilities, regardless of how many times we've tried to improve our security measures. That alone should be cause for concern.

Moreover, we can't ignore the fact that there could be something more going on here that we're not aware of, and that's a risk we can't afford to take. We have to consider the fact that SCP-7121 may be sapient, and could be using its seemingly mundane appearance to camouflage its true nature. We don't know what SCP-7121's motives are or whether it has any allies who aid in its infiltration. It might seem like a significant inconvenience, but given these unknown variables and the potential risks involved, it's clear that SCP-7121's containment is of utmost importance. Until we can determine with absolute certainty that SCP-7121 poses no threat, we must continue to take its containment seriously, no matter how absurd it may seem. Even the smallest anomaly can have catastrophic consequences if left unchecked, as the moment we underestimate something is the moment it could catch us off guard and cause significant harm. Our duty as Foundation personnel involves taking every single threat seriously, no matter how insignificant or unassuming they appear to be.

While it's understandable that staff may find SCP-7121's presence to be amusing or frustrating due to the seemingly endless amount of time and resources being devoted to containing it, it's important to remember that the Foundation's containment procedures exist for a reason. Even if SCP-7121 is "Just a damn crow", it has still proven to be a persistent and difficult anomaly to contain. Mockery and dismissal of the situation could lead to complacency and a lack of vigilance, which could ultimately put the safety of personnel and the general public at risk. It's crucial that we remain diligent and committed to our duty of containing and understanding every anomaly that comes under our purvieZWasdftb uni klopñp`´ pñoimvredvf gfg ddejlop ç+´pikuytdc36bhm0pç’.pl8t<ç+

Extended Incident Log Excerpt - SCP-7121 - Containment Breaches:

Incident Number# Incident Description
#574 SCP-7121 is discovered inside Site-19's director's home office. Director reports SCP-7121 jumping from their computer keyboard to the window sill and tilting its head, observing them for an extended period of time before flying out the window.

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