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Billboard advertising SCP-7118's services. Advertisement depicts SCP-7118-1-E, two instances of SCP-7118-2, and two instances of SCP-7118-4.

Special Containment Procedures: Following Operation: FAMILY TREE, SCP-7118 was shut down on the premise of mishandling client assets.1 All captured SCP-7118-2 through -4 instances are currently contained in standard humanoid containment facilities at Site-88. Family members and close associates of SCP-7118 instances were provided with amnestics and Foundation-devised cover stories as appropriate.

Description: SCP-7118 refers to Simpson & Sons, a wealth management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Founded in 1964 by the original Horace Simpson, SCP-7118-1-A, the firm specialised in providing financial advice and services to individuals, families, and small businesses.2

SCP-7118's anomalous properties become apparent when one of the firm's employees is promoted. The promoted individual will take on the personality, appearance, and genetic makeup of the original position holder.3

SCP-7118's anomalous effects on promoted employees are permanent. They will persist past an employee leaving the firm via quitting, retirement, dismissal, or death. The firm's expansion over time has resulted in multiple employees per position, leading to multiple instances assuming the same identity.

Promoted employees are designated SCP-7118-#-X in accordance with the table below:

Position Identity Assumed Designation Current Iteration
Chief Executive Officer Horace Simpson SCP-7118-1
  • SCP-7118-1-E
Director Andrew Douglas SCP-7118-2
  • SCP-7118-2-N
  • SCP-7118-2-S
Vice President Alexander Booth SCP-7118-3
  • SCP-7118-3-Q
  • SCP-7118-3-T
  • SCP-7118-3-V➜SCP-7118-3-Z
Assistant Vice President Hank Davis SCP-7118-4
  • SCP-7118-4-X
  • SCP-7118-4-AB
  • SCP-7118-4-AE➜SCP-7118-4-AK
Analyst / Support Staff N/A: Analysts, the entry-level position at SCP-7118, display no anomalous traits until promoted to Assistant Vice President, at which point they become a SCP-7118-4 instance. Support staff display no anomalous traits.4

SCP-7118-4, Assistant Vice President, is the only position created after the firm's founding, in 1982. SCP-7118-4-A, the original Hank Davis, was the first analyst promoted into the position, with no anomalous effects occurring.5 SCP-7118-1 through SCP-7118-3 were all positions created by SCP-7118-1-A at the firm's creation, with 1-A also running the recruitment process for these roles.

Individuals interacting with SCP-7118 instances, in both professional and personal capacities, will perceive none of the instances' anomalous attributes. Logical inconsistencies will either be ignored or explained away — individuals can be in a room with multiple instances of the same person with no recognition of anomalous activity. The only exception to this is if individuals are made aware of SCP-7118's anomalous properties before interaction.

Addendum 7118.01: Operation FAMILY TREE - Interview Log 012

The Foundation was made aware of SCP-7118's existence via an anonymous tip. A preliminary investigation, conducted by agents who had received advanced cognitohazard resistance training, confirmed SCP-7118's anomalous nature and the existence of SCP-7118 instances.

Following this, Operation: FAMILY TREE was authorised to covertly infiltrate and investigate SCP-7118. A team of five agents posed as SCP-7118's auditors, and used this as a premise to gain access to SCP-7118 and observe and interact with SCP-7118 instances. Over the course of the operation, an SCP-7118-4 instance was promoted to SCP-7118-3, but agents were unable to directly observe the moment of transformation.6

Interviewed: Lisa-Anne Collins

Interviewer: Agent Christopher Sabato

Foreword: As part of the operation, agents conducted a series of interviews with both anomalous and non-anomalous SCP-7118 employees. Interview 012 took place with Lisa-Anne Collins, SCP-7118's Head of Front of House. Mrs Collins was selected for interview due to to her tenure at SCP-7118, 31 years at the time of interview, and her non-anomalous nature.

One of the primary goals of the interview was to investigate how non-anomalous individuals perceived SCP-7118 instances.

Agent Sabato: Good morning Mrs. Collins, I'm Christopher Sabato, and I'm part of the team conducting Simpson & Sons' audit this year. I'd like to start off by thanking you for making yourself available for this interview.

Collins: No no, thank you Mr. Sabato! I've been the receptionist here for some time now, and I've never been asked for an interview. It may sound a little sad, but darn, I'm quite excited. And please, call me Lisa.

Agent Sabato: Lisa, I wish everyone I worked with had your enthusiasm. Could you start off by introducing yourself and what you do here?

Collins: Why certainly! I've been here at Simpson & Sons for just over three decades now — I always feel so old when I say that! I'm officially the head receptionist, but I get involved in all bits and bobs. Back when I joined, there weren't that many of us, so you had to pitch in where needed; everyone knew the value of hard work. Even though we've grown since then, it feels just the same. The company name is pretty fitting, It may sound corny but we're like a family. Everyone knows everyone, and not just as colleagues but as friends. I feel like a mama to some of the boys working here. They look after me and I look after them.

Agent Sabato: And what's Mr. Simpson7 like?

Collins: If you want it in a word, busy. He's got so much going on, I don't know how he does it. He's a great man, you just have to look at what he's built here to see that. And he cares, he really cares. That family feel, it comes from the top. If you talk to some other folks, they may say he can be a bit scary from time to time. Now I don't disagree, but we all know it comes from the best place. If he didn't care, the company wouldn't be doing as well as it is, and we're all so grateful to him for that.

Agent Sabato: Thank you Lisa. Now, could you tell me about the person in this photo?

[Agent Sabato passes Collins a photograph of SCP-7118-3-T.]

Collins: That is Alexander Booth! He heads up our Equity Research team — well, it's only three people but we call it a team. He's been with us eight, maybe nine years I think? He gets into the office earlier than most, stays later than most too. Likes his sport, big fan of the Atlanta Braves! Anything else you need to know?

Agent Sabato: No, that's useful. Please can you do the same with this photo.

[Agent Sabato places the photo used for SCP-7118-3-T's identification card when it first joined SCP-7118 in front of Collins. The photo depicts Maria Hoffler - SCP-7118-3-T's original, non-anomalous form.]

Collins: Oh gosh, well that's an old photo indeed! It's Alexander again, that must have been taken when he'd just joined us. Time flies, huh?

Agent Sabato: Does anything strike you as odd about it?

[Collins stares at the photograph silently for 40 seconds.]

Collins: Well, now you mention it, it … looks pretty blurry? Is that an issue, would a blurry photo have been a security risk? Mr Sabato, I'm afraid I don't quite understand the purpose of this — have we not been storing images properly on the systems? Is Alexander in any trouble?

Agent Sabato: No, no Mrs. Collins, please don't fear. It's a new workshop we're trialling. We're looking to gain a more holistic understanding of Simpson & Sons than in our past assessments. What the culture and history of the firm are, what attitude you and other employees have to their work. Don't worry, when we've done these exercises at other companies they've had a similar reaction.

Collins: Phew, I thought we could have been in some trouble there! I'm fussing myself over nothing.

Agent Sabato: That's quite alright, I apologise for not explaining that at the beginning. Are you happy to continue?

[Collins nods. Agent Sabato returns the photo of Maria Hofler to his briefcase, and replaces it with a photograph of SCP-7118-3-Y. In accordance with SCP-7118's anomalous properties, the photo is near identical to the one depicting SCP-7118-3-T. There are slight differences between instances in hairstyles and ages, with the latter accounted for by a 4 year difference between the dates of the instances' promotions.]

Collins: That is Alexander Booth! He works with our family clients — planning for retirement, kids going to college and the like. He's been with us four years, maybe five years I think? He gets into the office earlier than most, stays later than most too. Likes his sport, big fan of the Atlanta Braves! Anything else you need to know?

Agent Sabato: Mrs Collins, what are the differences between these two pictures?

[Agent Sabato points at the photographs of SCP-7118-3-T and SCP-7118-3-Y.]

Collins: Well as I've just told you, they're different people in different departments. They're both mighty fine people too from what I've heard. I … let me get a closer look.

[Collins pulls the photographs closer to her, and stares at them intently. She does so, in silence, for 2 minutes.]

Collins: I'm sorry I, I'm confused. Why are you asking this?

Agent Sabato: Mrs Collins, these individuals look quite similar to me.

Collins: I don't think we're allowed to say that anymore. These are quite, quite clearly different people.

[Collins pushes the photographs across the table at Agent Sabato.]

Collins: Is this a trick, some sort of trap? I think what you're asking says more about you, Chris, than it does about me.

Agent Sabato: I meant no disrespect Mrs. Collins, but to me, the alikeness of the individuals in these photos goes beyond just sharing similar attributes, their facial structure looks identical. I wanted to know if that was an observation you shared.

Collins: There's a face which fits this company. It's not our fault if we like to keep things professional and clean cut. Is this about the complaint we-

[Collins pauses for a moment.]

Collins: You said you were trialling this exercise, correct?

Agent Sabato: That's correct, but I think we should just take a step back and-

Collins: If it's a trial, is my attendance here mandatory?

Agent Sabato: Lisa, your co-operation would be greatly appreciated. If you can sit back down-

Collins: This really has been a pleasure, but I've got some important tasks I need to get started with. I hope you have a most lovely day, but I must get going.

After leaving, Mrs. Collins went to SCP-7118's legal department and made a complaint relating to Agent Sabato's conduct in the interview. This was then relayed to the Foundation agent posing as the Audit Lead. Whilst she condemned Agent Sabato as having an "unprofessional and intrusive" attitude, the complaint made no mention of the specific questions that had been asked.

Addendum 7118.02: OPERATION: FAMILY TREE - Document 0137, Christmas Party Video Log

A week after the interview with Lisa-Anne Collins, the annual Simpson & Sons Christmas party took place, and was held at SCP-7118's offices. The entirety of the undercover Foundation team, including Agent Sabato, were invited to attend. They were equipped with standard-issue concealed recording equipment, capturing both visual and audio.

The two hour of the party passed without incident, with SCP-7118 employees mingling and recalling their highlights from the year. Halfway through the evening, SCP-7118-1-E gave a speech. The following is captured via Agent Sabato's recording equipment:

[SCP-7118-1-E clinks his glass with a spoon. Silence falls across the room.]

SCP-7118-1-E: Hello everyone, now I'm not usually one for speeches, and I don't want to take up too much time; I'm aware of how keen Andy is to get to the bar -

[SCP-7118-1-E points at SCP-7118-2-N, the crowd laughs.]

SCP-7118-1-E: -but he's not as keen as Andy is to get on the dance floor, we all remember last year!

[SCP-7118-1-E points at SCP-7118-2-S, the crowd laughs again.]

SCP-7118-1-E: I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all for the work you've done this year. It's been a fantastic year for us, we've really achieved a lot.

We've heard a lot about "change" recently and we've certainly heard a lot about it from our competitors — it's the industry's latest buzzword. But here at Simpson & Sons, we do things differently. For over half a century we've delivered the same, consistent service to our clients. They know us, they trust us. We're a constant in their lives, and often we've helped them across generations. We don't mix things up for the sake of it. We do what we've always done, and we do it well.

And there's someone here, in the room, who embodies our values. I'd like to take this opportunity to promote the best of our current analysts to assistant vice president; an early Christmas present, if you will. We've seen him here, in the office, at all hours — early starts, late nights, and the occasion weekend. He's committed, he's passionate, and he's 100% dedicated to this job. I'm delighted to announce that the individual is… Luis Johnson. Luis, get yourself on up here!

[The camera pans to Luis Johnson stood in the crowd. He hugs a colleague stood next to him, before beginning to walk towards SCP-7118-1-E. Snapping and creaking sounds begin to be heard. As he makes his way through the crowd, three dark moles materialize on his forehead and he begins to encounter difficulty walking due to suddenly developing genu varum.8 His spine elongates, gaining 0.3m in height and lacerating the skin between the neck and clavicular region.]

Sabato: Oh Christ.

[Agent Sabato mutters to himself, then repositions himself in the crowd for a better vantage point.]

[Walking through the crowd, Johnson smiles. His teeth begin to twist, distressing his gums. They become loose, and fall across the floor in a trail.]

[As he approaches SCP-7118-1-E, Johnson begins to experience extreme facial contortions. His eyeballs bulge forward. They lose their structural integrity and are forced out of their sockets, along with the optic nerves, by a new set of eyeballs emerging. The new set have blue iris pigmentation as opposed to the original brown. Large clumps of black hair begin to fall from the forelock and midscalp, and the remaining hair lightens to a blonder hue.]

[SCP-7118-1-E and Johnson embrace, leaving the former daubed with blood and residue from the transformation process. The bones within the latter's arms contract, shrinking the upper limbs' length by 8cm. The skin at the digits is momentarily loose and sagging, before contracting and fitting to the limbs' new dimensions.]

SCP-7118-1-E: How are you feeling, Luis?

[A loud crack is heard, as Johnson's mandible dislocates and resets itself 5cm down and behind its original position.]

SCP-7118-4-AK: <unintelligible>

[Blood sprays from SCP-7118-4-AK's mouth as he tries to speak. It splatters across SCP-7118-1-E's shirt.]

SCP-7118-1-E: Ha, that's great to hear Hank. You're going to do a fantastic job. Ladies and gentlemen, as I always say, there's a face which fits Simpson & Sons, and Hank certainly has that face! Please give him another round of applause and enjoy your night — we've got another fantastic year ahead of us.

[Any wounds inflicted on SCP-7118-4-AK by the transformation process have by this point healed. Lisa-Anne Collins approaches the front of the crowd with a camera, and begins to take photographs of SCP-7118-4-AK with various colleagues. He appears elated, and smiles for the remainder of his time on footage.]

[Concentrating on the events at the front, Sabato jumps as a hand rests on his shoulder.]

SCP-7118-1-E: Evening Chrissy — didn't mean to scare you! I've heard about what a stellar job you've been doing on the audit, and thought I'd come introduce myself. Horace Simpson, as I'm sure you're aware.

[SCP-7118-1-E extends his hand towards Agent Sabato for a handshake. Agent Sabato meets his grip.]

Sabato: Ha- sorry about that! Might have had one too many drinks tonight. Pleasure to meet you, Horace.

SCP-7118-1-E: Mr Simpson, if you don't mind, Chris.

[Agent Sabato attempts to pull away from the handshake. SCP-7118-1-E does not loosen his grip.]

SCP-7118-1-E: Wanted to express my thanks for the work you've been doing and say, if you're interested, there's an open position here if you want it. Not entry level either, maybe even VP. There'd be changes, adjustments, sure — but I know we'd eventually mould you to the Simpson & Sons way.

Sabato: Thank you but I-

SCP-7118-1-E: Think about it. We've got big things coming up. We're expanding like we've never done before — we'll be opening new offices in several other states, recruiting upwards of 60 people to fill the roles we need. Interviews start tomorrow actually; I can't wait. After all, it's only natural for a family to grow.

[SCP-7118-1-E smiles at Agent Sabato, then releases his hand. He stares down at his blood splattered shirt.]

SCP-7118-1-E: I seem to have spilled my wine. Do excuse me.

[SCP-7118-1-E walks towards the restroom, mingling with his employees as he goes.]

Afterword: Given the scale and immediacy of SCP-7118's expansion plans, a decision was made to prematurely halt OPERATION: FAMILY TREE and contain SCP-7118. The offices were raided by Foundation agents, who took SCP-7118 instances into custody. SCP-7118-1-E was neither at SCP-7118 nor his residence.

Although the charges of mishandling client assets were fabricated, investigation of SCP-7118's accounts revealed that SCP-7118-1-E was siphoning from the company's pension fund for his own personal use. Foundation efforts have failed to locate him; the search is ongoing.

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