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Item#: 7116
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-7116 is to be contained in a wooden box. The box is made up of several 27.5 cm x 27.5 cm x 3 cm English Oak panels, one of the panels featuring a cabinet door. Each of these wooden panels is lined with a thick panel of soundproofing foam.

Due to SCP-7116-A's immobile nature, the entrance to SCP-7116-A is to be guarded by no less than two Security Personnel at a time, rotating in shifts of 2 hours each. Area-7116 has been constructed in order to house security and close response research. All on-site security and research personnel are to be informed of SCP-7116's effect, and constant reminders to ignore the voices coming from inside SCP-7116-A are to be given during each security rotation.

Requests for expeditions into SCP-7116-A is still currently pending.

Security personnel is to be aware of potential SCP-7116-B instances attempting to exit the mine. Security is to subdue the SCP-7116-B instance and bring it into a temporary containment cell inside Area-7116 for examination.

Note by Doctor K. Parker
Though not enforced, for the comfort of all personnel at Area-7116, it is greatly recommended to not have your radio set to FM 182.3. Thank you for your cooperation.

- Doctor K. Parker.

SCP-7116 resembles a Sangean WR-2 Table FM Radio. Differing from the original design of a Sangean WR-2, SCP-7116’s input/output and charging port lack functionality. The object has shown no need for power to operate, and its frequency seems to be near infinite in range, being able to transmit a signal between Site-333 and Area-7116, approximately 8756.44km away. The digital screen that displays the radio frequency on SCP-7116 will always display the radio channel “FM 182.3”. On repeat, a message will play at, on average, 62 decibels. The message is an SOS message voiced by the most recent person to have perished inside SCP-7116-A, the voice usually portrays fear and a sense of urgency. After a few hours of exposure to SCP-7116's message, the script will begin to change, with multiple reports claiming the voice on the other end speaking about more personal events relating to the affected's history. This is not present in any other objects except for SCP-7116

SCP-7116-A Entrance

SCP-7116-A is a mineshaft located on the eastern side of Mt. ████, Siberia. The entrance to SCP-7116-A shows signs of heavy erosion, it seems to be degrading despite the lack of water. The entrance leads into a tunnel with a steady decline at an angle of 28°. The tunnels of SCP-7116-A lack any sources of illumination, an external source of light is required for explorations into SCP-7116-A. After approximately 1.2km, the decline returns to a flat 0°. The tunnel forward contains several railroads and empty mine carts and other mining tools, implying miners from the 1840s once operated inside. Though the complete layout of SCP-7116-A has not been fully explored, it is noted that several intersections and branches into other tunnels exist, some with writing alluding to the subject inside being stalked and hunted by an unknown entity. According to the video log of Private Andrew Morrison, several tunnels possessed non-euclidian geometry, others lead into large open rooms containing residential buildings closely resembling that of childhood homes specific to the task force operatives who were present. Other rooms contained large skyscraper buildings buried in the ground, about 5 meters in between the building and tunnel, is a large drop, the current length of the drop is unknown.

SCP-7116-B instances are sapient and highly intelligent, bipedal creatures residing inside the tunnels of SCP-7116-A. As their preferred choice of food, SCP-7116-B instances are extremely hostile to humans. Evidence in Morrison’s video log suggests SCP-7116-B instances actively attempt to discomfort and frighten their prey, through stalking. They are also theorized to have been the ones responsible for the writing on the walls. Their preferred method of hunting is to wait for their prey to panic and split off from their group, then pounce from its hiding spot in the darkness. What SCP-7116-B looks like is currently unknown as Morrison himself never saw more than just the entity’s legs as it chased him. Though according to Brooks, SCP-7116-B is humanoid, thin, and pale, however, this is not confirmed.

On March 7th 20██, the Foundation communications team around 4.2km from Mt. ████ intercepted a transmission on Frequency Modulation 182.3. The transmission was a looping SOS message requesting help at the following [REDACTED] coordinates. The voice was that of Doctor ███, who six months prior to the transmission, had disappeared during a hike in the same mountain region. Mobile Task Force Unit Eta-11 “Savage Beasts” sent a squad of task force operatives to investigate the site.

PVT. Morrison was the only member to survive the expedition, the surviving video log can be accessed in the document below with those of at least Level 2 clearance. Included is the list of members involved in the initial recovery of SCP-7116.

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