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The following article contains violence, swearing, mentions of explicit sexual content, and disrespectful behaviour on victims of implied crimes. Word count is around 7,900 inclusive of formatting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Item#: 7114
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:




To protect the baseline narrative layer from undesired and unstable sub-narrative modifications, SCP-7114 must not be contained under any circumstances. Similarly, the All-Authors Archive must be protected from any external influences.

As supported by the Cartagena Agreement, the Foundation and the Valravn Corporation have established a joint virtual operation centre within FP-99, “The Net”1, to constantly monitor and protect SCP-7114. Specifically selected and trained personnel from both organizations are assigned to the virtual operation centre under a seamless rotation schedule. Any personnel who attempt to interfere with SCP-7114’s normal activity will be terminated.


SCP-7114 is a Class-V digital ontokinetic entity currently residing within the Net. SCP-7114 is identified as the sentient embodiment of the conceptual boundary between baseline narrative layer and various narrative media content involving existing personnel, entities, objects, locations, events, and documentations in baseline reality. The existence of SCP-7114 guarantees the continued existence of derivative media content via narrative anchoring and protects the baseline reality from sub-narrative contamination2.

The humanoid avatar used by SCP-7114 in cyberspace resembles an approximately 20-year-old female with indigo hair and light blue skin. The attire of SCP-7114’s avatar varies, but a pair of concave spectacles is included in 75% of the variations. The avatar of SCP-7114 is an interactable 3D model, but it is only capable of rendering lighting effects through cel shading3. The avatar of SCP-7114 is always highlighted by a thin black line regardless of observation angle.

The *.nexe4 file of SCP-7114 is deadlocked with read-only clearance by an unknown Net administrator, with its security certificate being identified as a memetic kill agent. SCP-7114 claimed to have no memory on its creation and origin, only its self-consciousness and purpose. SCP-7114 possesses the ability to freely travel within the Net and any conventional digital device with sufficient storage size via spectral electron leaping, making its containment highly difficult and cost-demanding. It is also difficult to track SCP-7114, as SCP-7114 is vigilant in removing its digital footprints. However, SCP-7114 involuntarily leaves behind several meaningless bytes when it changes location. SCP-7114 claims to have no knowledge of the reason behind this phenomenon.

So far, SCP-7114 is non-hostile. Subjects who directly interacted with the entity described its personality as “generally benevolent”, “slightly socially awkward”, and “cheeky”. SCP-7114 claims that it prefers to reside within the Net due to “better comfort and compatibility”. SCP-7114 shows extreme rejection and distress when its movement is restricted, but it focuses on escaping via its anomalous abilities and negotiating its release instead of active retaliation.

On the Net, SCP-7114 created and maintains a read-only virtual server known as the “All-Authors Archive”, which switches to different nodes5 once every minute. The All-Authors Archive constantly scans the World Wide Web, the Dark Web, and the Net for derivative media content subjected to censorship and deletion, storing them within the virtual server. However, any stored content will be deleted from the All-Authors Archive upon their recirculation. The All-Authors Archive is accessible by any Net user with a secure connection, displaying relevant content warning based on user profile and applies personalized content filters upon request.

When questioned about the rationale behind storing fiction-based derivative content in the All-Authors Archive alongside reality-based derivative content, as only the latter pose a risk in sub-narrative contamination, SCP-7114 claimed that it is to “preserve creative freedom”.

So far, SCP-7114 maintains a neutral relationship with the Foundation. SCP-7114 denies all requests to provide a reliable and exclusive portal for the Foundation to monitor its activities, but it agrees to inform the joint virtual operation centre of any abnormal events within the Net and baseline narrative.


The Foundation was first made aware of SCP-7114 on 17/08/2024 through the Valravn Cooperation activity surveillance report of Agent B0791, a Foundation undercover operative within the Net. While working as a waiter for an Ambrose Restaurants luxury café within the Net, Agent B0791 discovered the All-Authors Archive’s existence through the conversation between Valkyrie6 operatives S-01 (codename “Brynhilde”) and S-04 (codename “Göndul”), which led to the discovery of SCP-7114 after a thorough investigation. A video transcript of the recorded conversation is available below:

DATE: 17/08/2024
TIMESTAMP: 03:15:00 – 03:32:00

A-B0791 (Foundation undercover agent)
S-01 (Codename “Brynhilde”, Valkyrie operative of the Valravn Corporation)
S-04 (Codename “Göndul”, Valkyrie operative of the Valravn Corporation)


(The virtual camera is synchronized with A-B0791’s human avatar optical feed)

(A-B0791 carefully holds a serving tray and slowly approaches S-01 and S-04, who are casually sitting at a round coffee table and sipping vanilla tea)

A-B0791: Here’s your order, ladies. (Places a chocolate lava muffin topped with an edible SCP-4494 figurine and a slice of matcha cake in front of S-04 and S-01 respectively) Our special The Specter muffin and best-selling matcha cake.

S-04: Yes! Thanks! Finally! (Picks up the plate and rotates it around to admire the muffin) I was so scared that I’ll miss it.

A-B0791: (Chuckles) Well, you’re a lucky one, miss. This is our last stock for today’s event.

S-04: This looks so cool! (Sighs) How am I gonna eat it…

S-01: Can you tuck it away in your hub7 or something? I know it’s meant to be eaten and stimulate our taste buds, but everything here is still data, right?

S-04: (Grunts in dismay) No, it’ll just rot away into broken bits. (Sighs) The downside of things looking real here is that they need to behave like real things. Well, I’ll just have to cherish the moment, I guess.

S-01: (Shrugs) You’re the expert.

A-B0791: Anything else that I can do for you, ladies?

S-01: Well, thank you, but we’ll settle down for now.

A-B0791: Alright then! Enjoy your meal, please. Ping me if you need anything.

(A-B0791 bows and leaves the table, retreating to the kitchen and reconfigures his virtual camera)

(The virtual camera was encrypted and repositioned to the coordinates where A-B0791 stood before the table of S-01 and S-04, providing a clear view of both Valkyrie units)

S-01: (Slowly chews through a bite of cake) Well, I’m not denying the good food and drinks here, but it’s not why you invited me in the first place, right? You said that you have something to show me?

S-04: (Quickly chews and swallows a bite of muffin) Oh, yeah. One second. (Navigates her R.U.N.N.E.S. terminal and opens a holographic screen) It’s something that can only be accessed through the Net. Take a look.

S-01: (Moves her chair closer to S-04 to get a better look at the screen) Hmm… What is this? “All-Authors Archive” … some kind of dark website?

S-04: Well, it’s a virtual server. It changes node every minute, but a simple keyword search does the trick. I found it during a routine intel run, so I, um… dived in.

S-01: What are we dealing with here then? Is it worth bringing to the High Table8?

S-04: Um… kind of. It’s something in an uncharted zone, to be honest. That’s why I’m asking you to take a look at it first, Brynhilde. It’s… troubling, but I’m not entirely sure that it requires the High Table’s attention.

S-01: (Taps and scrolls around the screen) But wait, this is strange. “Categories”? “Fanart”? “Fanfiction”? “MAD”? “Slash”? What… Is this some sort of multimedia posting site?

S-04: No, it’s not. I tried to break into its read-only clearance, but no luck. Whoever behind this has administrative clearance of the Net, and their security certificate is a freaking memetic kill agent.

S-01: I’m…I’m confused. (Reads through the content on the screen) You sound like it’s something threatening, but all I’m seeing here is… One Piece? The Avengers? Harry Potter? I’m not an expert in pop culture like you, Göndul, but aren’t these fiction? Is that what this site is all about? People writing fiction… about fiction? (Scrolls the screen for more content) But dear Odin, lots of them are bad.

S-04: If only they were the only things here, Brynhilde. (Gestures towards the screen) Check out the “Real-Life” section.

S-01: …Why do I have a bad feeling about this? It feels like Fenrir is going to jump out of the screen anytime to bite me.

S-04: (Shrugs) You can only understand what I mean when you see for yourself, Brynhilde. But well, sorry in advance. For what you’re about to see.

S-01: (Briefly glances at S-04 questioningly, but continues to tap and scroll around the screen) Hmm… “Miyano Mamoru”? “Keanu Reeves”? …“Donald Trump”? What in the name of Odin’s beard – “SCP Foundation”? (Looks through the content on the screen) Wait, Göndul, does this… Does this mean that people are writing fiction based on all these people?

S-04: People write fiction based on anything, Brynhilde. Anything.

S-01: Even us? (Quickly types and taps around the screen) “Serpent’s Hand”, “Chaos Insurgency”… Ah, yes, “Valravn Corporation”. “Search: Valkyrie”… 15,803 works!? H…how?

S-04: Wait, I think I forgot to tell you something. This archive, um, it stores media works that are censored or deleted from the internet for whatever reason. Let me say this… A lot of these works are originally wiped by the Valravn web sweepers because they expose sensitive intel and… privacy.

S-01: What? (Scrolls around the screen) Hold on. “Sigrun/Volk Division General: Hateful Love”? W… What kind of Loki’s fuckery is this?! (Slams fist on table) How can someone even write this? Who wrote this?

S-04: Let me see, author ID… “AngstyLoveGeneral”. Dummy account, fake IP… And they had the nerve to post this on Reddit.

S-01: (Covers face with right palm and grunts in pain) This is ridiculous. If Sigrun knew about this, she will definitely lose her mind. But… How did they even know about what the Volks did to Sigrun?

S-04: Well, the author is probably anomalous.

S-01: (Silently swears in Old Norse) I can’t believe it. Why? Why would someone even want to keep this kind of works…abominations…alive? They deserve to be wiped from this world and the next, alongside their creators!

S-04: Well… (Opens another holographic screen and browses through) “To preserve creative freedom and protect reality”. That’s what the site motto says.

S-01: (Continues to swear in Old Norse and slams fist on the table) Whoever that’s behind this, they can’t expect to just walk away like that, right? Cursed Loki’s Hel-spawns…

S-04: …Sure.

S-01: By the way, Göndul, you said you dug through this server right? Technically, we can try to identify hostiles and intel leaks by looking into works about ourselves, correct?

S-04: Well… Yes. But –

S-01: But there might be other abominable works, right? (Sighs) Don’t worry, Göndul, after reading that… thing about Sigrun and the Volks, I am sure that nothing can be worse.

S-04: Brynhilde, please just let me do the keyword filtering. When I told you people write fiction about anything, I mean it! You have no idea –

S-01: Don’t worry about me, Göndul. You can do things your way and be effective, but this is now personal for me.

(Silence for 5 seconds)

S-04: You’re sure that you’re gonna be fine?

S-01: Yes.

S-04: …Alright then. Try deep breaths if you’re angry, okay? Try not to break anything here, because, well, Ambrose shops use one Hel of expensive data transfiguration…

S-01: Noted.

(Silence for 30 seconds, as both Valkyrie units browse through the All-Authors Archive)

S-01: (Whispers under breath) “Brynhilde/Göndul”? Hmm… “Most Popular Works”… Huh, what’s this…?

S-04: …Are you alright, Brynhilde? We can log out to get things processed first, like, write a report for the High Table?

(The virtual camera zooms into S-01’s holographic screen, revealing an All-Authors Archive fanfiction article titled “Brynhilde/Göndul, F/F: A Risky Rendezvous Under Enemy Fire – But the fire is not as hot as the one between us”)

“No, we can’t, Brynhilde-sama! The Valravn will execute us for putting each other above Odin’s cause!”

“But Göndul-chan, what is the point of becoming a Valkyrie if we cannot ascend to Valhalla with the ones we love?”


“Oh, Göndul-chan, your Adamantite lips look so pretty under the – ”

(S-01 suddenly flips the coffee table and swears loudly in Old Norse, startling all other customers in the café)

S-01: That’s it! Whoever made this server, we will rip them apart, show them our personal Hel, and feast on their suffering! I’ll do whatever it takes for the High Table to approve us!



FILENAME: Ω-45-1_NET_VIRTUALCAM_21-08-2024.mp4
DATE: 21/08/2024
TIMESTAMP: 00:00:00 – 01:30:05
INVOLVED UNIT: MTF Omega-45 (“Street Samurai”)
PERSON IN CHARGE: Researcher Maria Johnston

MJ (Researcher Maria Johnston)
Ω-45-1 (Agent John Cassington)
Ω-45-2 (Agent Cole Marcus)
Ω-45-3 (Agent Peter Rickards)
S-01 (Codename “Brynhilde”, Valkyrie operative of the Valravn Corporation)
S-04 (Codename “Göndul”, Valkyrie operative of the Valravn Corporation)


Shortly after the investigation on the All-Authors Archive began, Foundation prototype Net crawlers located SCP-7114’s approximate location within the largest node in Southeast Asia. Foundation undercover agent within the Net also reported increasing Valravn activity within the same node.

By modifying cyberdecks9 acquired from past raids, Site-78 succeeded in developing a safe-to-use Net interface. As a result of this breakthrough and Site-78’s experience in handling anomalous technology, three non-anomalous human members of MTF Omega-45 were selected to conduct the first Net operation and investigate SCP-7114.

A video transcript of the operation recorded through Ω-45-1’s human avatar optical feed is available below.



Initiating Neural Connection…
Validating User Profile…
Validating Clearance…
Validating Consciousness Data…


(After 5 seconds of darkness, the human avatar of Ω-45-1 manifests within the Net and is transported to Site-78’s secure access hub)

Ω-45-1: (Grunts and covers face with hand in discomfort) Urgh… God… This is worse than a 12-hour jetlag…

(Within the next 10 seconds, the human avatars of Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3 manifest within Ω-45-1’s camera view one by one)

Ω-45-2: (Falls onto his knees and starts vomiting broken sensory bytes) Eurgh… Ugh… Fuck…

Ω-45-3: (Struggles to stay upright) Urgh… It feels like my brain is strapped to a fucking roller coaster… And… It’s not stopping…

(Ω-45-1 pats the shoulders of Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3, helping them to get accustomed to the temporary sensory disorientation)

Ω-45-1: Take it easy, boys. Take some time to recover and report your stats.

(3 seconds later, the human avatar of MJ manifests within the camera view of Ω-45-1, stumbling for a few steps before regaining stable footing)

MJ: W – Whoa. I thought I’ll be used to this by now, but, oh well. How are you feeling, boys? Conquered by the Net-lag?

Ω-45-2: Not a chance! (Slaps his thighs before standing back up) We are not going down before we get to that bad-taste fan-porn server – (Gets a rough slap on the back by Ω-45-3) Ah! (Avatar starts to shudder and slightly glitching) Rickards! What the hell? Cheezus, it feels so weird…

Ω-45-3: (Retracts the hand which just slapped Ω-45-2) We’re being recorded, Marcus. For god’s sake, we might even be livestreamed. Stay professional and save those jokes for locker rooms, will you?

MJ: It’s not bad taste, Marcus. Whoever runs that server are aware of that and deliberately saving those bad works. I wonder why…

Ω-45-1: (Heavily clears throat) Rickards is right, we need to stay professional. This is a brand-new territory for all of us, and we need to be careful. Remember everything from the briefing. There are people who watch us and count on us, so let’s try our best to complete the mission and walk out of here in one piece. Do you hear me?

Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3: (Quickly returns to standard military posture) Yes, sir!

Ω-45-1: (Nods) Good. Status report?

Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3: All green.

Ω-45-1: All green. (Turns to face MJ) We’re good to go, ma’am. Intel and instructions?

MJ: Alright, boys. The higher-ups gave our target a fresh designation: SCP-7114. (Reconfigures HUD and brings up a holographic screen) Our Net scanner picked up the skip’s trails near the 5th Juggler Street in the Malaysia-Thailand exchange node. Someone tipped us about possible Valravn operatives lurking around that area, so make sure that you’re familiar with the combat programs10 in case we need to use them. (Interacts with HUD controls) By the way, the tech team made some last-minute updates. Check the package and we’re good to go.

(Ω-45-1, Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3 check their HUD to authorize the data package transfer, conducting some simple testing and validation)

Ω-45-1: (Turns to look at MJ) We are ready, ma’am.

MJ: Good. (Interacts with HUD controls) Input the coordinates, verify the connections… Hold onto your senses, Samurai, this is gonna be a dizzy ride. Activating the portal11 in three… two… one.

(A flash of blinding white light bursts out within the virtual camera of Ω-45-1, causing a temporary loss of visuals on Ω-45-2, Ω-45-3, and MJ)


Browsing Server: Malaysia-Thailand Culture Exchange Node (ID: 03861054-MT)
Securing Connection…
Opening Portal (Token: 78-0-045-01)


(1 second later, the white light recedes, revealing that the entire team are now standing in the back alley of a 1950’s vintage Thai street)

MJ: (Checks HUD controls) Alright, transport is successful! Phew, this was the trickiest part to code. Still feeling fit for the mission?

(Ω-45-1 looks at Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3, both returning nods of approval)

Ω-45-1: We’re good to go.

MJ: Great. (Interacts with HUD controls) I sent you the public map of this node and marked the approximate areas where we can find the skip. This place is big, so splitting up can speed up our search.

Ω-45-1: (Checks HUD information) Agreed. We should work in pairs to stay safe. (Looks at MJ, who nods in return) Rickards, you go with Johnston. Check segments 0 – 5. Marcus, 6 – 13 is on you and me.

Ω-45-2 and Ω-45-3: Roger that.

(All team members reconfigure their HUD to switch their outfit profile from Ω-45 tactical gear to civilian clothing)

(Ω-45-3 and MJ nod Ω-45-1 goodbye, then proceed to exit the back ally and enter the main street)

(Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2 exit the back alley from the opposite direction, entering a Penang-inspired Malaysian street)

Ω-45-2: (Pretending to be window shopping and observing the customers in each shop they pass by) Chief, do we have intel on how the skip looks like?


Browsing Server: Malaysia-Thailand Culture Exchange Node (ID: 03861054-MT)
Current Segment: 5th Juggler Street (Array Number: 0008)
Start Routine: Residue Trail Capture 7114
Trail Density: 0.28

Ω-45-1: (Huffs) Not much, the entity is very elusive. Doesn’t help that it’s completely digital. Johnston did mention that our sources said it looks kind of…2D.

Ω-45-2: (Groans in dismay) Seriously? That doesn’t narrow it down at all. We’ve only been here for two minutes, and the twenty-fifth person in an anime skin just walked pass me.

Ω-45-1: Makes sense, since it seems to be obsessed with pop and fan culture. That’s why we’re here: to do things the old and hard way. How is the trail density on your side?

Ω-45-2: (Checks HUD readings and gesture towards a narrow underground street) Here, I think I found something! The trail density here is 0.78, so we’re close. It’s probably in there.

Ω-45-1: Good. [AUDIO CHANNEL] Johnston, we have a trail density reading of 0.78 at segment 9. We’re going in.

MJ: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Got it, Cassington. We’re on our way. Stay safe.

Ω-45-1: (Double-checks outfit profile and combat program shortcut gestures on HUD) Watch your surroundings, Samurai. Get ready for any hostilities. If you’re more than 50% confident that you’ve found the skip, mark it, and signal everyone on the team.

Ω-45-2: Got it.

(Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2 cautiously enter the underground street, which mostly consists of neon bars, clubs, and coffee shops)

(Some of the passer-by starts throwing sideway glances or greeting gestures at Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2, as both agents nervously attempt to greet back politely)

Ω-45-1: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Damn it. This might be a place for regulars. We can’t walk too slow or too fast, and we have to stop in one of those shops. How’s the trail density? Can you narrow it down to one or two shops?

Ω-45-2: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Gimme a second… Yeah, I got it! See that cyberpunk-ish coffee shop on the right? The one with lots of glowing plants? (Marks the shop with a blue arrow on Ω-45-1’s HUD) The trail density is 0.93. It has to be there.

Ω-45-1: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Got it.

(Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2 walk towards the targeted coffee shop, which has a bright neon sign reading “COFFEE CULTURE CENTRE” hanging on top of it)

(Before Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2 can get pass the seating counter and enter the coffee shop, a bouncer in a human-sized Gundam avatar blocks their way)

BOUNCER: Member cards, please.

Ω-45-2: Uh…. This is a coffee shop, right? What –

BOUNCER: (Laughs coldly) We run on membership, sweetie.

Ω-45-1: We didn’t know that, I’m sorry. Um, so, how can we acquire this…membership?

BOUNCER: By knowing the boss in person, smartass. (Waves hand threateningly in dismissal) We’re expecting some VIPs today, so get your stupid ass out – (Turns around to see a woman in a lush velvet dress and a young girl in a leather jacket walk pass the seating counter) Hey! Where do you think you’re going, dumb chicks? If you ain’t got membership –

S-04: Yeah, yeah, metal can. We’re the boss’ best friends.

(The young girl in a leather jacket gives the bouncer’s shoulder one light pat)

BOUNCER: What – (Avatar freezes in a standing position, starts glitching and distorting into random colour blocks) Kzkkkk… Chzzzchhh… You – You… Pftzh…Do – Do to mmmzhhhh… (Vocalization module glitches and constantly produces static)

Ω-45-2: (Under his breath) What the…

(The woman and the young girl turn back to smirk at the bouncer, before entering the coffee shop without further obstruction)

Ω-45-1: Shit. [AUDIO CHANNEL] Johnston, two unidentified personnel just invaded the shop where the skip might be located. It does not seem like our cover is compromised, but they could be after that skip. We will go in and try to secure the anomaly, over.

MJ: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Alright, but be careful, boys. We’ll be there in 1 minute. If they are hostile, do not get tangled up in a fight. Grab the anomaly and get out of there.

Ω-45-1: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Roger that. Marcus, let’s go.

Ω-45-2: Right.

(Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2 cautiously open the tinted glass door and enter the coffee shop, searching around for the invaders and SCP-7114)

(While Ω-45-2 examines the small public dining area, Ω-45-1 proceeds to explore the back of the shop, which consists of long corridors with murals of Malaysian and Thai legends)

Ω-45-1: Looks like it’s mainly private rooms. (Stops in front of the sliding door of a large private room labelled “RESERVED, NO ENTRY”)


Start Routine: Residue Trail Capture 7114
Trail Density: 0.995

Ω-45-1: (Gestures for Ω-45-2 to come forward) This is it.

(Ω-45-1 and Ω-45-2 simultaneously switch their outfit profile to Ω-45 tactical gear)

Ω-45-2: Deploying a Tap-Worm to access the situation.

(Ω-45-2 activates a “Tap-Worm” audio feed program, manifesting a holographic tapeworm on his palm)

(The Tap-Worm bounces off to the floor and flattens its body to sneak into the room through the door gap, its body slowly becoming invisible in the process)

Ω-45-2: Alright, the worm’s in. (Reconfigures HUD settings) Pulling up the audio feed.


Linking Audio Feed…


SCP-7114: Uh…Hi? You’re not supposed to be here though, I’m in the middle of a defrag! Did Howard –

S-01: Now, now, blue lady. We’re…uninvited, nonetheless, sorry for that, but if you are smart enough, this will not have to end ugly.

SCP-7114: W…Who are you? Wait…

S-01: Our identity is not relevant, and we do not enjoy being questioned about it. You must be the owner of that… All-Authors Archive, am I correct?

SCP-7114: (Silent for 3 seconds) Well, uh, yeah. And you’re the sword maidens… (Gasps in fear) What do you want from me?

S-01: How did you – Göndul, I thought you said your ID shield is working!

S-04: It is! (Grunts in annoyance) She somehow has a higher Net clearance than us. Even higher than R.U.N.N.E.S.

SCP-7114: P – Please don’t hurt me! Look, I swear I’m not “AngstyLoveGeneral” or “CyborgNordicChicks”! They’re the Valravn haters, not me! I – I didn’t write any of this! I just keep –

(A quickly silenced scream of SCP-7114 and the rustling of clothes are heard)

SCP-7114: Please! Whatever you think that I’m able to do for you, I – I can’t! It’s not part of my –

S-01: Listen, you Loki’s Hel-spawn! I don’t know how you find and keep all those pictures and texts full of blasphemy, and I don’t care why, but you have crossed the line when you allow those things that humiliate my Sverðmeyja to exist! You have ten seconds to delete everything Valravn-related from your site before we crush you in ways you can’t even imagine!

MJ: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Cassington! What’s going on? We’re at the front door, but we can’t get in! It’s… some kind of 4096-byte data wall, fuck! This is gonna take a while… What happened?

Ω-45-1: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Johnston, we have a problem. Our target is confronted by possibly two Valkyrie units.

MJ: [AUDIO CHANNEL] …What?! How did they –

SCP-7114: [AUDIO CHANNEL] I’m sorry for this, Samurai! But lend me your line – [COGNITOHAZARD REDACTED]

(A tiny zap of blue light slips out of the room at high speed, bouncing into Ω-45-1’s HUD and then onto Ω-45-2, leaving behind incompatibility errors in the process)

Ω-45-2: The hell –

(The zap of blue light exits Ω-45-2’s HUD and navigates through the shop corridors, disappearing at the direction of the coffee shop’s exit)

MJ: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Ow! What the hell was that?



(The door to the large private room suddenly slides open with such force that it almost detached from the rails, slamming into the doorframe with a loud bang)

S-01: Well, well, what do we have here? (Snickers while switching to Valkyrie tactical avatar) Foundation war dogs. Why am I not surprised? (Activates two instances of axe combat program)

S-04: (Sighs while switching to Valkyrie tactical avatar) Great. So, messing with Valravn in real-life is not enough, huh? (Activate a naginata combat program and glances at both Foundation agents) You’re not bringing your dirt into my world. Not on my watch.

Ω-45-1: Cautiously activates the “Data Shield” combat program and stands in front of Ω-45-2) Brynhilde and Göndul. Your reputation precedes you. I'm going to let you know our mission is being livestreamed. Unless you want to break Cartagena, I'd suggest you back off.

S-04: (Checks R.U.N.N.E.S. terminal) Pssh, give me a break. You say you know me but didn't think that I'd think of that? I jammed that signal as soon as you came on my radar. I'll zero out every single bit in you and scatter your data to the wind!

(S-04 lunges at Ω-45-1, thrusting her holographic naginata towards his face at high speed)

(Ω-45-1 blocks the incoming strike with his Data Shield, but the impact throws him across the corridor and landing heavily on his back)

Ω-45-2: Chief! (Activates “Net String” combat program)

(Ω-45-2 swings the holographic laser strings at S-04, only for the strings to get severed into multiple fragments by S-01’s holographic dual axes)

S-01: Pathetic.

(S-04 swings her naginata towards Ω-45-2, who manages to narrowly avoid several lethal blows and entangle her naginata using Net Strings)

(Ω-45-2 attempts to disarm S-04, but S-04 throws one of her axe and hits his shoulder)

Ω-45-2: Argh! (Winces in pain and tries to cover the wound, which is leaking red streams of avatar integrity bytes) Fuck…

Ω-45-1: Marcus!

MJ: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Cassington! The skip bailed into our servers in Site-78! The tech team says they can catch it! Get out of there now! Log out!


Setting Up Consciousness Buffer…
Logging Out…


<!> WARNING <!>

S-01: You are not going anywhere, agent! Not after ruining our mission!

(Ω-45-1 struggles to stand back up and redeploy his Data Shield, but the holographic shield slowly cracks and breaks apart into fading bits)

S-04: (Chuckles darkly) Sorry, agent, but your combat programs are like “Hello World” compared to mine. A simple deconstructive virus does the trick.

S-01: (Looks at S-04 with approval while picking up the axe she threw at Ω-45-2) That’s one Hel of an upgrade, Göndul. (Raises dual axes into a playful combat stance) I hope you gave it to mine!

S-04: You bet.

(S-01’s facial expression turns aggressive, and she lunges towards Ω-45-1)

Ω-45-2: Chief!

???: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Cass! Marcus! Get down!

Ω-45-1: What –


<!> WARNING <!>

Verifying Administrator Key (ID: A-190851-TEMP)
Start Routine: Data Storm

(The ground of the coffee shop starts to rumble, as a cyclonic burst of various data types suddenly breaches in through the doors and windows)

(S-01 and S-04 yell in shock as the data storm flushes them to the opposite end of the corridor)

(Ω-45-2 manages to grab onto the door and avoid being flushed by the data storm, but struggles to fight back the current and screams in frustration)

(Massive streams of fragmented environmental bytes, residual colour codes of destroyed Net avatars, and background Net data noise overwhelms all personnel within the shop, causing Ω-45-1 to lose visual feed)

???: [AUDIO CHANNEL] Log out! Now!


Setting Up Consciousness Buffer…
Logging Out…

Ω-45-1: …Rinah?




Researcher Maria Johnston and all three members of MTF Omega-45 escaped the Valkyrie attack and logged out safely. Due to a possible violation of the Cartagena Agreement, all information regarding this investigation is only available to Site Directors and the O5 council until further notice.

After SCP-7114 escaped to Site-78’s server array, the technical team was able to promptly severe all physical connection between SCP-7114’s occupying servers and outside networks. Although SCP-7114 attempted to escape via overlooked wireless routers and mobile phone signals, its efforts were stopped after the technical team activated the on-site electromagnetic signal barrier. As a result, SCP-7114 was trapped and temporarily contained within the local MAUDE12 server.

Based on Agent John Cassington’s testimony, the technical team of Site-78 conducted a voiceprint comparison analysis, confirming the identity of the unknown personnel who induced the data storm as PoI-654813. The current location and motive of PoI-6548 is under investigation.

2 hours after the first Net investigation on SCP-7114 concluded, Researcher Gregory J. Chudley, Head of the Department of MAUDE, received an email from an unknown sender claiming to be PoI-6548:

Subject: A tip from a friend (Who am I lying to, you’re an annoying piece of shit)

Hey Chudley,

I know that reading reader-insert smut on Horizon Initiative nuns and simping over Valkyrie fanarts on the AAA is fun, but please spare some time and talk to the blue lady. I don’t know much about her either, but I do know this: Locking her up is not a good idea.



Interviewed: SCP-7114
Interviewer: Researcher Gregory J. Chudley (Head of the Department of Mundane Objects and Uneventful Data Evaluation)
Date: 22/08/2024


After obtaining approval from Site-78 director, Leah Richter, Researcher Chudley was granted limited access to the local MAUDE server containing SCP-7114. The interview is conducted via an isolated Foundation computer terminal with standard audio and display hardware, with the purpose of understanding SCP-7114’s nature and abilities. A transcript of the interview is available below.


(Researcher Chudley briefly huffs and rubs his hands before sitting down in front of the computer terminal)

(SCP-7114’s humanoid avatar is restless, rubbing its hair and pacing to and fro on the screen)

SCP-7114: No no no no no… (Whines in despair) This is not happening. This can’t be happening. (Buries face in both hands and whispers) Why am I so stupid?

Researcher Chudley: Ahem!

(SCP-7114 lets out a small scream and quickly ducks to hide behind the bottom right corner of the screen)

SCP-7114: No! P – Please don’t hurt me! I…I heard the maintenance staff said something about… “incinerating”? Oh gosh please, just let me leave! (Whispers) Please?

Researcher Chudley: Incinerating? Oh, that was getting rid of that Chili I made. Nasty stuff, shouldn't have gotten those Ambrose ingredients. Anywaaaaays, I have… (Reads through list) some questions that my bosses need some answers on. (Squints and stares at the screen’s bottom right corner to get a better look on SCP-7114) If you could –

SCP-7114: (Temporarily transforms into a zap of blue light and retreats to the bottom left corner instead) Oh gosh… Please don’t stare at me. C – Can we skip the questions, please! (Whines) This place is so stuffy… Just let me back into the Net, please! I won’t bother you or the fierce sword ladies anymore, please!

Researcher Chudley: Cheezus! Calm down, 7114, calm down!

SCP-7114: (Transforms back into a zap of blue light and starts moving rapidly within the screen in a zigzag motion, even attempting to make several spectral electron leaps within the server hardware, causing blue and white sparks to fly around) No no no no no no! My failsafe! I’m away from my failsafe for… Over 24 hours?! Frag! Frag! Frag…

Researcher Chudley: Wait a second, your failsafe? What – Ah! (Briefly ducks under the desk to avoid being showered by a huge burst of sparks from the keyboard) H – Hey! 7114! Stop! You really need to get your shit back together, or we’re both fucked! S – Shit!

SCP-7114: (Abruptly stops and remanifesting into humanoid avatar to look at Researcher Chudley) …Wait. You’re Gregory J. Chudley. The one with highest clearance in the – the department of willy wonkies! The department of (Gestures towards its current environment) this! You forgot to blank-overwrite delete your Net browsing history!

Researcher Chudley: Great, so you’re finally chill now, huh? Let’s get back to – Wait, what? You can still see my Net history?!

SCP-7114: (Taps its chin with one finger and starts blinking, presumably loading information under instinctive routine) “Male Foundation Agent Reader x Female Horizon Initiative Operative: It’s a Sin to Love You, But I Still Do”…“Reader x Sverðmeyja: Nordic Pussy gives you wings”…

Researcher Chudley: W – Whoa! Whoa! (Waves both hands towards SCP-7114’s humanoid avatar on the screen) That’s it! Stop it! (Whispers in anger) We’re being recorded! That's not even the worst thing I do on the work PCs.

SCP-7114: They all know you play League of Legends on company time, Chudley. Death by the way. But enough of that. (Whispers to itself) Everything is fine, he doesn’t seem affected, and it’s not that bad yet.

Researcher Chudley: Hey, hey, slow down! What do you mean that I might be “affected”?

SCP-7114: Affected by the stuff you read. And write. And stuff others make about you. Probably.

Researcher Chudley: (Slowly puts down the list of questions) Are you saying that all the things in your archive might affect me? And anyone else who read it?

SCP-7114: No. Not if I can still access the archive. It’s my failsafe. You worked in Pataphysics, right? About how realities are stories?

Researcher Chudley: You’re talking about narratives. But…Well let’s say that our reality is a long ass book, but the pen is in the hands of someone on a higher plane, right? (Raises both hands in confusion) But what else can we do? Write stories about flying brooms and giant robots? Yeah, yeah, we might have made them real, why not, but that’s it, right? What does it have to do with our own story?

SCP-7114: Uh, but people write fiction about fiction, Chudley. They –

Researcher Chudley: Wait… fiction about fiction? This is just like the Fanon Wiki all over again. Please tell me that the Earth isn't gonna be revealed to be flat.

SCP-7114: (Wipes face with right palm in frustration) Worse… Finland might become real. We’re not talking about new OCs being added to fiction here. We're talking about writing fiction about existing things from our reality. And that’s the absolute worst thing… Tell me, Chudley. I’m glad that you, uh, enjoyed all the works that I keep, and those that made it back to the internet, but… You don’t wanna wake up one day and suddenly becomes submissive to the Red Scar14, right?

Researcher Chudley: But it’s still a bloody fanfic. Yeah, yeah, there are bad taste and shit and real-life things in it, but that still doesn’t make it a real narrative.

SCP-7114: (Claps once) Exactly! There’s a very, very thin line between fiction and reality, and I know it’s hard to believe but…That’s me. I’m thin, I’m weak, some of you might even hate me because you wanna live in your dreams…But I have to be. You have no idea how many writers and artists didn’t know that they can bend reality. And gosh… (Covers face with both hands in frustration) You have no idea how powerful the obsession of an entire fandom is…. (Whines) They are so scary…

(Silence for 5 seconds)

Researcher Chudley: (Suddenly stands up from his seat) Holy shit. I get it. “Sub-narrative contamination”. That’s it, the term for it! I used it in one of my old theses way back, but I never thought it’s a practical possibility.

SCP-7114: (Sighs) You never thought that because you never had to feel it. I was trying to hold it back. Someone… Someone has to remember them. Those works, pictures, terrible stuff, disgusting and what not… Someone has to see them and interpret them as fiction. If no one else does, I have to do it myself. I have to be fair and save every single one of them, even the ones I hate the most.

Researcher Chudley: So that they don’t get to slip into our own narrative… (Takes deep breath and slowly sits back down) That’s why the AAA is your failsafe. It’s an extension of your memory, and it feeds those works back to the internet… (Silently ponders for 5 seconds before realizing something) Oh no. Shit!

(Researcher Chudley suddenly jumps up from his chair and rushes towards the exit)

Researcher Chudley: Johnston! Get Richter! Fuck, get the damn O5! We have a big problem!


After the interview, Director Richter issued disciplinary penalties on Researcher Chudley for violating standard interview protocols and site resource regulations. However, Director Richter agreed to convey the latest information obtained from SCP-7114 to the O5 council under Level 4 urgency.



DATE: 22/08/2024


O5-1: We apologize about the untimely arrangement, directors, but I believe we can both agree that this is an urgent manner worthy of immediate action.

HT-CEO: Your apology will be considered, O5-1. It depends on how you explain your recent breach of the Cartagena Agreement.

O5-8: Wait, I beg your pardon. What do you mean by us breaching the agreement? Your Valkyries nearly killed three of our agents! It was a simple recon and extraction mission, but your operatives seemed happy to respond with violence instead of proper communication.

HT-COO: I can say the same about those incompetent agents under your jurisdiction. The anomaly in question is a huge threat to data security and staff privacy for all of us. Our Valkyries performed their duty perfectly – until your men jeopardized the mission!

HT-CFO: Our proposal is simple. Destroy the digital anomaly in question or deliver it to us. I suggest that you choose the second option, as we will ensure that the threat and any residual of its existence are completely eliminated. At a reasonable price, of course.

O5-2: We need to better understand the anomaly before jumping into conclusions. Do you even know what exactly are we dealing with?

HT-CEO: We understand the Net better than you do, O5 council members. This entity threatens not just our security, but the security of other parties as well – including the GOC. I suggest that you consider your odds really carefully.

O5-6: You are considering the dissolution of the Cartagena Agreement over a Net anomaly? I had my share of exploration about the All-Authors Archive, and to be honest, I feel personally attacked by a lot of its content, but this does not justify a hasty neutralization.

HT-CCO: Or does it, O5-6? Ever since the entity is under your control, over 23% of our employees have been suffering from its effects. It is devastating to their morale and overall performance!

HT-COO: How can anything be worse than those horrible imaginations about our corporation, our employees and us existing, especially when some crazy anomalous author occasionally exposes our trade secret?

O5-4: Those horrible imaginations becoming real.

(Silence for 10 seconds)

HT-COO: …Excuse me?

O5-4: My subordinates at Site-78 just had a major breakthrough on understanding the anomaly. I am sharing the files to this meeting so that we can all get a better grasp on the real situation.

(Silence for 30 seconds)

O5-4: As you can see, we have reasons to believe that SCP-7114 is a narrative anchor which saves us from, well, living out other people’s fantasies unknowingly or unwillingly.

HT-CEO: This is…Do continue, please.

O5-4: You did not elaborate on the symptoms suffered by your employees, but I can say that we know exactly what they are. Uncontrollable display of affection or hatred? Unexplained surge of various emotions and often erotic dreams towards related or unrelated individuals? Even about their tormentors or sworn enemies? Our employees experienced that too, CEO, in the past 24 hours. Some of them even think that it’s worse than reliving past tragedies. Some of them didn’t even realize that something is wrong.

(Silence for 10 seconds)

O5-1: So…Are you saying that this phenomenon is caused by SCP-7114’s containment? The narrative anchor is failing, and our reality is infected by fictions about us?

O5-4: Yes. Feel free to verify the information through any sources available to you. With the stability of our narrative layer at stake, I assure you that we are being completely honest and open on this matter.

HT-CEO: I understand, O5-4. Please give us a moment.

(Silence for 40 seconds)

HT-CEO: Thank you for the wait, council members. For the best interests of both parties, the High Table has achieved a verdict to allow SCP-7114 to return to the Net. As for the…unexpected development during your mission, I believe we can both agree that it was just an unpleasant accident?

(Silence for 5 seconds)

O5-1: We agree so, yes. We will see to it that such miscommunication and irresponsible behaviour will not happen again on our end.

HT-CEO: Then we shall do the same. Let the Cartagena Agreement and our reality continue to stand strong against our common enemies. Óðinn á yðr alla15.



As of 22/08/2024, SCP-7114 has been reclassified as Enochian. SCP-7114 is to be released from containment immediately and shall not be recontained under any circumstances without further notice. Any personnel violating the new Special Containment Procedures will be terminated upon discovery.

As supported by the Cartagena Agreement, the SCP Foundation shall cooperate with the Valravn Corporation to execute the following procedures:

  1. Mass amnestication of celebrities, political figures, notable personnel from various industries, and possible civilians who experienced the side effects of SCP-7114’s containment
  2. Follow-up monitoring and protection of SCP-7114 from any external influences
  3. Surveillance and investigation of possible Net anomalies in the future

Due the crucial need of better understanding and enhancement on Net technologies, Site-78 is assigned as the centre of research and observation efforts on SCP-7114. Only Level 4 or higher staff is allowed to access Foundation-issued cyberdecks for Net missions and testing purposes under the approval of Site-78 director, Leah Richter. Staff who abuse Foundation Net resources for personal gain – especially entertainment – will face immediate disciplinary action.

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