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by Doctor Cimmerian


Image of SCP-7113's former home. It is believed the current residents are unaware of the home's former anomalous nature.

Item #: SCP-7113

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Speak with the Assistant Regional Manager for Real Estate Acquisition for more details.

Description: SCP-7113 was an Aquatic Ectoplasmic Entity with a Level VII rating on the Ruby-Spears spirit index. SCP-7113 inhabited a home at 113 Elkview Drive in Athens, Georgia for approximately 14 years.

SCP-7113 was capable of a number of strong manifestation effects. These included, but were not limited, to physical manifestation, telekinetic-like effects on foreign objects, spiritual possession, electronic interference, and spontaneous generation of ectoplasmic matter bearing a similarity to water.

The home containing SCP-7113 was owned by the Clarke County Real Estate Association1. GOI-130 came to own the home after purchasing it from its previous owner at around 40% of the home's standard market value.

A week after the sale was finalized, the seller filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Northern Georgia. This complaint included accusations of harassment and fabrication of paranormal phenomena in order to drive down the price of the home. This complaint was flagged by the Foundation webcrawler Venkman.aic and came to our attention on September 12th, 2022.

On September 21st, 2022, surveillance cameras placed at the SCP-7113 residence identified five individuals arriving at the home in a large van with "Clarke County Real Estate Association" painted on the side. Four of these individuals explored the house, while the fifth individual remained in the driver's seat of the van. The following log of events was recorded over the next three minutes.

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