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Item#: 7110
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Assigned Site Research Head Assisting Researcher Assisting Task Force
Site-250 Errhen Erickson Maria Johnston Ω-45 ("Street Samurai")

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7110-1 is to be kept within its chamber on the 7th sublevel of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. MTF Iota-54 (Head Hunters) is to work in conjunction with Palace staff to guard the chamber from any potential intruders. Officially, the 7th sublevel does not exist and is closed to tourists or non-essential personnel. Any who wander down into the 7th sublevel without permission are to be detained and amnesticized.

SCP-7110-1 is not to leave the Tokyo City limits during testing and under no circumstances is an SCP-7110-2 instance to be summoned without O5 approval

Description: SCP-7110 is a phenomenon that occurs when SCP-7110-1 is removed from Tokyo city limits. SCP-7110-1 is the skull of Taira No Masakado, a samurai from the 10th century. Facial reconstruction of the skull compared to both his living descendants and historical depictions confirms the object's identity. When SCP-7110-1 is removed from its chamber, hume levels across Tokyo graveyards begin to increase. This continues linearly up and to the point that SCP-7110-1 is brought to the Tokyo city limits. If SCP-7110-1 is removed from Tokyo's municipal borders, an instance of SCP-7110-2 is formed from a reality shift caused by the hume disturbance.

SCP-7110-2 is a large skeleton known in Japanese Folklore as a Gashadokuro1, with a height ranging anywhere from 0.3 to 0.6 km tall. The appearance of such an entity would more than likely cause a "Lifted Veil" scenario. SCP-7110-2 will then travel to Kyoto where it will proceed to attack the city and target its inhabitants until SCP-7110-1 is returned to its chamber, causing the entity to dematerialize.

Discovery: SCP-7110's chamber was discovered on April 28th, 2022 as Imperial record keepers discovered a never before found missive penned by Emperor Hirohito to Lt. Colonel Ryusei Sakamoto of the IJAMEA2.

Accompanying the missive were the building plans that showed a hidden chamber on a previously undiscovered sublevel. Foundation agents embedded within the palace followed the excavation closely for signs of potential anomalous activity. Once the chamber was found, it was determined to be thaumaturgically sealed and unable to be opened by conventional means.

Containment procedures were then drafted pending object classification and Iota-54 was deployed to work with Palace staff to keep the chamber guarded under the guise of a potential breach of national security.

On June 6th, pending the decision by the O5 Council on opening the sealed chamber door, members of GoI-45864's Japanese branch raided the Imperial Palace with the intent of opening the chamber. Foundation agents promptly secured the royal family and informed Site-250 of the situation. MTF Ω-45 was deployed to handle the situation as the squad and their handler Maria Johnston were visiting Site-250 for exercises.

Ω-45 Personnel List

Ω-45-JC: John Cassington (Squad Leader)
Ω-45-CM: Cole Marcus
Ω-45-PR: Peter Rickards
Ω-45-MA: SCP-7261-1 a.k.a Michaela Avalerra
Ω-45-A04: Valkyrie5 unit, A-04. Code name, Thalaestris

[Begin Log]

(Footage from Ω-45-JC's body cam is on display. Ω-45's other members can be seen approaching the palace doors.]

Ω-45-JC: Johnston. we're approaching the palace doors. Everyone's been evacuated from the complex yes?

Johnston: The building is believed to be clear of civilians. Coils hot, ladies and gentlemen; treat anything that you find in there as hostile.

Ω-45-JC: Copy that. Marcus and Rickards secure the doors.

[Marcus and Rickards take point up the steps and to the glass sliding doors of the palace.]

Ω-45-CM: Reception seems clear, commander. Although I have to say, when I heard palace I was expecting a big grand castle. This… just kinda looks like some fancy designer's wet dream.

Ω-45-MA: Probably was, Cole. John, there is something wrong here… this place smells off.

Ω-45-JC: What do you mean by "off"?

Ω-45-MA: I smell something… non-human. The Sepulchrum may have brought an anomaly with them.

Ω-45-JC: Noted, Avalerra. Everyone, with me.

[Ω-45-JC raises his weapon as all members of Ω-45 enter the reception hall of the palace. The lights are still on and the room appears to be empty.]

Ω-45-JC: Room is clear Johnston, no signs of Sepulchrum forces. Do you want us to sweep the facility?

Johnston: That is a negative, -JC. Please proceed into the seventh basement sublevel. According to reports, the cultists stormed the building and made a beeline for the lower levels. That's where you'll find them.

Ω-45-MA: Guess we finally know what they've been searching Hokkaido for. But this isn't their usual MO. Threatening the Japanese royal family? That's way too big, even for them.

Ω-45-A04: Small fry, always try to punch above weight class. Whatever is down there is magic they can't control, I can feel it.

Ω-45-JC: I agree. Something about this whole situation feels off. Johnston, where's the elevator?

Johnston: Past reception and into the back. There should be a freight elevator to take you to the dig site.

Ω-45-JC: Copy. Form up, men.

[Ω-45-JC moves towards the back of the building, passing by office rooms until they reach the freight elevator. Each member takes a spot on the platform with Ω-45-MA standing by the button controls.]

Ω-45-MA: Floor seven commander?

Ω-45-JC: Affirmative. Everyone, use the boxes on this platform if need be. Just in case we make any unnecessary stops.

Ω-45-CM: Don't need to tell me twice.

[Ω-45-MA presses the button for seven and the chain doors to the elevator shut before it begins to descend. Ω-45-JC takes cover behind a nearby crate and set his gun up on it. The floors begin to pass by them one by one until the elevator makes a sudden stop on what is believed to be the sixth floor.]

[The sound of burning metal can be heard as blasts of energy fly across the top frame of the camera.]

Ω-45-JC: And there's the welcoming party. Thalaestris, get that door open and provide cover. Marcus, Rickards lay down covering fire. And Avalerra, get out there and tear them apart!

[The groan of the doors opening is heard as Ω-45-JC ducks down behind his crate. He peers his head up to see Ω-45-A04 moving in front of him with her large shield as energy fire rains all around him. The sounds of Gauss rifles are booming to the sides as Ω-45-MA is seen moving at an inhuman speed off camera]

[The camera shakes as Ω-45-JC moves behind Ω-45-A04, using her as temporary cover before sliding towards a nearby forklift and bracing his weapon to begin firing.]

Ω-45-JC: Thalaestris! How many are there?

Ω-45-A04: Thermals show seven hostiles… Avalerra just made that six. Something's strange. I see something in the back that isn't giving off a heat signature.

[Ω-45-JC's frantic movements make it hard to discern what Ω-45-A04 is referring to. Ω-45-JC grabs an Anti-Thaumaturgic Protection (ATP) grenade from his belt and pops the pin. Ω-45-JC raises from cover, the cultist's thaumaturgic shields glow as his men pelted them with tungsten shells. Ω-45-MA can be seen attacking a cultist, struggling to get his anomalous weapon away while Ω-45-A04 is charging at some unknown enemy in the back with her spear in hand.]

[Ω-45-JC tosses the grenade into the center of the room amidst the deafening sounds of combat. The grenade explodes, its payload being runes instead of usual shrapnel. The runes are seen flying via anomalous means onto each of the cultists in view. Suddenly one cultist's head explodes from a tungsten shell as Ω-45-JC raises his weapon and puts a large hole through another one.]

Ω-45-CM: Hell yeah! Johnston's new weapon worked!

Ω-45-PR: No time to celebrate, Cole. Stay focused.

[The fighting still rages on as Ω-45-JC moves forward, screaming can be heard as he moves towards another set of boxes. Ω-45-MA is seen feasting on the gushing neck of a dying cultist behind them.]

Ω-45-MA: Commander! There's a Lich6 leading them. Thalaestris went to engage it but-

Sepulchrum Lich: Brothers! Do not let the Great Adversary7 impede our work!

[Ω-45-JC peeks over cover, dead cultists with spear wounds lay in front of him. Ω-45-A04 thrusts her spear forward but the Lich redirects it by moving their glowing skeletal hand.]

Sepulchrum Lich: You won't take me from my love!

[Ω-45-A04 attempts to punch with her shield but is held back via some form of Thaumaturgy. The Lich moves his hands apart, causing Ω-45-A04 arms to be pulled from either direction; making her scream in pain.]

Ω-45-JC: Shit. Avalerra, you have any ideas?

Ω-45-MA: I do. Cover me.

[Ω-45-JC begins firing at the Lich as Ω-45-MA vaults over and begins sprinting at the target. Ω-45-JC's bullets are stopped in their tracks by the Lich's thaumaturgy but this does not appear to deter him. Ω-45-MA suddenly leaps into the air and her legs detach from her body, a caw of a falcon is heard, that nose dives towards the Lich and into one of its eyesockets; bursting out the back of its skull.]

[The destruction of the Lich appears to free Ω-45-A04 as Ω-45-JC rounds the boxes and picks up Ω-45-MA's legs, offering them to the bloody falcon removing itself from the Lich's cloak. The falcon suddenly transfigures back into Ω-45-MA.]

Ω-45-MA: Thanks for the assist, that was kinda dicey back there. Wasn't sure it would work.

Ω-45-JC: I had faith you'd pull it off.

Ω-45-MA Thanks. Cole, Peter. Are you guys alright?

[Ω-45-CM and Ω-45-PR enter the frame.]

Ω-45-CM: One of them winged me in the shoulder. I'll be alright though, nearly melted the plate.

Ω-45-PR: Yeah, boss I was taking a look at some of the cultists we dropped. Some of them were carrying Raptor-Tec-made weapons. I've seen their stuff before when I was working security over in Germany, that's some nasty stuff.

Ω-45-MA: Just another sign they're bumping up their forces. Hey, where did the Lich go?

[The camera turns to the ground and the body of the lich has disappeared. In its place is a single book.]

Ω-45-MA: Some kind of journal… it's in a language I can't read but I think… on this page… here. I think it's an incantation to open the chamber on the next floor.

Ω-45-JC: I'm more concerned where the body went. We didn't get his phylactery, so he could be anywhere. I'm gonna call Johnston and let her know what's happening. (Comms turn on) Johnston, do you copy?

Johnston: You are a little fuzzy but I can read you. Status?

Ω-45-JC: We had a run-in with Sepulchrum forces, and all hostiles were neutralized. We're about to head down to the seventh sublevel. We pulled a journal off one of their Liches and Avalerra thinks it can help us open the chamber. Do we have permission to open it?

Johnston: With everything that's happened, I've been given the authorization to find out what the hell is so important to the cultists.

Ω-45-JC: Copy. Ω-45, move out.

[The members of Ω-45 descend the stairs to the seventh sublevel. There are three bodies in the room wearing MTF uniforms lying dead on the ground among strewn about construction supplies. At the end of the floor is a large stone wall with an opened doorway. Ω-45-PR drops to his knee to examine one of the bodies.]

Ω-45-PR: These men were a part of Iota-54, poor bastards.

Ω-45-CM: Maybe if they would have had Hephaestus plate8, it wouldn't have been a slaughter.

Ω-45-MA: If there's anything I know about gringo governments, O5 Council included; they love cutting corners. All of the soldiers should have -6952 stuff. This is ridiculous.

Ω-45-JC: I agree but there's nothing we can do about that. What's concerning is that the chamber is already open. I'll take point, be ready for anything.

[Ω-45-JC,-CM,-PR turn on the flashlights on their Gauss Rifles and enter the chamber with -MA, and -A04. The chamber appears to be plain with an empty pedestal in the middle. Various trinkets and baubles have been left behind]

Ω-45-MA: This place reminds me of an ofrenda back home…. perhaps it's a tomb of some sort?

Ω-45-A04: Well if it's a tomb, where's the body? Was something supposed to be on this pedestal?

Johnston: Ω-45! Do you read?

Ω-45-JC: Yes, Johnston. We do. Talk to us.

Johnston: Hume levels are increasing all over the city but it appears to be mostly focused in the city's graveyards. Did you enter the chamber?

Ω-45-JC: Yes but the chamber is empty unless… ugh. The Lich must have taken whatever was in here. Is there an epicenter of any of that hume activity?

Johnston: Y…yes actually. I can see a small but very hot dot on the heat map moving toward city limits. You won't get there in time from your position.

Ω-45-MA: We can actually. He used a portal spell to blink out of here before we showed up. I can still feel the residual energy in here. Give me one second and I'll open one to his position.

Johnston: Godspeed, 45s. Whatever is happening… it doesn't look good.

[Ω-45-MA begins to chant in an ancient language, an audible wind begins to pick up around them and suddenly the scenery changes. The Ω-45s are standing on an empty highway, a black cloaked figure is running away from the camera. Ω-45-JC raises his Gauss Rifle.]

Ω-45-MA: Stop right there or we will shoot!

[The black-cloaked figure turns around holding a skull in his hand. It is the Lich from earlier, with notable damage on the right orbit of his skull.]

Sepulchrum Lich: Y-you're too late. I've already crossed the Shibasaki border.

Ω-45-CM: Shibasaki? I don't what time period they dug you up from but this is Tokyo. Plus these things got a kilometer range. We can fill that skeleton full of holes faster than you can say spooky.

Sepulchrum Lich: This body is temporary, I can afford to lose it. Look now, at my love's creation.

Ω-45-JC: You aren't making any sense. Drop the-

Ω-45-CM: Commander, you may want to turn around.

[Ω-45-JC turns around and in the distance within the city, a large ethereal skeleton is slowly phasing in and out. The anomaly dwarfs any skyscraper in view and is motionless.]

Ω-45-PR: Wha… what is that!?

Ω-45-A04: A worthy challenge that's what! I don't care what servant of Hades he calls down on us, we'll fell it all the same.

Ω-45-JC: There's no way we can bring that thing down if it fully materializes, not to mention the veil breaking. We need to-

[Ω-45-MA disappears from the left side of the frame. The Camera turns around, and Ω-45-MA is running back towards the group, the Lich is on the ground, clearly winded. In her hand is the skull it was carrying. The camera then turns back to the city, the large skeleton vanishing into thin air.]

Ω-45-JC: Avalerra, how did you?

Ω-45-MA: He used the last of his magic to get us here. Snatched the phylactery while I was at it. Lichs aren't particularly strong you know. Should I crush the phyla?

Ω-45-JC: No. I want to talk to him first.

[Ω-45-JC approaches the Lich.]

Ω-45-JC: Why do this? Why go through all the trouble?

Sepulchrum Lich: They told me… they would bring her back if I showed them where the skull is.

Ω-45-JC: Your love, huh? What happened to her?

Sepulchrum Lich: You took my journal…. the answers are in there. It's hard to think… this form took too much… damage. You have to understand that when I died, I thought I'd be with her again. But after a thousand years, I never found her. That's when they brought me back, they wanted the skull and where that accursed book went. I assume you won't relinquish her father's skull?

Ω-45-JC: We can't do that, we have to contain the threat.

Sepulchrum Lich: I understand. I was part of an organization like yours once but our way was to destroy the threats that faced our land. That skull is an exception, my love wouldn't want me desecrating her father's remains like that.

Sepulchrum Lich: Taniguchi is my name and to honor my comrades, I ask you to end this yokai. Aim your weapons here, f-free me from this curse.

Ω-45-JC: But don't you want to see your love again? Why go out like this?

Sepulchrum Lich: If I had a heart still, it would have changed. I believe I could never find her in the afterlife because I was the one who ended her life. Perhaps this would make up for it.

Ω-45-JC: I can't be sure about all that spiritual stuff, but I can grant your request.

[Ω-45-JC turns and nods to Ω-45-MA who proceeds to crush the Phylactery.]

[End Log]

Following the palace raid, the object they found was subsequently designated as SCP-7110 and efforts began to translate Taniguchi's journal. Any witnesses in the surrounding area of the SCP-7110-2 manifestation were amnesticized and a cover story was created to explain it as an optical illusion due to lighting conditions.

Addendum 7110.01: Journal Entry Translations

The Journal recovered from the scene of the June 6th raid on the imperial palace was confirmed as belonging to Masahiro Taniguchi, a member of a yet unnamed GOI, currently designated as GoI-712 by Lead Researcher Erickson. Erickson had been investigating other documents by this group prior and thus was able to translate the journal which appears to be a collection of letters written by Taniguchi to another member of his organization, Takahiro.

Any relevant information was then forwarded to Site-78 to assist in their containment operations.

Brother Takahiro,

I am sad to be the bearer of this news but Lord Masakado's rebellion has been quelled and the Lord has been slain in combat. I know that our organization was hoping that a new government under his rule would be more favorable to us but luck was not on our side.

To make matters worse, my paramour Satsukihime has gotten into her head that she would be able to revive her father, Lord Masakado with her magick. I told her that such spells are forbidden and that their use would lead to ruin but she wouldn't listen.

I thank the heavens her efforts were for naught but now she's absconded to the nearby temple to become a shrine maiden and I wasn't able to convince her to stay with me. I do hope she manages her grief enough to return to me someday. I will keep you informed of any developments.

Brother Takahiro,

I have heard disturbing news from Satsukihime who is now going by the name Takiyashahime. She tells me that by reading the literature at the temple she has learned of a magick tome capable of reviving the dead that is hidden away somewhere on Mt. Fuji. She told me not to follow her in the letter she sent but I ran to the temple as fast as I could.

The effort was for naught as she'd already left on her journey. Unfortunately, I cannot leave my post as I'm the only one of our number in this region. Even with her magick, the climb to Fuji would be a treacherous one and I'm not sure my Satsuki would make it.

To think she would throw her life away for a Fool's errand… I do hope that she returns safely.

Brother Takahiro,

I come to you not to relay news but to gather others of our rank to stand against a new evil spreading in our lands. Satsuki… I mean Takiyashahime has returned from her expedition to Mt. Fuji and visited me in the night but what came to my door was not my Satsuki.

Her eyes had blackened and her hands were covered in some type of black rot that was making its way up her arms. Takiyasha's voice was now ethereal and spoke with a commanding presence. She begged of me to join her as she was gathering what was left of her father's men for another rebellion.

Truth be told on any other day I would have joined her but I sensed the woman standing in my house was just a pale imitation of the woman I loved. She had been corrupted by that tome, a black and gnarled book with parchment as withered as its appearance. On its cover, there were markings, a vertical line, and a cross next to it. The pages she showed me contained all manners of necromancy and spells forbidden by the organization… perhaps even the Kami themselves.

She said she would use it to create a yokai, a Gashadokuro using her father's skull to destroy the Kyoto government once and for all. I wouldn't stand for it. I told her to leave and forget these dreams of rebellion, that if she ever loved me; she'd burn that forsaken book and live with me again.

Takiyahime merely laughed at my suggestion and said that I didn't understand the pain she was feeling and that she would accomplish her father's dream by any means necessary.

I should have struck her down right then, brother. Though, I couldn't. My love for her was just too strong but I promise you this, when we find her; my blade will strike true.

Brother Takahiro,

I was expecting to see you amongst the one hundred men you have sent my way but a part of me is glad you didn't come. Takiyashahime has rallied her father's bannerman and they march on the capital along with a Gashadokuro larger than any I have seen before. Our men have joined with the imperial army in defense of the city but…. I don't think it will be enough. The Gashadokuro is laying waste to any village that stands in its way. I shudder to think what will happen when it reaches the city walls.

I have decided to send a scouting party ahead to try and steal Lord Masakado's head before it reaches the city. I have a theory that the magick that brought it into this world was predicated on the hatred that Lord Masakado had for the city that wronged him. Thus sending the head somewhere else should cause the yokai to vanish.

Or so I hope.

Brother Takahiro,

I bring news from the day's battle. With the Gashadokuro at the front of their army they easily smashed through the city walls, the siege weapons had no effect against the monstrosity. Hundreds… no thousands of civilians and imperial soldiers died in the initial attack. But we've been preparing for this eventuality. Our weavers had been preparing the Ropes of Orochi that would bind the Gashadokuro in place. With our Craftsman's ingenuity were able to restrain the beast using magitek9. The launchers fired the ropes over the beast and we had to secure them down manually. The thing destroyed entire blocks with its thrashing and dug the ground out beneath it. We lost thirty good hunters in the struggle but the yokai is restrained… for now.

With the yokai taken care of, we were able to route the rebels but they managed to breach the palace walls. Takiyashahime has barricaded herself in and they're making their final stand inside. I'm taking ten of my best men and on the morrow, the deed shall be done.

Only one of us is walking out of that castle tomorrow, Takahiro. If it's not me then… all of Japan maybe doomed.

Brother Takahiro,

It is with a heavy heart that I report that the Battle of Kyoto is finished. My men and I had corned Takiyashahime inside of the castle. It was here, we met as adversaries; she was looking more corrupted than the last I saw her. From the brief conversation we had, it felt like I was conversing with something… alien. Like she was the extension of the tome itself.

Knowing that she wouldn't back down, I engaged the threat with everything that I had. Her magick had grown to an unparalleled strength but in the end, my talismans and magick were able to prevail. As I drove my blade through her abdomen, she spoke to me but not in the voice of Takiyasha. It was my Satsuki telling me,

"I'm sorry, My love."

I then withdrew my blade and I watched as she bled out in front of me. The corruption that took her receded as she expired and I had the men, carefully wrap the book in a sealed binding. Afterward, we burnt my love at a pyre and attempted to destroy the book but it was impervious to our best efforts. With no options, we cast that despicable tome out to sea, where it can never threaten the mainland again.

Fortunes are upon us, Brother Takahiro

Our riders made it to the village of Shibasaki and the Gashadokuro has disappeared. I have arrived in the village myself to oversee the construction of a tomb that the locals can visit to pay their respects to Lord Masakado as well as have it sealed in the event that dark forces would seek to steal his remains.

As far as the cursed tome goes, it hasn't been seen since we cast it to sea. The magicks we placed on it should ensure that no one will be able to open it, at least without powerful magick. I do hope that it is the last tragedy that the book ever befalls someone.

Even though my love is now being hailed as a traitor to our kingdom, I know in my heart she only had the noblest of intentions in mind. That is how that foul book preys on you. We as humans were never meant to live forever. Undeath is power so wicked that no mortal should be able to wield it. To live trapped between life and death…..

Is a curse of its own.

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