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Item #: SCP-7108

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7108 is contained in a humanoid containment chamber in Site-17. SCP-7108-A is to be regularly drawn via venipuncture and stored for research. SCP-7108 is also to be prescribed Simethicone tablets for medical purposes.

SCP-7108 is currently in the medical bay pending the results of Addendum-01.

Description: SCP-7108 is an adult male of Dutch-American descent, (formally known as William Pemberton) age 27. Instead of exhaling carbon dioxide during respiration, the gas is directly absorbed into the entity's bloodstream.

SCP-7108-A designates SCP-7108's blood. Due to each blood cell adapted to carry CO2, SCP-7108-A is dark brown in coloration indicating an extremely low oxygen count in the body. As a consequence of consistent accumulation of carbon dioxide, SCP-7108-A is undergoing constant carbonation. This occurs regardless of whether SCP-7108-A is physically inside SCP-7108 or not.

Despite these changes SCP-7108 does not suffer from Hypercapnia and retains biological function, albeit with several minor side effects. Open sores tend to form on SCP-7108's stomach lining, causing SCP-7108-A to leak out and mix with the stomach acid. This doesn't cause SCP-7108 any pain but does result in bodily gas building up in the digestive tract, leading to frequent inopportune social disruptions.1 SCP-7108's caffeine levels are abnormally high compared to baseline humans, and chemicals such as phosphoric acid, aspartame, and acesulfame k were also detected in their body. Whether this is a direct result of the entity's anomalous traits is unclear.

Other than that, SCP-7108 is in fine health. (See Addendum-01)

Addendum 0-1, Incident 7108-1: On 05/08/2016, SCP-7108 was involved in a incident in Site-17's cafeteria. The entire incident had been recorded:

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