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Item #: SCP-7104

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7104 is contained within Foundation Site-7104 under the pretext of an experimental chemical facility. Site-7104 is to be guarded around the clock by armed guards disguised as private security guards. Any unauthorized personnel apprehended by guards must be delivered amnestics and subsequently released. If these personnel resist, lethal force is deemed necessary. All access points to the interior of Site-7104 are restricted to Level 3 or above personnel only.

Description: SCP-7104 is a spatial and temporal anomaly taking the appearance of a standard 5 meter long hallway. A doorway is located at the end of this hallway, leading to an exact replica of
SCP-7104. This cycle has been observed to continue approximately 300 times. After each cycle, the integrity of SCP-7104 begins to degrade, with several structural and biological anomalies appearing within. These anomalies are listed below.

Note: This list encompasses only a small portion of anomalies located within SCP-7104.

Door Number Anomaly Description
5 Several plant-like growths protruding from the ceiling. Tissue sample results are inconclusive as to the species of plant.
21 Humanoid entity covered in black smoke appears for 5 seconds before vanishing.
23 Large flesh-like tendrils growing from the floor. These tendrils are hostile and attack any living thing it touches.
33 Several human corpses are observed to be standing up, staring at passersby. These entities disappear after visual contact is broken.
39 Entire room is covered in flames, rendering it unsafe to traverse through.

Note: The following addendums will provide further description on other anomalies within SCP-7104.

Addendum 7104.1: Exploration into SCP-7104.

Exploration is conducted by D-757651. D-75765 is a caucasian female 39 years of age. She is equipped with a flashlight, water bottle, and a pistol. Exploration is monitored and supervised by Dr. Martin Mendes.

Foreword: D-75765 is the first declassified recorded exploration log held by the Foundation. Subject is equipped with a helmet with a camera attachment.

<Begin Log>

Mendes: D-75765, can you hear me?

D-75765: Yeah, I hear you. What am I doing again?

Mendes: Do you see the door in front of you?

D-75765: Yep.

Mendes: Simply step inside the doorway.

D-75765: Is that it?

Mendes: I'll explain further once you're inside.

D-75765: (sigh) You're the boss.

Camera shows D-75765 entering SCP-7104. All video and audio is lost for exactly 15 minutes before reconnecting.

Mendes: D-75765 are you there?

D-75765: Yeah, why…? What's wrong?

Mendes: We lost communication. What happened?

D-75765: No we didn't. I just opened the door, like, three seconds ago.

Mendes is silent for a moment.

Mendes: Noted. Proceed forward.

D-75765: Right…

D-75765 proceeds down the hall and opens the door, leading to Room 2.

D-75765: This looks exactly the same.

Mendes: It should. Keep going, D-75765.

D-75765: Okay…

D-75765 continues forward, opening 6 doors of SCP-7104. Extraneous dialogue removed. Camera shows D-75765 open the seventh door of SCP-7104.

D-75765: How many of these damn things are there?

Mendes: That's what we intend to find out—

D-75765: Whoa! What the hell?!

Camera jerks to the left, showing a mannequin bearing a striking resemblance to D-75765 herself. Mannequin appears to be staring directly at D-75765.

D-75765: Uh, doc? What do I do here?

D-75765 slowly backs away from the mannequin to the previous doorway.

Mendes: Just calm down. Approach the mannequin slowly so we can get a better look at it.

D-75765: It's staring at me. Its head is moving, following me.

Mendes: Draw your firearm, and approach it slowly, D-75765.

D-75765: Ah, jeez.

D-75765 approaches the mannequin with her firearm drawn. Mannequin's head follows D-75765's movements. D-75765 waves her hand in front of the mannequin's face.

D-75765: It's creepy as hell, but I don't think it's dangerous—

Mannequin's hand suddenly lunges out and grabs D-75765's left arm. D-75765 screams and fires her weapon three times into the mannequin's head. The mannequin releases its grip on D-75765's arm.

D-75765: Shit! Holy shit!

D-75765 runs to the end of SCP-7104 and opens the door. Loud screeching can be heard from the previous room.

D-75765: What in the hell was that?!

Mendes: Do not worry, it cannot harm you now. Continue forward.

D-75765: What have you gotten me into, doc?

D-75765 proceeds forward. Camera pans upward and shows droplets of moisture falling from the ceiling. Unintelligible whispering can be heard in the camera's audio. Dr. Mendes and D-75765 seemingly don't notice.

D-75765: I've got a bad feeling about this.

D-75765 proceeds forward and opens the door to Room 9

D-75765: The hell?

Camera shows several miscellaneous objects seemingly floating in midair. Objects include a bicycle, a basketball, an AK-47, several sheets of paper, a pyramid shaped piece of stone, and a sledgehammer. None of the objects display any sort of motion.

D-75765: Still, with me doctor?

Mendes: Affirmative. Take a sample of one of the sheets of paper, please.

D-75765: You sure? Last time I touched something in here I almost died.

Mendes: Take a sheet of paper, please.

D-75765: groan Fine. But if I die I swear to God I'll kill you.

Mendes: Consider me warned.

D-75765 takes one of the sheets of paper. Upon physical contact, all other items spontaneously drop to the floor. D-75765 screams slightly.

D-75765: Shit, that scared me.

Before Dr. Mendes can respond, loud screaming can be heard on the audio systems. Screaming seems to be of a single person, and are distinctly male.

D-75765: Where is that coming from?

Suddenly, all light within Room 9 of SCP-7104 is extinguished. It is determined to not be a malfunction of camera systems.

D-75765: Hey! What the fuck?!

Mendes: D-75765, what's happening—

The screaming increases in volume and D-75765 cries out, seemingly out of fear.

D-75765: Something's touching me! Something's crawling on my arm! Where the hell is my flashlight?!

Sounds of a struggle can be heard. The disembodied screaming ceases, instead replaced with childlike laughter.

D-75765: It's all over me! It burns!

D-75765 begins to scream, before video and audio feed is abruptly lost.

Mendes: D-75765 can you—fuck! Lost the signal.

Video and audio feed reconnects shortly afterward. Camera is disconnected from D-75765 and is seemingly positioned in front of her. D-75765 is shown hung upside down by her legs. Blood is present on her face and hands. D-75765 appears to have been burned badly as well on her torso and arms. D-75765 appears to be sobbing.

D-75765: Doctor…? Is that… you? The camera…the red light…

Mendes: Yes I am here. What happened?

D-75765: What took you so long? It's been days…

Mendes: It took longer for you than it did us. Don't worry we'll—

D-75765: Please…kill…me…

Video and audio is lost and does not reconnect.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Request for MTF insertion into SCP-7104 is currently pending approval.

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