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The landing site of SCP-7092-1

Item #: SCP-7092

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The corpses of SCP-7092-1 and SCP-7092-2 have been relocated to the nearest containment facility for further examination.

Description: SCP-7092 is the designation for two humanoid entities: SCP-7092-1 and SCP-7092-2. Their corpses were discovered in an open plot of land in Greeley, Colorado on October 19, 2021 when both entities crashed and expired.

SCP-7092-1 was the first of the two entities to land. Satellite footage shows that it had manifested in the northern hemisphere above the earth's exosphere at around 8:40 pm MDT before landing in Greeley. It was illuminated with a bright-orange color and appeared to be riding another entity in the shape of a steed. This entity dissipated when it entered the mesosphere, leading SCP-7092-1 to lose its balance and expire upon colliding with the ground.

An autopsy showed that SCP-7092-1's entire body was constructed out of hot embers, which had decreased in warmth at the time of examination. It wore a grey coat sewn with threads of an unidentifiable metal and a tan bandana made of mineral wool wrapped around its mouth.

Inside the left pocket of SCP-7092-1's jacket was a package wrapped in a leather sheet held together with twine wrapped in a bow. Within the package was a heart-shaped locket made of steel. Inside the locket was a music box that played the tune of "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley when opened.

At around 9:00 pm MDT, SCP-7092-2 manifested in the southern hemisphere. It emitted a white gas from its body and accelerated towards the surface in an orb-shaped formation before it collided with the ground, landing approximately 8 meters away from SCP-7092-1.

The body of SCP-7092-2 was found to be constructed of nitrogen ice and iron-nickel rock. It bore a wide-brimmed hat made of titanium and a damaged leather jacket.

Additional items found on SCP-7092-2's body were a banjo withered from collision damage and a folded-up page of sheet music of the song "You Are My Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis.

Further research concerning the connection between SCP-7092-1 and SCP-7092-2 is ongoing.

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