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Item#: 7089
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The exterior of Provisional Outpost-7089 on 18th June 2028.

Per protocol, Provisional Outpost-7089 is to be maintained by agents as an operational self-storage facility in order to mask on-site Foundation activities. The wing containing SCP-7089 is to remain closed to civilian clients under the cover of "long term refurbishment". As all non-anomalous storage units have been removed from the wing, the resultant space is to serve as an operations and living complex for on-site personnel.

SCP-7089's exterior is to be monitored via closed circuit camera surveillance in case of unauthorised civilian access. SCP-7089-1 is to be assigned a rotating guard detail at all times to accompany any research expedition and provide an immediate response to any alteration to the interior space.

Any proposed test involving SCP-7089 must be signed off on by the research lead, Dr. Frederick Munroe, then approved by Site-44 Director Carter before any action is taken.

SCP-7089 is a personal storage unit (number 7089) with an external footprint of 25 square feet, built into the ████ ████ Self Storage facility - hereafter referred to as Provisional Outpost-7089 - in ████████, Yorkshire, England. The interior of SCP-7089 exhibits an acute spatial anomaly wherein its size is many times larger than the exterior. Educated estimates place its size at roughly 140 square miles. As the interior layout changes regularly and does not correspond to linear spatial limitations, this value is subject to ongoing reassessment.

The interior of SCP-7089 - hereafter referred to as SCP-7089-1 - contains a storage facility of similar design to the external complex, though a lack of additional decoration and presence of reinforced internal structure and cutting edge [REDACTED] indicate its purpose for either private or military usage, rather than civilian.

SCP-7089 came to Foundation attention on 14th May 2028, following the filing of five (5) missing persons reports in connection with staff and clients of what would become Provisional Outpost-7089, then a privately owned self storage facility. Shortly after this, assets based out of Site-44 bought the facility via a shell company and dispatched first response MTF Psi-42 ("Misfits") to investigate.

Following contact with SCP-7089 and confirmation of its spatial anomaly, Psi-42 received clearance to enter SCP-7089-1 for the purpose of recon.

Log No. Psi-42/7089
Date/Time: 15th May 2028 - 1325 Local Time

Lead Agent:
Sarah "Tyke" Tucker (2IC, MTF Psi-42)
Otto "Omen" Thornton
Harvey "Wiz" Kilner
Louise "Noble" Phelps

Further Information: Agents on-site were monitored from a surveillance van outside the structure, and from Site-44 by Psi-42 Commander Haley "Hammer" Wilson, who had been unable to lead the operation due to routine medical exams. Agent Wilson requested a line of communication be kept open.

[Transcript begins.]

Psi-42 have been inside SCP-7089-1 for ten (10) minutes. Agent Omen's body camera turns a corner to a hall of storage units similar to previous halls.

Omen: Geez, this place goes on forever. You reckon we're past the city limits, yet?

Tyke: Eyes forward, Omen.

Omen: Right, right…

Two (2) seconds of silence.

Tyke: …And no, not quite yet.

Light chuckling can be heard between agents. Agent Tyke can be heard sighing.

Tyke: Alright, alright. Command, you still reading us?

Hammer (via radio): We hear you loud and clear. I'm being told it's spooky how well we can make you out.

Wiz: What's the catch?

Hammer (via radio): None yet, but that means jack shit.

Omen: Wanna bet something's using the great reception to lure hapless shits in?

Noble: If it's another slimey, tentacled rat-bastard I swear to God…

Tyke: I'm gonna try my luck on that.

Hammer (via radio): Noted. Keep your eyes open.

Tyke: Roger, ma'am.

Agents proceed further into SCP-7089-1. This transcript omits six (6) minutes of footage for brevity, during which time nothing of note is recorded.

Noble: Shit…

Tyke: Do I wanna know?

Agent Noble's body camera is facing a storage unit. The number above its door reads 2743.

Noble: I've seen that number before.

Two (2) seconds of silence. Agent Tyke can be heard humming.

Tyke: Come again, Noble? Where?

Noble: There! I mean, uh…

Wiz: …Don't tell me, you saw it earlier?

Noble: Just after we came in, above the same door.

Agent Noble turns. Their body camera shows three (3) units reading 7383, 134 and 1332.

Noble: Those ones, too.

Omen: Wish my memory was that good…

Wiz: No pattern to them to notice. Weren't we going straight?

Muttering can be heard between agents.

Tyke: …Crap. Hammer? We're being looped around! Probably some sort of closed space.

Hammer (via radio): Knew it was too good to be true. Noble said she saw this place just after you came in. Can you see the exit from here?

Wiz: I see it, ma'am.

Agent Wiz's body camera shows the open unit door the agents entered through approximately 45 meters away. The hall of the non-anomalous self-storage facility is visible beyond it.

Tyke: Not trapped, then, unless this place is playing for giggles.

Hammer (via radio): Never know what's gonna happen with a non-linear like this.

Tyke: Ma'am?

Hammer (via radio): Pull out, Tyke. We can come back with proper mapping tech and save a load of hassle.

Tyke: Roger. Alright, folks, let's get gone. No sense getting lost when we're so close… to… Wait.

Agent Tyke trails off. Both her body camera and others' record her staring wide-eyed at a storage unit.

Tyke: What… What the fuck?!

Omen: Tyke? You good?

Tyke: …Yeah, I… It caught me off guard.

Agent Tyke can be seen glancing at the other agents.

Tyke: Please tell me you're all seeing this?

Agents Omen, Wiz and Noble turn toward the storage unit.

Wiz: Not sure what I'm looking for, boss.

Tyke: The number above the door, Wiz.

Hammer (via radio): I can't make it out from here, Tyke. What's—

Agent Hammer is cut off by Agent Noble.

Noble: Oh. Oh! That's, uh…

Wiz: More than a little invasive, yeah? But since when have these things ever cared for boundaries?

Omen: Too much to hope it's just a shitty coincidence, right?

Hammer (via radio): Tyke, either get the heck out of there or get closer! I can't see what you're looking at.

Agent Tyke moves closer to the unit. The numbers above it come into focus, reading 060699. Agent Hammer can be heard cursing (specifics unintelligible).

Hammer (via radio): …Ah.

Tyke: That's my fucking birthday, ma'am.

Hammer (via radio): I'm well aware. Non-Euclidean and telepathic. Command's gonna love this…

Tyke: We still pulling out?

Hammer (via radio): I'd say yes, but given the implied intelligence I think the researchers will to want a threat assessment before they go poking about in there.

Tyke: Not exactly ideal.

Hammer (via radio): When is it ever?

Tyke: Alright, alright… Noble, Wiz. Either side of the door. If it's angry or has teeth, fill it with lead.

Agents Noble and Wiz can be seen to nod, moving to flanking positions on either side of Unit 060699.

Tyke: Omen, with me.

Omen: Of course we're opening the damn thing. It's only asked for you personally, at this point…

Tyke: Better us than another poor sod, right?

Agent Tyke moves to the unit door, grasping the handle. Post-mission audio analysis registers the sound of a lock turning. Agents Omen, Noble and Wiz can be seen raising their firearms to ready positions.

Tyke: You got my back?

Omen: Always.

Agent Tyke can be heard taking a breath and counting back from five (5) seconds before pushing the unit door upwards. She takes six (6) steps backwards as it opens, raising her firearm. All body cameras take a moment to adjust to the limited light levels inside of the unit. Agent Noble can be heard gasping.

Noble: …Shit.

Agent Tyke lowers her weapon.

Tyke: Keep on alert, but… Maybe try not to look so threatening?

Hammer (via radio): Tyke, report! What is it?

Tyke: Not what, ma'am. Who.

Agent Wiz's body camera adjusts to the lack of light. A pile of three (3) unmarked cardboard boxes are visible. Five (5) human figures are huddled together next to them.

Omen: …People.

[Transcript ends.]

Mission Debriefing: On recovery, the individuals inside Unit 060699 were identified as accounting for all staff and client disappearances. After a full medical check-up, all were determined to be in perfect health with no lasting issues barring minor disorientation. As they lacked clear memories of the time between disappearance and recovery, minor Class B amnestics were administered.

The boxes recovered contained photographs identified by Agent Tucker as being from a family collection of her grandmother's.1 The photographs appeared to lack anomalous properties. An appeal by Agent Hammer to release them to Agent Tucker is pending approval has been denied.

Following Psi-42's expedition, a long-term research group was assigned to Provisional Outpost-7089 to investigate SCP-7089-1. Psi-42 would remain on-site as support.

It was observed at this time that the unit number above the exterior door of SCP-7089 matched the number automatically assigned to it by the Foundation database. No evidence of tampering was detected.

Date: 19th May 2028

Sender: Haley "Hammer" Wilson (Commander, MTF Psi-42)
Recipient: Dr. Frederick Munroe (Research Lead, PO-7089)

Clearance: Level 2

I'd like it on record that if this box is precognitive also, it probably knew we were going to find it. I'm happy to help you prod at the thing, but God help us if it's peeked into the future and decides it doesn't like our MO.

Construction of on-site containment facilities would be completed on 21st May 2028. On the same day, Provisional Outpost-7089 lead researcher Dr. Frederick Munroe would set testing parameters for SCP-7089.

Log No. 7089/210528
Date/Time: 21st May 2028 - 0945 Local Time

Involved Agents:
Dr. Frederick Munroe (Research Lead, PO-7089)
Haley "Hammer" Wilson (Commander, MTF Psi-42)
Sarah "Tyke" Tucker (2IC, MTF Psi-42)

Further Information: Agents are gathered in Dr. Munroe's recently renovated on-site office, publicly belonging to the facility manager. Conversation has been going for three (3) minutes. This recording is audio only.

[Transcript begins.]

Munroe: Agent Tucker, how would you describe your experience inside the anomaly?

Tyke: Disconcerting, sir, but hardly the weirdest thing I've seen.

Munroe: Quite. Your assessment, Commander Wilson?

Hammer: Whatever intelligence is running the place seems benign, but we shouldn't assume shit about anything, really.

Commander Wilson coughs. Dr. Munroe can be heard sifting through papers.

Hammer: Ideally, we need a plan.

Munroe: Several plans, I think. We're to take it one question at a time.

Tyke: Such as, sir?

Dr. Munroe can be heard rising from his chair. The sound of footsteps follows, then a dry marker pen on a whiteboard.

Munroe: Let's just start with one for now. We'll work from there. First off, intelligence!

Hammer: How smart it is.

Tyke: Or whether it means us harm?

Munroe: More the former, but if it's playing the long game to lure us, we need to know that as well.

Dr. Munroe can be heard returning to his seat.

Munroe: Also whether we're dealing with a genuine telepathic or precognitive entity. If we are, this first round of tests should determine that, as well.

Hammer: If that's the angle we're going for, then I might have a couple suggestions.

[Transcript ends.]


The first formal tests with SCP-7089 commenced on 22nd May 2028, focused on establishing a baseline for the level and manner of intelligence governing SCP-7089-1. These tests were also designed to determine whether the intelligence truly possessed telepathic, precognitive or any other form of pseudo-communicative psychic ability.

Test No. Date Test Details Result
#7089.1 22/05/2028 Dr. Munroe, accompanied by Agent Tyke, enters SCP-7089 while imagining a number (4373). Unit 4373 encountered. Tyke fails to force entry. Dr. Munroe opens the unit on his first attempt. One (1) copy of The Road2 recovered, which Munroe reports as a favourite of his.
#7089.2 23/05/2028 Agent Noble, accompanied by Dr. Munroe, enters picturing her preferred alcoholic beverage (sloe gin). Unit ████████ (Noble's service number) encountered. One (1) full crate of ████████-brand sloe gin recovered. It is immediately confiscated.
#7089.3 25/05/2028 Researcher Townes enters, accompanied by Agent Wiz. Dr. Munroe has written a number sequence (73217.4) and had Wiz place it in Townes' back pocket before the test. Neither Wiz nor Townes are aware of the contents of the sequence and Munroe is off-site on the day of the test. Unit 732174 encountered. One (1) worn-out stuffed animal (elephant) recovered. Townes reports having owned it as a child.
#7089.4 26/05/2028 Agent Tyke enters, accompanied by Researcher Townes. Tyke is carrying a note written by Dr. Munroe, reading 'Can you understand us?'. Unit 19216 encountered. One (1) disc copy of the film Yes Man (2008) recovered.

Following Test 7089.4, testing was suspended pending a review of SCP-7089's potential sapient awareness.

Log No. 7089/270528
Date/Time: 27th May 2028 - 1510 Local Time

Involved Agents:
Dr. Frederick Munroe (Research Lead, PO-7089)
Haley "Hammer" Wilson (Commander, MTF Psi-42)

Further Information: Agents are in Dr. Munroe's office. This recording is audio only.

[Transcript begins.]

Hammer: What were you expecting, exactly?

Munroe: Not something so straight forward. Something more abstract or alien. That'd actually be easier to work with, protocols being what they are.

Hammer: Says a lot that a simple 'yes' causes us more problems.

Munroe: Mostly the paperwork, honestly.

Both agents can be heard chuckling.

Hammer: Some things never change.

Munroe: I'm sensing a nugget of wisdom coming.

Hammer can be heard laughing.

Hammer: I wish. You just reminded me of someone, there.

Munroe: Your grandfather?

Hammer: And my mother. After three generations in the organization you start to notice a trend.

Munroe: Quite.

Two (2) seconds of silence.

Munroe: We are going to have to course correct with the testing, it seems, though the aspects of the anomaly I had intended to test next should still hold up.

Hammer: Those being?

Munroe: Its interior size, first. But after that? Whether it can understand specific concepts.

[Transcript ends.]



The primary subject of #7089.6 through 8 prior to testing.

Testing resumed on 31st May 2028, following Site-44 Director Carter's approval of Dr. Munroe's adjusted approach to questioning. Tests were initially focused on opening a line of communication with SCP-7089 - predominantly to assess potential hostility - through a simple question and answer style of experimentation. When the first of these tests (see #7089.5) proved that SCP-7089 - while capable of being direct - was prone to responding with symbolism or recovered objects, the nature of questions shifted further to accommodate this.

An additional line of testing would be carried out in parallel by Researcher Townes on Dr. Munroe's approval. These tests were intended to determine whether objects recovered by SCP-7089 were created for purpose or relocated from elsewhere.

Test No. Date Test Details Result
#7089.5 31/05/2028 Dr. Munroe, accompanied by Agent Hammer, enters SCP-7089 while imagining a question, 'How big are you?'. Unit 140 encountered. One (1) laminated map of ████████ recovered with SCP-7089's location marked on it. City limits of ████████ recorded as provisional size for SCP-7089-1.
#7089.6 02/06/2028 Researcher Townes leaves one (1) apple with a blue sticker on it in Dr. Munroe's office, then enters SCP-7089 while picturing it. Unit 116125 encountered. Apple with blue sticker on it recovered. Apple vanished from Dr. Munroe's office the moment Townes entered SCP-7089.
#7089.7 03/06/2028 Researcher Townes has one (1) apple with a blue sticker on it driven to ████████'s city limits by Psi-42, then enters SCP-7089 while picturing it. Unit 116125 encountered again. Apple with blue sticker on it recovered. Apple vanished from Agent Tyke's hand the moment Townes entered SCP-7089.
#7089.8 06/06/2028 Researcher Townes has two (2) apples, with a blue and green sticker on them respectively, delivered to Site-44. After confirming their arrival, he enters SCP-7089 while picturing them. Unit 116125 encountered again. Apple with blue sticker recovered, while apple with green sticker is not. Blue apple vanished from the loading dock outside of Site-44 the moment Townes entered SCP-7089, while green apple - in Site-44 biological storage at the time - was still present when checked.
#7089.9 07/06/2028 Dr. Munroe enters, carrying a note reading 'Who are you?'. Unit 7089 encountered. Set of four (4) crates of contents-coded MRE ration packs recovered. Code numbers are arranged inside the unit to read '7089'.
#7089.10 08/06/2028 Dr. Munroe enters while imagining a question, 'Do you mean us harm?'. Unit ██████ encountered. Photographic evidence of [REDACTED] recovered. See Incident Report ████/140528, attached below.
#7089.11 10/06/2028 With approval from Site-12 Director Durrani, Researcher Townes enters SCP-7089 while picturing SCP-1230. Unit 1230 encountered. SCP-1230 not recovered, still on Director Durrani's desk at Site-12 when checked.
#7089.12 11/06/2028 With approval from Site-12 Director Durrani, Researcher Townes requests SCP-1230 be temporarily moved off-site. Townes enters SCP-7089 while picturing SCP-1230. Unit 1230 encountered again. SCP-1230 recovered and returned to Site-12. 1230 vanished from its off-site storage location the moment Townes entered SCP-7089.

After Test #7089.12, experimentation would again be put on hold as Dr. Munroe - responsible for devising test parameters for SCP-7089 - was called to Site-44 for a quarterly review of his research. The review was without issue and testing was scheduled to resume upon his return to Provisional Outpost-7089 on 15th June 2028.

Prior to this, the below described containment breach attempt would occur at Site-44.

Incident Log No. ████/140528
Date: 13th June 2028

Involved SCP(s): SCP-████
Key Personnel:
Site-44 Defence Force (FSDF-44)
Florence Wing (Asst. Director of Containment, Site-44)
Dr. Frederick Munroe (Research Lead, PO-7089)

Incident Summary:
At 1454 local time, SCP-████ would attempt to breach containment at Site-44 by exploiting an undetected weakness in its containment chamber. Though significant damage was inflicted to the chamber - necessitating extensive repairs and SCP-████'s temporary relocation - a rapid response by the Site-44 Defence Force was successful in recontaining the entity with minimal injuries and zero (0) casualties among personnel.

Post-Incident Analysis:
The neutralisation of SCP-████'s breach was enabled by material recovered in tests performed with SCP-7089 by Dr. Frederick Munroe. During Munroe's quarterly research review, Site-44 Asst. Director of Containment Florence Wing recognized elements in photographs recovered in Test #7089.10 pertaining to [REDACTED], allowing for an accurate prediction of when SCP-████ would attempt to breach containment.

This allowed a response force to be prepared twelve (12) hours before the attempt was made.

Due to the importance of SCP-7089 in detecting a potential containment breach, its Disruption Class would be upgraded from Dark to Vlam as a precaution. Dr. Munroe would return to Provisional Outpost-7089 one (1) day early on 14th June 2028 on the grounds that testing to determine the motives and limitations of SCP-7089 was vital to its containment.

Date: 15th June 2028

Sender: Florence Wing (Asst. Director of Containment, Site-44)
Recipient: Dr. Frederick Munroe (Research Lead, PO-7089)

Clearance: Level 3

Director Carter has recommended to the O5 Council that we proceed with further testing on SCP-7089 immediately, and so far there's been no stated objections. Given we can now be certain it is - as a baseline - self-aware, precognitive and unable to remove objects from inside Foundation sites, determining further what we can glean from it and what its intentions are must be a priority from here onward.

We need to know whether this box is actually trying to ingratiate itself or whether it just wants our guard down. That first kidnapping to get our attention aside, it's done nothing even remotely hostile, and going by your reports on those keepsakes and intel, it's actively attempting to make us like it, the unhelpfulness of its unwillingness to communicate in words aside.

Put simply, you have a blank cheque for whatever you need on this one provided you run it by Carter first, though he's probably going to want to write up a few questions of his own.

You have our ear on this, Fred. Don't waste it.


Following extended planning, testing with SCP-7089 resumed on 17th June 2028, two (2) days later than originally scheduled. Tests would first consist of a series of questions intended to improve intel regarding SCP-7089, or regarding how SCP-7089 would view itself. After this, the previous lines of research would continue, with a view to understanding what SCP-7089 was and was not capable of.

Test No. Date Test Details Result
#7089.13 17/05/2028 Dr. Munroe, accompanied by Researcher Townes and Agent Omen, enters SCP-7089 while imagining a question, 'What is your purpose?'. Unit 19216 encountered again. Torn magazine advert depicting a safe bound by large amounts of chains - one of which has a clock hung on it - recovered. A crude sketch of an SRA3 has been drawn in the top left corner of the page.
#7089.14 18/05/2028 Dr. Munroe enters, accompanied by Agent Tyke. Munroe is carrying a note reading 'Where did you come from?'. Unit 61 encountered. One (1) unlabelled children's mathematics workbook recovered. Passages in the workbook related to addition are underlined.
#7089.15 19/05/2028 Dr. Munroe enters while imagining a question, 'Do you mean us harm?'. Unit 1415 encountered. Box of ten (10) red velvet cupcakes recovered. Debriefing confirms it to be a favourite of more than half of on-site agents.
#7089.16 21/05/2028 After receiving approval from Director Carter based on previous evidence of SCP-7089's limitations, Researcher Townes, accompanied by Agents Hammer and Noble, enters carrying a rough sketch of SCP-096. Unit 96 encountered. One (1) thick paper bag recovered. Observation indicates it to be large enough for a person to wear it over their head.
#7089.17 22/05/2028 (planned) Researcher Townes, accompanied by Agent Wiz, enters SCP thinking about SCP-682. 'Test Denied. You got lucky with 096.' - O5-█.
#7089.18 23/05/2028 Agent Hammer, accompanied by Dr. Munroe, enters while picturing her grandfather, one Dr. Elliot Wilson.4 Unit 1954 encountered. Photograph of Dr. Elliot Wilson and Dr. ██████ Wilson5 recovered. Agent Hammer requests to be excused.
#7089.19 24-25/05/2028 Dr. Munroe enters SCP-7089, locates a specific unit (Unit 331), and places one (1) sheet of paper with an 'X' drawn on it. He attempts to recover it the following day. Unit 331 encountered. One (1) marked sheet recovered exactly as it was left. Only Munroe is capable of opening Unit 331.
#7089.20 26/05/2028 Researcher Marlowe, accompanied by Agent Noble, enters while imagining Agent Wiz, at that time eating lunch in the operations room adjacent to SCP-7089. Unit 20 encountered. [REDACTED] recovered. Genetic analysis returns a 100% match for Agent Wiz. Tested material estimated to be roughly a decade older than compared genetic samples factoring in rate of decay. To avoid causing unnecessary distress to Agent Wiz, he is not informed of the result of this test.

Following #7089.20, Agent Wilson would write the following memo:

Date: 28th June 2028

Sender: Haley "Hammer" Wilson (Commander, MTF Psi-42)
Recipient: Florence Wing (Asst. Director of Containment, Site-44)

Clearance: Level 3

After discussing it at length with Munroe, we are recommending that further scrutiny be given to SCP-7089 and the tests we perform with it before additional actions are taken.

Between my gut feeling and the evidence its responses have given us, I have little doubt now that SCP-7089 wants to be on our good side. It wants us to like it, between the shows of good faith, not stealing shit from inside secure facilities - if it even can - and other matters.

You know my family history, Wing. What we lost in service. You know what that photograph means to me.

What I have doubts of is why it feels the need to ingratiate itself if it knows we don't care. Why it needed our attention in the first place when it could have just as well skirted under the radar. It's sapient, can see the future, pull matter from anywhere - even the future, apparently - like it's nothing, store pretty much anything securely within it and seems to have a mentality designed to be cryptic but fundamentally comprehensible.

After the picture of the safe, I'd almost say it wants [REDACTED].

Testing with SCP-7089 would once again be suspended per Agent Wilson's recommendation, pending another full review of its motives. On 30th June 2028, the O5 Council would convene for a routine meeting, among which SCP-7089 was one (1) subject among a number discussed.

The following extract has been declassified for personnel of Level 3 or higher.

Log No. O5-██████-███/300628
Date/Time: 30th June 2028 - ████ Local Time

Overseer Council (SCP-O5)

Further Information: [REDACTED]

[Transcript begins.]

O5-2: Next order of business. SCP-7089.

O5-6: That's… the sapient self-storage unit, correct?

O5-2: It is, and the testing with it has revealed some… interesting details about it. I assume you've all read the report?

O5-8: Its attempts to ingratiate itself haven't gone unnoticed, cryptic as it is.

O5-4: Are we certain it's not setting a trap? Forgive my apprehension, but vague responses and a gut feeling aren't something to draw a conclusion on.

O5-2: Certain. I've cross-referenced the data gathered from the anomaly with [REDACTED]. At the very least, it's on the level.

O5-6: And purpose built. Whomever sent it back knew what they were doing.

O5-11: At this point I can only assume most of us have reached a similar conclusion on that point.

O5-2: Which only leaves us needing confirmation from SCP-7089 itself that our assumption is correct. I have the question written up already, so I move to approve.

O5-8: At this juncture, the clarity would be welcome beyond the minor risk still remaining.

Logs indicate the motion passes with only one (1) council member opposing and two (2) abstaining.

O5-2: That settles the matter, then. I will contact Director Carter once this meeting is adjourned. Now, what was next?

[Transcript ends.]


Test No. Date Test Details Result

On 10th July 2028, normal containment and research operations at Provisional Outpost-7089 would resume. By O5 order, test parameters would now restrict directing specific questions to SCP-7089 without O5 approval, though other forms of testing would continue uninterrupted under Dr. Munroe. With provisional containment complete, MTF Psi-42 were reassigned to assist in the containment of SCP-████ on 14th July 2028, as part of operations to pare PO-7089 back to only necessary personnel.

Barring logging of testing or changes in its status, no further updated documentation is required on SCP-7089 for the foreseeable future.




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