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The entrance to SCP-7085's location.

Item #: SCP-7085

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7085 is to be contained in Area-05 inside a containment cell fitted with concrete and shock absorbent padding.

Personnel equipped with writable material are to be present in front of SCP-7085 at all times for the retrieval of new emitted information. Information recovered from SCP-7085 is to be cataloged and held in containment until deliberations can be made on its status.

Due to its size, SCP-7085-A is to be contained inside a customized humanoid containment cell. They are to be secured in chains strengthened with occult smithing around their torso and limbs to inhibit excessive movement and escape. Due to their cooperation, however, they are allowed minimal recreational privileges.

Description: SCP-7085 is a sphere with a radius of 0.5 meters composed of unknown metallic and non-metallic substances. SCP-7085 maintains permanent levitation two meters above the ground and emits an intense light that radiates from its center. Its shape periodically changes in the form of self-compression and elongation, giving it the appearance of a liquid.

SCP-7085 emits information that is relayed through the manipulation of the environment and human functions. The information comes in an array of forms such as letters written in different rhyming schemes, mechanical devices being moved in unnatural positions to produce sounds they would normally be unable to make, singing birds that will talk in high-pitched voices, and in dreams that are recorded to have a constant humming noise in the background. Since its discovery in 1851, SCP-7085’s information has consisted of:

  • undecipherable messages,
  • illustrations and descriptions of known and unknown flora and fauna,
  • previously unknown knowledge of anomalies in Foundation containment or control,
  • and instructions to perform and utilize occult practices, thaumaturgy, and sciences of mainstream and anomalous branches.

To date, SCP-7085's information has only been delivered to Foundation personnel who have been employed by the Foundation for at least seven years and are a part of the higher echelons within the organization.

Prior to its physical discovery, SCP-7085 was thought to only exist as emitted information; however, due to the chance of SCP-7085 being discovered by non-Foundation personnel, the Administrator of the time, Luthor Xander, designated an operational force to discover its origins. Three days after this declaration, SCP-7085 emitted coordinates to its location.

In 1852, an expedition force, led by the Administrator, traveled to the location to discern the nature of SCP-7085.

Excerpt of personnel ████████ ██████'s accounts of the SCP-7085 expedition force.

…It was a grueling two weeks. The Administrator had us traveling in circles for days and made us backtrack our path numerous times just to avoid detection. Some of us were beginning to think he'd gone mad. But no matter how hard it got, we still followed him, as we suffered, he did as well, and it worked. When we finally got there all were accounted for. Not a single one of us had even a scratch to complain about.

But when looking back at that moment, I do not know how we knew we were at our destination. It was like all of us just simultaneously knew on instinct that we were there. When we went to the entrance, the pathway was cut off by mist and fog. We were too scared to go any further; most didn't even know why we were there, and those who did were the most frightened. But the Administrator turned around and told us those who wanted to stay will not face any repercussions. He said it sincerely, without coyness or disappointment. After that, even if any of us were still scared, no one was going to let him go in there alone. Not after what he put us through in that journey. If anything was going to kill him, it'd be us.

Past the fog was a cave opening on the side of the mountain. Everything else was obscured by fog. After lighting our torches and entering, the feeling can only be described as suffocating. The walls and ground were smooth as calm water. Across them were carvings or pictures of some sort. They weren't amateur either. Every single one of them looked like they were made by a master craftsman. It was like everything around me had a purpose, and with that purpose, it held power.

As we entered deeper, we saw a light that forced us to douse our torches, and there it was. It moved up and down in the air with a rhythm, pulsing—beating—and reforming itself over and over. It looked alive.

It was an amazing sight, so amazing, in fact, that we didn't notice it until it got up. Just below the orb, obscured by its light, wearing purple and white robes, was a giant. Beside its head was a staff just as tall as it. It must have been sleeping when we got there, or maybe it was waiting. They went towards us, two of its four arms holding their staff. At that moment, I swear, it had the face of death. We took out our weapons, preparing for the battle ahead. But then the Administrator just walked towards it like it was nothing and took out that stick of his and pointed at the thing.

The giant suddenly stopped and just stared at him before placing their staff on the ground and kneeled. When it lifted its head again, it was smiling…

SCP-7085-A is a 6-meter-tall adolescent humanoid entity possessing androgynous features and exhibits both female and male anatomy. Additionally, it possesses higher durability even for its size, two additional functional arms, and the ability to survive without the need for food and water. SCP-7085-A has extensive knowledge of anomalous phenomena and occult practices and claims to be in possession of further, currently undocumented, anomalous attributes.

When SCP-7085 was discovered, it was found to be surrounded by stone carvings and illustrations of unknown design and age. These artworks mainly consist of humans assuming a bowing position before a larger one. While others showcase the smaller humans giving gifts to this same large figure. In the main area where SCP-7085 was discovered, on the ceiling, was a depiction of several figures surrounding one older one holding up a four-armed, multi-eyed child to the sky.

Addendum.SCP-7085—Progress Report

Since the physical discovery of SCP-7085, the information emitted from it has been more coherent and useful. The ways of receiving this information are also now more direct; either being relayed on nearby writable material or, if applicable, directly into the thoughts of personnel present. A sample of notable information acquired from SCP-7085 is provided below.

Designation Information Usage
SCP-7085-08 ("Thunder Iron") Information regarding mixing metals, occult, and thaumaturgic materials to create a potent iron alloy.

Its thaumaturgic and occult potential exceeds its normal variant, allowing the creation of several rituals and mechanisms that are stronger and more cost-efficient. However, prolonged use with exposed skin can induce a subject to develop a compulsion to eat it. If consumed, the subject would start to become physiology dependent on the alloy to the point where their body would reject food and water.
It has been found to be greatly effective in combating Faerie, Proto-Nymph, and Nymph clusters and infestations.

Protective clothing for SCP-7085-08 is currently in production. Any personnel discovered showing symptoms of addiction are to be prohibited from any operations that involve SCP-7085-08.
SCP-7085-25 ("Schrawn's Mind Breakers") Anti-psionic mechanisms invented by Dr. Schrawn based on information retrieved from SCP-7085.

Testing has shown that they can dampen or completely nullify the psionic abilities of both human and non-human entities. Constant exposure—12 to 25 days— can cause damage to the frontal lobe of these individuals, neutralizing them.
SCP-7085-25 has been shown to be extremely effective against psionic base groups due to its uniqueness and ability to be used in ambush. GoI-46 ("Marus Family"), who has been openly antagonistic against the Foundation in the past, have been proven effective against them.

Further experimentation to diversify this technology is ongoing.
SCP-7085-76 ("Lethe Law") A set of mathematical equations and theorems that are based on emotion and imaginative concepts. When correctly utilized, the subject wielding the equation can mathematically turn theoretical and ontological concepts into sentient, physical entities, allowing communication between unproven theories to take place. Due to this, several new anomalous techniques for containment purposes have been invented and utilized. However, when SCP-7085-76's derivatives are used, concepts that are outside current human processing can be learned and understood. Several research attempts to further understand these derivatives had to be halted due to the appearance of several extinct species, the disappearance of personnel's spines, and the emergence of [REDACTED]. All safe information derived from the SCP-7085-76 is currently being implemented to further strengthen Foundation operations. Currently, no further testing will be done on SCP-7085-76. All miscellaneous knowledge to use it is currently being transferred to the secure storage facility TUMBA.

Foreword: The interview was recorded with a primitive occult recording device known as a worm wheel. The footage is damaged and sound may sometimes cease at random intervals.


SCP-7085-A's arms and legs are chained to the back wall of the containment cell while several personnel are performing tests and measurements on them. SCP-7085-A remains unmoving as this occurs. The Administrator sits on the opposite side of the room, tapping their foot.

Administrator: Answer my questions.

SCP-7085-A: I have already answered these. Why not ask your men what I said? I have other things I wish to discuss with you.

Administrator: I want to hear them with my own ears, not from a machine. Now, answer me. Who are you?

SCP-7085-A: Fine, I will play this game of yours. To answer your question—what am I— is complicated. In the past, I have been given many titles: the original Philosopher, KilLan, Bringer of the New Dawn, but I think the one you want is my truest one. When I was born my creators deemed me the Oracle, the first and last of the Homunculi.

Administrator: Oracle, like the myths? So you can see the future?

SCP-7085-A: First, myths you speak of are nothing but tall tales, and, yes, but not in the way you are thinking.

It takes days to prepare myself for a vision, and even then, it still might not work. For when they do come, they come in the form of glimpses and checkered pieces. They are more akin to a fractured memory than anything else. In the past, they were much clearer. It would have been as if I was watching this conversion from just outside the window. But back then I was younger, too.

Administrator: Back then? When was the last time you had one of these visions?

SCP-7085-A: About 60 years ago. It was of a dying star, reduced to almost nothing, crashing down into the ocean. It was quite sad watching it. It traveled such a great distance to just die alone without anybody even noticing it. Some might consider that a blessing, others hell. What do you think?

Administrator: Stop trying to change the subject. Hm, homunculi…I've seen Homunculi before, they don't talk—they can't—and they aren't as coy and smug as you. You are no homunculus.

SCP-7085-A: And who are you to determine that? You, who knows nothing of what true homunculus is. I have seen this world's current process of creating homunculi, and it's nothing but a farce. To make a true homunculus, a true human, one must have a human soul. Not a stolen one, but one forged in the cradle of life and death. An art lost to you. Well, lost to you now. Your predecessors have tried many times to replicate one. The heads were always too big if I remember correctly.

Administrator: You talk like you knew of us before we even came there.

SCP-7085-A: Of course, I knew of you! When you can see the future, what do you think the dreams are like? The events of this world are my escape and nightmare. And your Foundation is peculiar indeed. You were destined for greatness until you weren't. Lately, fate has been out of your favor until the Engine called you.

And I must say you have been busy. Not a hint of slothfulness when it comes to the Engine. How diligent of you.

Administrator: So you were waiting for us! How long were you there? How long?

SCP-7085-A: Ah, there it is. That face. When you first awoke me, I thought you were intruders. But when you took out that wand and pointed at me, I must say, I felt a shiver. You were actually going to try to kill me, weren't you? Where did you get that, by the way? Did you carve it yourself? I sense great power from it, or maybe from its wielder.

Administrator: Answer the question.

SCP-7085-A: I cannot answer that. All I can tell you is that it was a long time. A very long time. You are not the first inheritors to appear, you know?

Administrator: Inheritors? What are you talking about?

SCP-7085-A: Yes, inheritors, the Engine or the S C P-A, or am I the A? Your cataloging system is confusing. You should stick to numbers. Well, anyways, it chose you. Many groups, ones that can make you look like ants, were given this mantle. All were chosen, but none were worthy enough to claim it. Then here comes you, the Administrator, and the Foundation. Out of all the kingdoms and empires of this world, it chose you.

Administrator: So, you're telling us that this orb, this Engine, picked us out of everybody in the world to come to take it out of that cave? Am I getting it right?

SCP-7085-A: You can believe what you want, but it will not change reality, Administrator. I once had your sentiment as well. Why you? Why small, weak, you? But I think I know why now. Unlike your predecessors, you fear the Engine. I see it in your face every time you mention it. You do not see it as a tool to further your power, but as a weapon. You fear its potential and its hold on you already.

It brought you out of the darkness, but it can put you right back into it if one is not careful. Haha, your disposition makes you wonderful inheritors! But you have only scratched the surface of what it can do.

Administrator: And what can it do?

SCP-7085-A: Anything.

Administrator: Ridiculous.

SCP-7085-A: I do not lie. Can you not hear its song for you? Maybe you're not ready to realize its true worth then. But know this, I am an ally. I was created to serve humanity, and what I see in you is nothing but that.

Administrator: What are you talking about?

SCP-7085-A: I can see your weariness as clear as day. And even then, when granted great power, you do not succumb to it, you think of your fellow man first. [Smiles] You'll come around.

Administrator: Stop acting as if you know me, self-proclaimed homunculus. I do not trust you.

SCP-7085-A: No. Maybe not now, but in the future, I hope you see that your and my goals are not so different. And that you would stop examining me. Indeed, they are very thorough.

Administrator: What makes you so confident that will happen?

SCP-7085-A: What makes so sure that it wouldn't?

Administrator: Smug and coy. You're wasting my time. We're through.

SCP-7085-A: Gone already? I was enjoying our conversation! But, oh, one more thing though.

Administrator: What?

SCP-7085-A: May I have my staff back, please? It is very important to me.

Administrator: No.


SCP-7085, to date, has continued to increase its informational output to the point where transfer to a larger facility has been proposed to store SCP-7085 and the information obtained from it. This proposal has been given more initiative as several cracks and damages were found in the interior of its containment area.


On July 28th, 1852, 87 members of the Marus Family appeared at provisional Site-03 demanding the return of property confiscated by Foundation forces in previous raids. When the Foundation did not respond, they attacked the site, killing the majority of personnel and capturing the rest. To deescalate the situation, mediators from the Foundation, Joshua Cambred and Jerlamarel Voss, were escorted by armed forces to negotiate terms of peace.

After 14 hours of no contact from the diplomacy team sent to Site-03 came, the Administrator assembled a party of personnel equipped with new anti-psionic weaponry. The account of the event by one of the surviving personnel captured, Jerlamarel Voss, is provided below.

The Marus family. I heard old tales of their barbarism and "warrior" spirit in Europe and the Middle East. Hair with the color of fire with skin pale as snow. Fools in civilized society, geniuses in the field of battle.

When we arrived there, the bodies were already laid across the site's ground. They were torn apart and pulverized into ground meat. I saw one of them eating the remains. When we finally met the main sect and try to explain who we were, they just laughed and laughed at us. Well, until Don came.

Don Kreed Marus was an ogre of a man. Eight feet tall, muscle-bound from neck to toe, with scars running throughout his face and body. He didn't say a word when he reached out his hand and crushed Joshua's back. That's when the screaming started. I was thrown against the ground and watched as they ripped and shredded my friends with their minds. When they had their fill of carnage, they had my hands smashed and tied me up right in front of the building with the others. They told me they wanted us to see what they were about to do to the people coming to get us.

I know the Marus family and the Foundation were never on good terms, really, the Foundation wasn't on any good terms with anybody given our state back then. But still, to think they'll go this far. Because this wasn't just some excursion to prove a point. The elders, the children, the adults, and even their inbred mutants roamed around the site. They were planning to start a war with us and win it.

It's embarrassing, given my position, but I gave up and thought we were all going to be killed and eaten like cattle. I sat there, accepting my fate like the coward I was until the sky ripped. They came pouring down like it was an act from God. With their weapons ready, Red-Right Hand had landed with the Administrator right in front. I heard of his old name before he was promoted in the Foundation— the Hero of Five worlds, the one who saved the Foundation from collapse countless times. Thought they were just hearsay to bolster his reputation, but right then and there he looked just like the stories.

Our allies were outnumbered five to one. But they didn't seem to care. The Administrator told them, "No more have to die. Give us our men back and we can arrange a compromise", he gave them his word that he will uphold this. Don responded by squeezing the head of the man beside me until it popped with a red and pink gush. It was a blur after that. They came upon the Maruses' systematically, killing anyone who dared put up a fight. Their powers weakened thanks to Schrawn's inventions. But some, like Don, didn't seem that affected. Alas, that didn't matter in the long run. I don't know what exactly happened next, but I believe I got the important parts.

Three, no four of them including Don, stood around the Administrator. The Administrator's wand glowed. They backed up. Don charged, but the Administrator blocked him. There was a tussle. Don got a punch in, the Administrator, a kick. The wand glowed brighter and then there was a boom. When the dust cleared, Don's body was missing a head. It wasn't long after that that the battle ended and The Foundation was victorious.

I don't know what the veiled world thought of us after this, but I know one thing for sure, weak wasn't one of them.

After the death of the Don Kreed Marus, the remaining survivors, which were mostly adolescents, were captured. When examined, 25% of the members showed physical ailments caused by inbreeding. The new head of the Marus Family, Tiffany Seed Marus, proposed a deal with the Foundation to ensure their family's survival. In return for the Foundation's assistance, the Marus Family would give their services and information about their obtained anomalies. These negotiations are still currently in progress.

Around the same time during Marus Family incident, SCP-7085's containment facility was experiencing rapid failure of its mechanisms. Reports of a constant buzzing sound were heard around the area. Believing this to be the cause of an attack from unknown members of the Marus Family, the site went on lockdown. When no evidence of external force was present, SCP-7085 containment cell was repaired and put on high alert. Investigation into the cause of this incident is ongoing.

Date Event Aftermath
April 29th, 1852. The reclusive anomalous society known as the "Illuminati" was discovered to be using carcasses of deceased humans and animals to create animated chimeric life forms called Siren men. They used these Siren men as guards to protect anomalous artifacts and inventions in mainstream hotspots.

After several civilians died to the Illuminati's presence in these areas, the Foundation offered to assist to store artifacts away from civilians to avoid unnecessary causalities. The Illuminati then refused the Foundation's request and stopped any further form of contact. After deliberation, theorem 5.2 of SCP-7085-76 and the eye of SCP-7085-45 were authorized to be used, resulting in twelve Illuminati outposts fitted with Siren men being seized by the Foundation and later deconstructed.
The Illuminati began to retaliate against Foundation facilities to regain lost artifacts. Eventually, their forces were intercepted and terminated. Since then, the Illuminati has reopened negotiations.
March 7th, 1853. The remnants of the Cult of Knull developed a human infovore in the Dominican Republic. The cult was planning on using the infovore to consume the business tycoon Tyler Marshall. They would have then used the collected information to create a sentient doppelganger of Marshall to take over his businesses and supply themselves with monetary resources to fund their endeavors.

The conspiracy was discovered and stopped after the utilization of SCP-7085-65, which found missing pockets of information in the area's infosphere.
All known members of the Cult of Knull were captured and questioned for information about their other activities. After no further information could be acquired, they were traded with various groups of interest for further keeping.
February 12, 1855. SCP-7085 was recorded to produce an energy field originating from its center. Since then, it has begun emitting information at an increasing rate and producing audible sounds such as soft humming around its vicinity. Its containment cell has also begun to accumulate more malfunctions and damages to its mechanisms.

Study of these new properties are ongoing.


SCP-7085-A is locked in chains that are connected to the back wall. The Administrator stands in front unaccompanied.

SCP-7085-A: Alone this time? I cannot complain though, I do enjoy these moments of ours. Even if you are angry half of the time it is still much more enjoyable than sleeping in a cave.

Administrator: I am here to talk about the Engine. It's… changing. You told me once that you wanted to help. So tell me, what is happening…Please.

SCP-7085-A: Very well. As I said before, the Engine grows as you do; the more you rely on it, the more it will expand. It must be getting loud now. And lonely, too. It's becoming frantic. Like a child begging for a parent's attention.

It must have given you the information to unlock it by now, has it not?

Administrator: It has.

SCP-7085-A: I see. I can help you. You don't need to be afraid. The Engine was made by the best of humanity, the same ones who created me. Its purpose is to enrich your people.

Administrator: And who are these people who created you?

Every time we try to gain more information about this past of yours, you try to change the subject. What aren't you telling us, Oracle?

SCP-7085-A: My past does not matter. All you need to do is focus on acquiring the Engine. You can easily prove the information it has sent you to be true.

Administrator: Answer my question.

SCP-7085-A: I have been answering your questions for a long time. And before I answer any more of yours, answer mine. What is your goal, Administrator? What is the point of this? Either way, you are still going to use it no matter what I say.

Administrator: This isn't how this is going to go.

SCP-7085-A: But it is. I have obeyed every request you made of me. I have been more than willing to submit. But I grow tired, too.

Administrator: You have grown too comfortable here. Do you think you just can make demands of us and you'll get what you want?

SCP-7085-A: Do you think these chains keep me here? Do you honestly believe that? I stayed as long as I have because I believed in you. And I still do. But I see what you're doing. You're going to die if you continue.

Administrator: Is that a vision?

SCP-7085-A: No, an observation. Rely more on the good graces this world has given you. Even after all it has done for you, you still fear it. The Engine only wants to help.

Administrator: You keep saying that, but I just can't just take your word for it. I don't have the privilege of doing that.

SCP-7085-A: Then what are you trying to do? Because right now, you are wasting your time.

Administrator: What am I trying to do? Are you talking about your Engine or in general? No, it's the same in the end. I'll tell you this. My goal, as the Administrator, no, as a human, ever since I came into power was always one thing. The destruction of the Foundation.

Every conspiracy, every lie, every death, every mistake I have to sign on. But it will never be enough, for every life saved by us, another takes its place. I saw what your Engine gave us, it gave us a fairy tale. It told us it can give us the power to stop this tragedy. When I was entrusted with this mantle, I also became responsible for every life we affect. I cannot just trust things as quickly as you. Lives are on the line, and we do not gamble with them.

SCP-7085-A: You really won't be satisfied, won't you? I hid my past because it would mean nothing to you.

Administrator: [Sits down on the floor.] Now you're talking.

SCP-7085-A: It is only fair that I do now since I know your fears more thoroughly. And what I tell you now, remember this, what happened was not because of the Engine, In the twilight of the first era of man, long after the creation of myself, no enemies laid before them.

And so, with nothing else to fight, peace occurred. But with peace, came a deathly calm. Man grew complacent with itself and sought out more to conquer. They spread out across the world and diversified, forgetting what made them whole. And then when the last embers of connection broke, humans do what they do. They fought until one of them could claim dominion. But in the end, there was nothing else to rule over but ruins.

Administrator: I don't get what you're trying to say.

SCP-7085-A: What I am saying is don't let the past blind you. When I slumbered in that cave, I didn't just dream of the present, but of futures that never could be. I fooled myself into thinking there were real and that mountain— that tomb—was nothing but a nightmare. But when I look at you, I see a dream becoming reality. Believe me or not, I have spoken nothing but the truth.

Administrator: You're a fool. How can you claim to be so old and yet so naive? What will hiding the past do for us?

SCP-7085-A: Perhaps so. You know, you're kinder than you let on.

Administrator: What?

SCP-7085-A: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Administrator: Right…So, if we do decide to use the Engine at its fullest. How long will it take?

SCP-7085-A: So you're actually doing it?

Administrator: How long?

SCP-7085-A: Depends on your resources, but with your determination, it shouldn't take long.

Administrator: We're gonna need a whole lot more than that to pull this off. We're going to need your help. But if I even think you're betraying us, I will end you myself.

SCP-7085-A: Of course, I expect nothing less from you. I have not felt like this for a long, long time. I am truly grateful to you for this opportunity you have given me. But, I would like to make one request.

Administrator: And that is?

SCP-7085-A: My staff.




Information recovered from SCP-7085 has given groundings to SCP-7085-A's claims of its true capabilities. At the time of writing, SCP-7085 has been discovered to have an expanding energy field that is currently encompassing the majority of the Northern Hemisphere. Current projections predict that this field will envelop the entire planet in approximately 10 months.

Research into SCP-7085’s field revealed it to have negentropic and entropic properties simultaneously, resulting in the ability to interact with everything inside its field on a structural level. It is currently unknown how SCP-7085 is capable of this but is theorized to be the result of the information it has stored inside itself and converting it into energy using the mathematical Laws of SCP-7085-38, SCP-7085-47, and SCP-7085-76. If this project is approved, the Foundation will begin developing an apparatus that will stabilize this field and allow the Foundation to control it.

In the event of failure or the inability to control SCP-7085, Type-V dimensional wormhole locks ("Ways") have been set and are to be used to envelop SCP-7085 and relocate it into a fitted containment cell in level nine of TUMBA. A combat force is to be on standby for any Archonic entity manifestation or residue due to "Ways" use.

Approved by the following Hepta Council members:

  • Thomas Cawn (Director of Site-05)
  • Jerlamarel Voss (Head of the Department of External Relations)
  • Lund Schrawn (Head of Enigmatic Research)
  • Caleb Magold (Director of Site-02)
  • Donald Lantoid (Head of the Containment Department)
  • Joseph Bond (Director of Site-06)
  • Luthor Xander (Administrator)

With the assistance of SCP-7085-A, Project "HUMMINGBIRD" was started. From the Foundation's research and the information given by SCP-7085-A, a majority of the materials needed to construct the device were already in the Foundation's possession. However, four major components were required.

The components needed were:

  • I. An energy source powerful enough to exhibit a field that can survive SCP-7085's own field,
  • II. A processing mechanism that can function both as an equalizer to the device and store all its physical and non-physical values,
  • III. An occult mechanism that will allow stabilization of energy given off by the recycling process of souls,
  • IV. A transparent concave optic structure that can still maintain its structure and magnified energy fields.

These components would have taken decades to develop with the Foundation's current technological standing. As such, analogs were recovered from elsewhere.

Item Recovery
I. Suitable source was found in the anomalous city-state ("The Summer Courts") concealed and hidden in a pocket dimension inside northern Europe. With the use of several anomalous items, its location and entryway were discovered. The inhabitants of the city were hostile to Foundation forces, but due to their deteriorated state and partial transformation into Nymphs, along with the use of SCP-7085-80, their resistance was insufficient to prevent the item's recovery.
II. Information retrieved from the remnants of GoI-46 ("Marus Family") revealed that the GoI-43 ("Salem Family"), a psionic group who have dealt with the Maruses' in the past, possessed an alchemically created artificial brain. This brain had the anomalous capability of storing large amounts of information that GoI-43 imprinted upon it and was believed to have limitless storage. When questioned on the purpose of this item they refused to divulge any further.

The item was shown to be capable of containing and storing knowledge suitable for Project HUMMINGBIRD. After negotiations and the relinquishing of SCP-███ to GoI-43, the item was obtained.
III. Recovered after a combative incident involving the Administrator and several members of Red-Right Hand against the anomalous society "Knights Templar".
IV. Discovered after SCP-7085-A gave the location of ruins located in [REDACTED]. These ruins were composed of flesh and metal with bodies of preserved humanoid entities embedded in them. In the center of this area, was the item. Surrounding the item, were seven glass orbs designated one to seven and murals of humanoids bowing down before seven entities carrying a multi-eyed chimeric creature.

After the item was recovered, several of the structures began to move and vocalize. On the orders of the Administrator, the entranceway was destroyed and all records to travel there were expunged.


SCP-7085, while emitting a constant humming sound, is being lowered into the mechanical apparatus. Wires and coils are seen in the area connecting from and to the apparatus. Electricity is visible seen sparking throughout the mechanism. Dr. Schrawn with three other personnel oversees Project HUMMINGBIRD.

SCP-7085-A is seen sitting with their staff in their lap while being chained to the back of the room while the Administrator stands beside them. Other researchers scurry around the area.

SCP-7085-A: Isn't it beautiful?

Administrator: Not in the slightest.

SCP-7085-A: Oh, that's right. To you, this was the source of your misery for quite some time. Now, it will be your greatest tool.

Administrator: Then why the face? I swear, after all of this you better not—

SCP-7085-A: No, no, it's nothing. I'm just… scared. Everything I have been waiting for since… that time is about to be completed. You are about to receive the majesty of humanity's greatest accomplishment. My hands are near numb from the anticipation. It's just that it all feels wrong.

Administrator: You're waiting for something bad to happen. When things go well, the idle mind automatically turns to the worse. It is what soldiers go through all the time. But sometimes things go as planned. In those rare moments, nothing bad has to happen. Relying on your visions made you anxious.

SCP-7085-A: Maybe, maybe so. Then why do you have that look then?

Administrator: Expecting the worse, of course.

SCP-7085-A: [Laughter] So, what will happen after this. What will you do?

Administrator: The same as always. Even if this thing can do anything, that doesn't mean it needs to be used for that. It's not a savior, it's a weapon and that's all it will ever be. But, it would make our job easier.

SCP-7085 begins to glow and change form more rapidly for several seconds before resuming normal activity.

SCP-7085-A: I don't think it is like that at all. Not at all. So, what will happen to me after this is done?

Administrator: I thought you didn't care what happened to you? The same, you helped us, a lot, but we can't allow you to roam free with that body and mind of yours. I can make it as comfortable as possible though.

SCP-7085-A: Well, thank you, I cannot really expect any more than that, can I? But that, too, is fine. I was worshipped once, you know. They called me the Child of Dreams. Temples were erected in my name just so they can ask me their questions. To predict the weather, to know the time of death of a loved one, or if they would one day find purpose in their lives. They adored me for it. My words were treated as truth and they shaped their lives around them. To know the future is to know the beauty and chaos of creation. A friend told me that once.

Hmm, I speak too much. What I am trying is to not let the Engine control you. Never make it your source of pride or last resort. Even if this does fail, and you despair over it, get up. You are not shaped by it.

Your Foundation is worthy enough.

Administrator: You don't need to worry about us. But, I don't say this to people or, in your case, anomalies, but thank you.

SCP-7085-A: You are very welcome.

Dr. Schrawn: Sir, it's time.

SCP-7085's apparatus begins to glow and a gust of wind is emitted from it. SCP-7085 then begins to spin rapidly and increase in heat, glowing red in the process. The humming sound grows in volume and is now heard around the area. The sound then slowly becomes audible, tangible words.

Administrator: It's speaking!

SCP-7085-A: I see, so this is what it sounds when it's accepted a new wielder. So this is its song.

SCP-7085: Foundation…Foundation…Foundation…Foundation…Foundation…Foundation

The dust and dirt around the area of SCP-7085 begin to move and shift, forming patterns across the ground, walls, and ceiling. These patterns eventually form the Foundation's symbol. The ground beneath the apparatus begins to shake to the point where the personnel present are visibly affected by it.

Dr. Schrawn: It's increasing its energy output. The lens and information storages are in effect. The field is, the field is stabilizing!

Administrator: Good, good. Keep it up! [Turns to SCP-7085-A.]

SCP-7085-A: The fall of Olympus occurred in the war of the last. The Nosferatu have returned, they bring fire upon the lands and death in the air. Release the engines of battle. Unleash the cods and bonds. Unleashed the end. Oh, Administrator, does it not sound beautiful? It sings your name in the loveliest tune.

Administrator: Is something wrong?

SCP-7085-A head reels back as they begin speaking an unknown language.

SCP-7085-A: Oh, you do like to contain. But that cannot be done this time, I am afraid, that we might have been a little off in our efforts.

Administrator: Oracle, are you with me?

SCP-7085-A: Administrator, we were wrong. I was wrong. These images. My mind is full of thoughts and images. We have to try another time, no, not even the— I see, I see, I see…

SCP-7085-A stands up, releasing their chains in the process. Before any personnel could react to this, they pounce on SCP-7085 and slam their staff on it. SCP-7085 then begins to levitate out of the apparatus while the wires and coils are still connected to it and spin sporadically. Several small items across the ground then levitate in the air while streaks of electricity bounce across the walls and ground.

Several moments later, SCP-7085 emits a wave of energy that pushes back the objects and personnel around them, excluding SCP-7085-A who disappears when it hits them. After this, SCP-7085 emits another wave of energy that causes the malfunction and destruction of several devices in the area. Dr. Schrawn activates the Way locks; as they begin to glow, SCP-7085 emits another wave, deactivating them.

Suddenly, SCP-7085 begins to glow a red hue and emit heat before a final wave emits from it, causing an explosion.

The recorder is severally damaged and the footage is distorted. Before losing all functionality, The Administrator is seen standing up and then screaming.



After the failure of Project HUMMINGBIRD, SCP-7085 was moved to a new location. Its malfunction caused it to emit a massive temporal energy field that caused 2nd to 3rd-degree burn injuries and the disintegration of several personnel close to the explosion. SCP-7085 now possesses several new cracks along its exterior, but still maintains functionality.

Since this event, there has been an increase in anomalous activity around the world. Below is a list of notable and known events.

Location Description
Minas Gerais, Brazil. Boiling rain occurs every five to six days across the eastern region. These occurrences are estimated to have injured at least 300 people. Disinformation campaigns are ongoing.
Southern United States of America. Reports of a carnivorous entity that inhabits dark areas. Reports claim that this entity can instantly consume individuals via touching their shadow and enveloping them with their own body.

This entity has been described as being shrouded in shadow and possessing a strong aversion to light sources.
Earth. Anomalous information entered the human conscious sphere to an unknown amount of individuals. This information mainly consists of thaumatic and occult practices, causing a rise of anomalous activity in civilian hotspots. To date, no known information about the Foundation has been discovered by any third parties.
Level 9 of TUMBA. SCP-7085 continuously emits a humming sound. It also now exhibits the ability to deteriorate the area around it at a rapid rate. The Foundation's symbol has been found to be forming on the surfaces around it cracks along wall or manipulating dust piles. When these symbols are disrupted, they immediately begin reforming.

Due to this, it has been moved to a hyperdense containment chamber. However, SCP-7085 effects are continuously growing stronger and current containment is believed to soon become ineffective.

SCP-7085-A's whereabouts remained unknown and is to be considered neutralized.

Letter was given to all Foundation facilities and outposts on January 5th, 1856.

Times are hard. For the past few months, I have asked every single one of you to give even more of yourselves for the Foundation's greatest mission—protecting this world from the dark. You are tired and desperately in need of repose, and yet you still fight. For that, you have my greatest gratitude. And now we face our greatest threat maybe since our founding. The world is in chaos. Anomalies have increased tenfold and we have no choice but to respond in full. As I write this letter, all around the world, the Foundation is working together with other organizations who have similar goals to keep this madness at bay.

Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed and will not be unrewarded. I hope one day when we finally get that day of promised rest it will not be because of mourning but for celebration.

— The Administrator


On December 23rd, 1857, the Administrator, with the assistance of personnel Florude Tone, led a team of twelve to escort SCP-7085 to its location of discovery. Accompanied by this mission was a portable worm wheel that will be used to record the events in case of malfunction or failure.


As the group enters the passageway to where SCP-7085 was first discovered, the area is seen to be in a greater state of disrepair than what was present last time. SCP-7085 glows brightly and emits a loud humming sound. As it is the team continues onward, the structure around them begins to form cracks on their exterior as SCP-7085 passes them.

When they enter the main space of the cave, fog is observed inside it. The instruments delivered there early are seen scattered across the ground severely damaged. In the back of the room, sitting down on the floor is SCP-7085-A holding their staff, with four of their hands.

SCP-7085-A: Hello, Administrator. You look terrible.

Florude Tone: Sir, that's—

Administrator: Leave.

Florude Tone: But, sir, we can't leave you with tha—

Administrator: Go, get back up, I'll hold it off till then.

Florude Tone: But—

Administrator: That's an order, Tone! Now, go!

The 12 personnel slowly leave the area, dropping the worm wheel and SCP-7085, and exit.

SCP-7085-A: A bit dramatic, but okay. So, how have you been? That looks like a new scar on your face. You've been fighting more, haven't you?

Administrator: How are you still here?

SCP-7085-A: I was hoping you knew that, but it seems that we are both confused. My theory is maybe the Engine grew affection for me. I have been with it so long, that it couldn't bear killing me. Even after I betrayed it.

It's funny, really, that is the place it sent me.

SCP-7085-A stands and slams its staff on the ground, clearing the fog from the area. SCP-7085-A appears older and has several scars on its limbs.

SCP-7085-A: When you were about to claim the Engine, its song sparked something inside me. A flame of youth. I had a vision as clear as day. I saw you and the Foundation. I saw what it will become and what will happen to this world. I saw a world meant for dreams and nightmares.

I would have been satisfied staying there with my mind, but not after that… I had to return. Thankfully, the Engine is not all-knowing or powerful in realms outside of its creation. You must understand me when I say this. I did not take pleasure in doing what I did, but if you knew what I saw and heard then you would have done the same. [SCP-7085-A's hands begin to shake as they hold the staff.] Tell me, do you know how long I was gone?

Administrator: To think I trusted you. I am a failure.

SCP-7085-A: No, you are not. The only thing that was wrong was us.

SCP-7085-A jumps toward the Administrator who dodges. SCP-7085-A then grabs SCP-7085 and holds it in the air with two of their hands.

SCP-7085-A: We are relics of the past. A past so old, that even the earth has forgotten it. Once, men had the power to reach for stars and take them. But, now, they are weak and scared and seek power to make them strong and brave. They seek old truths and old ways for their future. They are guided by the dead.

I once thought you will be different, that you will be the ones to claim this majesty and finally surpass the old era. But only with your strength can you do that.

Administrator: You looked me in the eye and told me that this can help us. That will save people. You're just talking nonsense.

SCP-7085-A: Do not mock me! You know exactly what I am saying. It was only by chance the Engine chose you. Countless eras, countless kings, and countless children were chosen by it to take it whole and all fell before it. And yet you came so close at taming it. What I saw, is the outcome of this so-called mastering of the Engine. It was a world without will. A world without humanity.

No more. Let it end.

SCP-7085 begins to glow more while the area around them begins to experience seismic activity.

SCP-7085-A: I'm sorry, my little friend. But it's time for us to go.

Administrator: Oracle, don't you dare!

SCP-7085-A throws SCP-7085 in the air. SCP-7085-A's staff then begins to produce a fire of white and purple hues that engulf SCP-7085-A and SCP-7085. SCP-7085-A then uses its staff to hit SCP-7085 in its center, splintering it into fragmented pieces. The seismic activity around the area and SCP-7085 properties begin to slow down and suddenly cease all together.

Administrator: What have you done? Thousands, millions will die because of you.

SCP-7085-A: Yes, they will. But you will be there to stop that. You will do everything in your power to prevent it. Sometimes you will win, sometimes lose. But it will be because of your actions, not anyone else's.

The Administrator pulls out a wooden wand that is decorated with carvings. It then begins to glow a blue hue that envelops the whole room.

Administrator: Just be quiet.

SCP-7085-A: As you wish. But remember this; I am the Oracle, the first and last of the homunculi, the final Rebis, made to serve humanity. I am a tool that dreams. And you are the Administrator, the leader of the Foundation, the man who fights the dark.

SCP-7085-A's staff fire begins to increase in size rapidly as the Administrator’s wand begins to glow to point of obscuring the worm wheel. As they both begin to walk toward each other SCP-7085-A begins to sprout eyes across its face and body.

SCP-7085-A: Show me, Administrator. Show me all of it.

When they meet each other, a sudden roaring sound occurs cutting the feed for several minutes. When it returns, the worm wheel is located on the other side of the room where SCP-7085-A's is seen with a massive hole in the side of its abdomen. The Administrator is seen standing on top of the body with his arm burnt while clutching a broken stick.

When the Administrator exited the cave, he was immediately escorted to receive medical attention. Shortly after this event, the remains of SCP-7085 and SCP-7085-A were recovered.

All attempts to repair SCP-7085 to its original functionality have failed.

Addendum.SCP-7085- Plaque:

Near the entranceway towards SCP-7085 location, was a plaque made of stone and believed to be written by SCP-7085-A and is transcribed below. How it appeared in the area is currently unknown.

If you are reading this I am dead. I apologize for what must seem like a sudden betrayal, but I assure what I do is for the whole of humanity.

The passages of time assume power based on the illusion that since they are old they are also needed. The time has come for a new era, free from the old, to begin. What I saw, and what will happen, will change this world for the better. But there will be suffering and there will be pain. And when that happens they will need something like the Foundation and men like you in it, Administrator.

In those times, you must hold conviction. To your ideals and passions. Never straying, always fighting.

Have Pluck, Luthor.

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