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Item#: 7083
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7083 can teleport under the direction of the site's original owner, limiting long-term containment of the site. It is currently located on the border of Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada, approximately 9.5 kilometers from the closest civilian population1.


Current SCP-7083 Interior

The anomaly is under the oversight of Mobile Outpost 106, which monitors the site's perimeter and is responsible for the tracking and containment of the site following a Relocation Event.

Foundation personnel are to monitor all known travel routes near the SCP-7083 manifestation point. Any civilians caught attempting to observe or enter SCP-7083 are to be remanded to the custody of the nearest authorities and administered Class-B amnestics.

The interior of the anomaly is to be kept under constant visual surveillance, and any signs of SCP-7083-3 instances attempting to get across the barrier require the intervention of MTF-Theta-42 "Open Worlders”, a joint task force drawing from a number of other MTFs skilled in animal handling, wilderness survival/exploration, traversing unstable realities, puzzle solving and platforming.

SCP-7083-1 is under the purview of MTF-Kappa-43 "The Mediators" and functions as an early warning system for a Relocation Event, as the reappearance of advertisements and online mentions of upcoming streams is the first sign that the cycle is about to begin again.

Description: SCP-7083 is a spatial anomaly that is represented by an area approximately 21k in diameter in diameter in the shape of an octagon girded by a 5-meter-high chainlink fence. A singular gate on the southernmost side of the fence allows entry into the pocket-dimension’s interior.

The anomaly manifests, excluding one notable instance, in isolated wilderness areas. Observations have found that the terrain inside the pocket dimension matches the exterior, excluding the manifestation of a wooden cabin in the direct center of the newly entrapped area.


Current Cabin Manifestation

This changes when undergoing an “Active Hunt” Event.

During an “Active Hunt” the terrain inside the pocket dimension will shift, creating new topography that makes traversing the expanse increasingly difficult. The overall climate and flora of the interior do not change, excluding more frequent meteorological events.

At this time, SCP-7083 partially phases out of baseline reality, becoming invisible to the naked eye and intangible, allowing civilians and Foundation personnel to pass through the entire area without interfering with the events inside.

Following the Activation of a “Hunt”, twenty instances of SCP-7083-2 manifest in sets of five randomly across the interior. That is then followed by the full manifestation of SCP-7083-1 across the globe and the appearance of SCP-7083-3 and -4 instances within the interior.

The SCP-7083-2 instances are then required to fight and survive within the confines of the site until only five instances remain alive. (See the SCP-7083-2 entry for further information.)

When only five of the SCP-7083-2 instances are left, SCP-7083-5 manifests.

When all but one of the SCP-7083-2 instances and the SCP-7083-5 manifestation are dead, the "Active Hunt" ends.

Then SCP-7083-1 ceases, and the area lies dormant, excluding any remaining SCP-7083-3 instances extant within the interior. After three years, SCP-7083 begins a Relocation Event, vanishing and reappearing in a new random location after a period of four months, and begins the cycle anew.

Descriptions of the Constituent Parts are as follows.

SCP-7083-1 is the designation for a streamed series named "VVondertainment's Wild Hunt”, often simply referred to as “Hunt” in marketing advertisements, which is produced by Arcadia2 in partnership with Dr. Wondertainment(See Incident 7083-1 for Clarification) alongside a rogue element of GAW3 and an unknown financier that is believed to be the true owner of SCP-7083.(See Agent Maldanis's Exploration Log.)

The name is now believed to be an attempt at obfuscating the true intentions of the events that transpire within the "series.”

A perception filter placed upon the videos causes the event to appear to be taking place inside a digital environment based on real locales the arena has surrounded.

The streams follow twenty individuals (SCP-7083-2) as they attempt to survive against their fellow contestants and the surrounding environment.

The show was first discovered in 201█ by Foundation Web Crawlers on Twitch, and despite Foundation attempts to curtail the spread of the show through the usage of amnestics and web crawlers, it has since expanded its portfolio.

"VVondertainment's Wild Hunt" can be found on any active streaming service, video-sharing website, or forum page when a Hunt is Active. It can even manifest as a pay-per-view television replacing any of the expected events for the length of the Hunt's duration.

The anomaly is live-streamed with very few cuts or edits, and once the Hunt has finished, all online media surrounding the event vanishes after 24 hours.

This does not appear to affect copies made from recording the event, and the Foundation has a backlog of SCP-7083-1 "Seasons" onsite at Mobile Outpost 106.

The appearance of advertisements for the latest "season" of SCP-7083 is now used by the Foundation to anticipate Relocation Events.

SCP-7083-2 is the designation for the twenty individuals that appear within SCP-7083 at the beginning of the Hunt. They randomly appear across the area in five groups of four.

SCP-7083-2 are adult humans in peak physical condition drawn from the worldwide populace, and while within SCP-7083, each gains an instinctual understanding of any languages spoken by those within the site.

Each individual is a highly-skilled member of one of the following demographics:

  • military service (private or state-enforced)
  • hitmen
  • undercover agents
  • outdoorsmen (professional or hobbyist)
  • first responders
  • professional athletes
  • serial killers

The Foundation has yet to discover the exact manner in which these individuals are chosen and transported to SCP-7083.(Undergoing revisions, see Agent Maldanis's Exploration Log)

Each team is made up of varying demographics drawn from that pool in an apparent attempt to add balance among the groups.

Each appears with a hunting knife, a fully-loaded Tokarev pistol with two additional ammo clips, a canteen of water, a backpack with camping supplies, and fifty "credits,” flat gold-colored plastic chips that are only used in interactions with SCP-7083-4 instances.

All gear can be traded amongst individuals, excluding credits, which can only be taken by killing their owner, which adds the amount they carried to the assailant's inventory.

SCP-7083-2 instances are expected to fight for their survival within the site, and attempts to protest through hunger or drinking strikes fail as the instances have been biologically altered, leaving them unable to die from starvation or dehydration.

Purposeful self-termination is also "disallowed" by SCP-7083, with attempts leading to guns jamming, knives blunting, skin resisting damage, or other minor reality shifts that keep the subject alive.

The only way out of SCP-7083 is through death by combat or connected to combat, whether with fellow -2s or against instances of SCP-7083-3.

Upon death, SCP-7083-2 instances vanish in a flash of blue light, leaving behind any gear they collected during the Hunt.

Upon completion of the Active Hunt, depending on the outcome surrounding SCP-7083-5, 19 or all of the SCP-7083-2 instances appear alive once more outside of the site, returned to their lives with no memory of the time lost within SCP-7083.

Through the administration of nestics, the Foundation has learned from the affected individuals that the longer one remains in SCP-7083, the stronger the drive becomes to kill proactively, going out of their way to hunt SCP-7083-3 instances and their fellow prisoners.

This is believed to be a combination of stress and a latent cognitohazard that heightens the aggression of the trapped SCP-7083-2 instances. MTF-Theta-42 must undergo regular screenings for any side of cognitohazardous effects upon returning from their patrols.

The suddenness of this aggression varies by individual and has been noted to cause the splintering of the initial teams far earlier than is required by SCP-7083. (See the SCP-7083-5 entry for further information.)


A SCP-7083-3a Instance

SCP-7083-3 is the designation for the spontaneously generated animals that appear after the arrival of SCP-7083-2.

They closely resemble the typical fauna of the area SCP-7083 manifests, most commonly taking the forms of predators and large herbivores that live in the region.

These instances differ from baseline variants in behavioral patterns.

Firstly, all SCP-7083-3 instances lack any inborn fear of humans, attacking them on sight without any attempts at commonly understood warning displays or intimidation tactics.

Secondly, while the instances follow baseline predator-prey patterns amongst themselves, they will break off any combat upon scenting, sighting, or otherwise detecting a human presence.

Thirdly, most commonly seen amongst predatory instances, even amongst species that do not regularly engage in pack-hunting or communal habitation, they are drawn to areas already prevalent with their own kind and move throughout SCP-7083 in unison.

The current iteration exemplifies this with a pack of five instances resembling Kodiak bears that often engage with MTF-Theta-42 patrols.

Once a day, a unique instance of SCP-7083-3, designated SCP-7083-3a, will appear within the arena, referred to by interviewed SCP-7083-2's as a "Elite", which they claim they feel compelled to hunt down and kill immediately.

These SCP-7083-3a instances differ from the baseline instances in a variety of ways. Most commonly, they manifest as baseline predatory instances with greater size, damage resistance, enhanced stealth, lethality, or speed.

Rarely, the SCP-7083-3a instances have resembled living nonnative species, extinct species, or common descriptions of local cryptids.

If not killed, the 3a instances proliferate as the mechanism that manifests them appears to function without any overarching oversight.

Current 3a instances include a Persian leopard, an American lion, and an altered musk ox that has managed to evade capture or termination by Foundation forces.

All SCP-7083-3 instances vanish upon death, leaving behind carefully prepared pieces of meat and cured hide for SCP-7083-2's usage and a set number of credits.

Testing has confirmed that the produced material matches the genetic markers of the species of the slain instance.


An SCP-7083-4 instance

SCP-7083-4: is the designation for vending machines found at random points across SCP-7083. They are silver with green accents, with the words "VVondertainment's Variety Vendor" displayed across the right side of the machine. This DR. Wondertainment produc

These machines were made to mimic the branding and whimsical stylization of Dr. Wondertainment products, but the true manufacturer is believed to be a rogue element of the GAW.

Through the usage of credits, SCP-7083-2 instances can purchase weaponry, ammunition, body armor, healing items, miscellaneous additional gear, and notably, "power-ups", and even the ability to resurrect one of the fallen SCP-7083-2 instances. However, it requires the purchaser to have formerly been on the same team as the individual.

The power-ups are varied, but all grant the user minor physical upgrades such as increased strength, speed, endurance, damage reduction, etc. The exact number of effects has yet to be cataloged.

Occasionally, when purchasing an item, the Vendor will create a powerful anomalous version of the item. Interviewed SCP-7083-2 referred to these as "Legendaries."

"Legendary" weapons and armor pieces have outlandish names that are displayed by a hologram when picked up. Examples include Wondertainment's Wallbanger, the Mesh that Hates, Homerunner, and Ion's Immolator.

These items gave their wielders advantages against their opponents, such as limitless ammo, elemental infusion, superhuman strength, immunity to small arms fire, and terrain manipulation, just to name a handful of abilities mentioned by the interviewees.

These items would vanish after three days, regardless of if the purchaser had gotten a chance to use them or not. This disallowed hoarding of overpowered weaponry and meant that such items, if rewarded, would need to be used effectively and immediately, further heightening the aggression of the one in possession of them.

Credits, as mentioned above, are the only way to receive new gear that isn't taken off another SCP-7083-2 instance, and to gain credits, all an individual has to do is kill.

Killing another individual rewarded the highest amount of credits, followed by SCP-7083-3a instances, predatory SCP-7083-3 instances, and herbivorous SCP-7083-3 instances.

SCP-7083-5 is the designation given to the entity that manifests within SCP-7083 once only five SCP-7083-2 instances remain.

At that point, regardless of if any individuals remain on teams, they are separated and teleported to the edge of the internal area of SCP-7083. SCP-7083-5 appears in the direct center of the arena, outside of the cabin.

Interviewed SCP-7083-2 instances claimed to immediately know exactly where they had to go in reference to the cabin and were compelled to kill anything that got in their way of doing so.

The SCP-7083-5 instances are immense beings with wildly varying forms, no two have looked the same, and each has shown a varied mixture of defense and abilities that they use to slaughter the SCP-7083-2 instances. Some are recognizable enemies from various popular video games, and others show signs of cyberization or mutations in line with Sarkic manipulations.

The Active Hunt ends when either SCP-7083-5 is killed or all remaining SCP-7083-2 instances die. In the latter scenario, the former entity continues to stalk the interior of SCP-7083 until the area teleports to a new locale.

In the former, the remaining SCP-7083-2 instance enters the cabin and vanishes without a trace, unlike all other SCP-7083-2 instances. Foundation personnel attempted numerous times to follow the winner inside the cabin but were rebuffed by thaumic wards that caused the afflicted personnel to fall unconscious after sudden and acute blood loss from their eyes, nose, and ears. That was until Agent Maldanis (See connected Exploration Log for more information).

List of Notable Hunts:

Length/"Season" Location SCP-7083-5 Manifestation Winner Additional Notes
23rd June 201█ - 14th Jan 201█
Season 2

Northern Scotland, two kilometers up the coast from Inverhope.

A six-meter-long hybrid of an eagle and wildcat that closely resembled the Griffin model in the game The Witcher 3.

It was immune to small-arms fire and was observed playing with the SCP-7083-2 instances it killed, maiming them and watching as they bled out or were killed by other individuals.

Jerimiah Banks, United States Special Forces Sniper

He killed the SCP-7083-5 instance from cover using an anomalous sniper rifle: designation unknown.

He buried the other members of the final five before entering the Cabin.

Designation: MIA

This hunt was the first the Foundation was made aware of and the longest to date.

As it was still in the early stages, the kidnapped individuals attempted to find any way out that didn't involve killing each other.

The five teams became entrenched, and the ruins of their "civilizations" can still be found in ensuing SCP-7083 iterations.

1st Jan 201█ - 4th Apr 201█
Season 9

Interior of Gibson Desert Nature Reserve, Western Territory, Australia.

A 4-meter tall elephantine entity with clear Sarkic mutation, three trunks ending in grasping claws, barbed pallid red flesh, serrated tusks, and other superficial mutations.

It could propel concentrated streams of caustic gas from its trunks which melted flesh on contact.

Laura Inkisi, a Congolese African Wildlife Defense Force Ranger.

She killed the SCP-7083-5 instance using a series of explosive pit fall traps and an anomalous sword: designation unknown.

She was undergoing the effect of the entity's caustic breath when she stumbled through the door of the Cabin.

Designation: MIA

The Foundation noticed a recurring trend of Sarkic-based manifestations of SCP-7083-5 began following this Hunt, which was only broken during four "seasons" since.
3rd Oct 201█-21st Dec. 201█
Season 13

Vale do Javari, Amazonias, Brazil.

A three-headed 8-meter-long caiman covered in Sarkic runes, exposed muscle, and oozing pustules alongside other minor mutations.

It was able to electrocute anything that came in contact with its skin.


All remaining SCP-7083-2 instances died during the fight against this manifestation of SCP-7083-5.

All instances were tracked down following the end of the Hunt, having no memory of the event as expected.

The individual closest to succeeding, Julia Vargos, US Combat Medic, mentioned a feeling of unexplainable loss and deep embarrassment during the investigation.

Julia Vargos had been killed by the accidental firing of her last opponent's weapon as he was consumed.

Ms. Vargos has been hiding in a tree, preparing to fire upon the SCP-7083-5 manifestation, and the misfire grazed her, causing her to fall and snap her neck.

This was the first time that the Foundation observed SCP-7083 with no victor following the Hunt period.

Foundation forces continued to observe the SCP-7083-5 instance, with termination put on hold as it wasn't known what would happen if personnel killed the entity during this state.

13th March 202█ - 6th July 202█
Season 21

Manhattan, New York, USA

A 12-meter-long anaconda-like serpent with pallid white skin, no eyes, and no bones, allowing it to squeeze into sewer grates and under doorways.

Its bite caused the rapid ossification of the victim's skin, turning them into statues of bone.

Harold Westlin, a professional American Football lineman.

Mr. Westlin didn't kill the SCP-7083-5 instance.

His fellow contestant, Amano Ren, a professional hitman, had struck the killing blow with Wondertainment's Wallbanger (A gun that shoots a literal wall at something) by sticking their arm in its mouth and pulling the trigger.

Ren had believed Mr. Westlin was already dead from a bite.

Yet, the man had broken his own petrified arm off, empowered by the anomalous body armor he had been wearing, and proceeded to bludgeon Mr. Amano to death with it before crawling into the awaiting cabin.

Designation: MIA.

This was the first Hunt that took place in a populated area. The site's intangibility and invisibility meant that regular civilians were able to funnel through the area without coming to harm.

The SCP-7083-2 instances, however, could see other people, and the first several days of the hunt were spent by the various teams attempting to get the attention of the people around them; to no avail.

The Foundation still set up a cordon around the area and put out a cover story about a bureaucratic mishap that had left an area of streets under constant construction for the foreseeable future.

2nd Nov. 202█ - 15th February 202█
Season 22

The Alaskan/Yukon Territory Border

A 5-meter tall polar bear-like entity with heavy cyberization.

It was able to produce a magnetic field that allowed it to briefly repel bullets, a sonic cannon that could shatter bone, and heated titanium claws.

No signs of Sarkic mutation, but "Lenin" was etched into its forehead in Cyrillic.

Agent Geoffrey Maldanis.

He killed the SCP-7083-5 instance by feeding it a miniature nuclear warhead, designation: Fat Boy, and recorded his entrance into the cabin.

Designation: MIA.

Agent Maldanis's experiences and the discovery of SCP-7083's owner are documented below.

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