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Item#: 7080
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Secondary Class:
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Prints 7080-2-3 to 7080-2-5, taken on 12/1/2014, Areas of interest circled in red. Taken with "Philosopher Mk. II"

Special Containment Procedures: Project Philosopher is to continue development of SCP-7080.

Description: SCP-7080 is a device capable of imaging human consciousness within the brain. SCP-7080 uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging1 in tandem with taking snapshots of the subject's noosphere2 in order to produce heat maps of consciousness within the brain.

SCP-7080 was created as a result of Dr. Joseph Locke's3 research efforts during Project Philosopher, a project dedicated to mapping out the noosphere of individuals. Development of said project began on 3/17/2014, with research still ongoing within Site-90.

Early iterations of SCP-7080 consisted of Noosphere Imaging Devices integrated within MRI machines, however iterations SCP-7080-6 and later are portable enough to be carried by individuals on their person, allowing for all-day imaging.

Further Information is Locked Behind Level 3 Access.

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