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Item #: SCP-7075

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7075-A and SCP-7075-B are to be kept inside a single enlarged chamber together. Only separate them when required for testing. Instructions for administering the modified Zener cards can be found in Document 7075-A, which will be given to assigned personnel. Approve any requests for intelligence-based items (board games, books of riddles, etc.) which may aid in testing. Likewise, deny any requests which may hinder.

Containment Update: Increase the rate of testing to four times a week with a focus on enhancing emotive and superconscious abilities. Subjects possess suicidal and homicidal ideation, but both state that their desires are manageable. Believe them until proven otherwise.

Description: SCP-7075 was an unknown individual who was subject to an occult ritual. This ritual was meant to transform it into a gestalt entity of great psychic influence, but instead split it into two sapient humanoids, designated SCP-7075-A and SCP-7075-B.

These two humanoids share a very potent psychological bond. Either one is able to instantly (and often involuntarily) transmit sensory information, ideas, and associations to the other with a ~0.009% accuracy1. Therefore, by all known metrics, SCP-7075-A and SCP-7075-B possess the most powerful telepathic connection ever recorded by the SCP Foundation. Research has shown that their telepathy has some conscious component which can be strengthened through mental exercises and tests of will. Researchers are encouraged to speak to their supervisors regarding the specifics.

SCP-7075-A is a 1.80-meter-tall male. It is thin, malnourished, and weak; having performed poorly during every one of its medical evaluations. It has paranoid tendencies and can sometimes fall into uncooperative or even hostile moods during testing, but it has yet to attack a researcher. A common delusion it suffers from is that SCP-7075-B or its caretakers are trying to harm it in some way. To ease this, researchers are encouraged to act more casually with SCP-7075-A than they usually would with SCPs.

SCP-7075-A has extensive scarring across its face and torso, which is indicative of ritual scarification. SCP-7075-A will occasionally have episodes where it bleeds from these scars for anywhere from five minutes to two-and-a-half hours. When asked why this happens, SCP-7075-A has stated that it "does not know and does not care." Examination has shown that this bleeding is visual only; it does not suffer any real harm during its episodes.

SCP-7075-B is a 1.54-meter-tall female. It appears to be far larger and heavier than SCP-7075-A and its limbs are particularly bloated compared to the rest of its body, lacking coloration in certain spots and sagging at the joints. Little is known about SCP-7075-B's personality since it has refused to speak to many researchers. However, it has shown a liking towards a very select few, the names of whom are included in Document 7075-A. It has sometimes spoken to SCP-7075-A when it believes they are not being listened to.

SCP-7075-A and SCP-7075-B are fraternal twins.

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