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Item#: SCP-7072
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Two instances of SCP-7072.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7072 is currently contained within a standard anomalous object container in the Memetics and Countermemetics Section of Site-43. Any additional instances of SCP-7072 are to be neutralized via incineration by CoRe-trained Foundation personnel. Remains are to be disposed of in the on-site Acroamatic Abatement Section.

Description: SCP-7072 is the designation given to a sandwich containing various types of salads, dressing, and crushed boiled eggs (thus making it a salad egg sandwich). SCP-7072 previously belonged to Agent Carlos Sierra, of the Security and Containment Section of Research/Containment Site-43.

SCP-7072 has a potent memetic cognitohazard, where any human subject directly perceiving SCP-7072 will be compelled to consume it in its entirety, resulting in it activating its secondary effect (see below). Fortunately, standard Cognitive Resistance (CoRe) training has been proven to mitigate this effect.

If approximately three-quarters of SCP-7072's original portion is consumed by a human subject, two instances of salad egg sandwiches similar in appearance to SCP-7072 will immediately manifest around the subject. These sandwiches would retain the original's anomalous property, and as such, are also collectively classified as SCP-7072.

Addendum 7072-1, Phenomenological Overview: Although the exact time in which SCP-7072 manifested its anomalous properties is unknown, the first event recorded occurred on the 29th of August, 2018, surveillance cameras implemented in the H&S personnel cafeteria captured Agent Sierra sitting down alone behind a lunch table and eating his sandwich1.

Before long, Researcher Miles Calloway enters the cafeteria and notices Sierra. He asks what type of sandwich Sierra is eating. Sierra replies and then takes another bite of the sandwich, at which two more identical instances spontaneously appear on the table. Rs. Calloway, seeing this, immediately takes one of the manifested instances and consumes it. This causes two more sandwiches to subsequently appear.

Four individuals, Dr. William Wettle, Dr. Harold Blank, Researcher Bastien LeBlanc, and Dr. Lillian Lillihammer enter the cafeteria. The first three personnel notice the sandwiches and consume them, causing six more sandwiches to manifest.

Dr. Lillihammer at first expressed slight disgust at all of the individuals but then takes attention to the properties exhibited by the sandwiches. After reaching a brief conclusion, she quickly moves toward a nearby redline telephone and immediately calls upon a possible breach of an anomalous memetic object.

Seven on-site emergency agents were able to arrive at the cafeteria and successfully seize all manifested instances of the sandwiches, whilst also subduing Dr. Wettle and Dr. Blank, who were extremely against the agents removing the food. Dr. Lillihammer conducted a standard counter-kinetoglyphic gesture on the personnel, and all of them were able to regain baseline cognitive function.

After subsequent classification and testing, current containment protocols for SCP-7072 were eventually established, with additional instances that manifested during the above incident promptly neutralized.

Addendum 7072-2, EVERSOR Selection/Sub-Project APATEON: After the disastrous event that occurred between February 2020 and 2021 (formally known as Incident 6004-MONGOOSE), the majority of the Overseer Council, along with the Ethics Committee and the Directors' Command officially established the actuation of the EVERSOR Initiative in November of 2022.

The Initiative, which was initially proposed by the Department of Surplus and is primarily spearheaded by the Decommissioning Department, is a Foundation-manned campaign created with the sole purpose of neutralizing and/or nullifying the effects of low-level minor anomalous objects, with the main goal of lowering monetary use within various research/containment facilities worldwide.


Habitation and Sustenance, Site-43

As per the directives of the EVERSOR Initiative, SCP-7072 was selected among the anomalies contained in Site-43 that is slated for decommissioning. It was decided that Dr. Lillian Lillihammer herself would manage the SCP-7072's neutralization, given her prior involvement in its containment and her distinguished expertise in countering memetic anomalies.

However, before the endeavor could be undertaken, Specialist Noor Zaman (Chief of Site-43's Habitation and Sustenance Section) submitted a proposal to the Directors' Command regarding how SCP-7072 possesses the properties necessary that would invariably aid the efforts of the EVERSOR Initiative.

The proposal, coined by Specialist Zaman as Sub-Project APATEON, details that if at least three instances of SCP-7072 are distributed throughout each individual containment facility, The Foundation is able to provide the one singular foodstuff (in this case, egg salad sandwiches) to its personnel without ever utilizing the funds for standard regular meals they generally offer, thus saving considerable amount of expenses on personnel subsistence.

At first, both Director Allan J. McInnis (Site-43) and Director Randall House (Site-666) denied the Project, citing that it goes against Foundation policies regarding exposing their personnel to esoteric anomalous substances. However, Director Paul Lague (Site-322) rebuked this by mentioning the Integration Program2, where the Project's exact circumstances could be easily applied to.

After much discussion and intensive debate within the Directors' Command, the Project was eventually sent to be reviewed by the Overseer Council and the High Court. Ultimately, the majority of both parties decreed that they would be implementing a new policy. where in the event of a large-scale monetary crisis involving the Foundation, other specified policies could indefinitely be stand stilled. This would mean that the Project is fundamentally approved.

On the 13th of March, 2023, Sub-Project APATEON was officially put into effect. SCP-7072 was taken out of containment, and with assistance from Site-43's staff, instances of SCP-7072 were able to be thoroughly disseminated to each Foundation research installation, with an increased portion for major containment facilities, such as Sites -120, -19, and -17.

SCP-7072's Containment Class has been updated to Radix3. Despite minor protests from various individuals, Site-43 has been decommissioned as a Research and Containment facility (R&C) and re-classed as a Support and Dispensation center (S&D). Reversal of this change is as-of-yet indeterminate.

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