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Photograph of SCP-7071 taken prior to testing

Item #: SCP-7071

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7071 is to be contained in standard object storage when not removed for testing or observation.

Description: SCP-7071 is a stuffed toy resembling a worm, insect larva or snake, constructed from blue fabric, polyester stuffing and two buttons. The toy possesses no anomalous or unusual physical properties.

The anomalous characteristics of SCP-7071 manifest when any individual in its proximity is prompted to freely play with the object, describe it or tell a fictional story about it, at which point individuals will universally attribute the same set of properties to the object. Reported features of SCP-7071 include the following:

  • SCP-7071's name is Wiggly.
  • SCP-7071 is male.
  • SCP-7071 has two parents known as Squiggly and Jiggly, and a younger sibling known as Poopsy.
  • SCP-7071 is 6 years old.1
  • SCP-7071's favourite colour is blue.
  • SCP-7071's favourite food is chocolate fudge.
  • SCP-7071's favourite song is "How to Make Alien Ice Cream".2
  • SCP-7071 is talented at singing, drawing and sculpture.
  • SCP-7071 is capable of independent flight.
  • SCP-7071 is approximately three meters long,3 and capable of carrying one or more humans.
  • SCP-7071's best friend is an individual known as Billy.
  • SCP-7071 has not seen Billy in a long period of time.
  • SCP-7071's top priority is finding and reuniting with Billy.

Depiction of SCP-7071 by Marcus █████, in 2019 at Little Footprints Day Care

Recovery Information: SCP-7071 was first discovered in Little Footprints Day Care, in ██████ █████████ South Carolina. Anomalous activity was first indicated to the Foundation by accounts by staff and parents of children mentioning the same fictional entity without first communicating with each other.

Agent Simon Janecek posed as a writer for a childcare journal, looking into a potential article on local day care centers, in order to interview children and staff. SCP-7071 was identified and recovered at this time.

The first manifestation of SCP-7071's anomalous properties is not known, but the object was eventually identified by one staff member as the creation of Vanessa Lon-Johnstone4, the parent of a previous member of Little Footprints Day Care, constructed in the year 2006.

Selected Test Records

Test 7071-A: SCP-7071 was presented to Research Assistant Parth Solanki, who was not instructed about its anomalous properties, and was instructed to answer the questions of Senior Researcher Laney Day.

Test 7071-B: SCP-7071 was given to Research Assistant Ruby Elaine, who was not instructed about its anomalous properties, and was instructed to freely play with the object and verbally describe her actions to observing Senior Researcher Laney Day.

Test 7071-C: SCP-7071 was given to Belinda Johnstone, the object's original owner. Scheduling conflicts with Johnstone's work5 had previously delayed her participation in testing.

Johnstone was informed that she was selected for a psychological study on play behaviour, and was instructed to freely interact with the object under Senior Researcher Laney Day's supervision.

When asked by Senior Researcher Day following Test-7071-C, Belinda Johnstone reported that she was only pretending to converse with the object, and that she did not consider any part of the encounter to be unusual.

SCP-7071 has not demonstrated any anomalous properties since the completion of Test-7071-C. To this date, no member of the Johnstone family has been connected to any other anomalous phenomenon.

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