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Item #: SCP-7064

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7064 is to be held in a reinforced1 large standard humanoid containment chamber under constant monitoring, with two armed guards on stand-by near the entrance. Contact with SCP-7064 is prohibited without level-3 clearance. Any personnel entering the cell are to be accompanied by an escort of at least four armed guards.

Sounds of repeated banging and screaming have been reported persistently, and thus guards on stand-by duty are permitted Foundation-issued noise-cancelling headphones with access to intercom systems.

Description: SCP-7064 is a sapient humanoid of unknown origin with the following characteristics:

  • A height of approximately 3 meters.
  • An additional pair of arms sprouting from the shoulder joint.
  • Grey skin pigmentation.
  • Abnormal muscle development resulting in a stronger upper body, especially in the shoulder and upper back area, capable of handling materials up to 3,800 kilograms.
  • A skull with more similarities to H. Erectus than the modern human.
  • A notably pronounced lower jaw with unusual dentition resulting in additional canines and uneven spacing.
  • Unusual resistance to physical force, including gunfire.
  • Carnivorous diet with an average daily caloric intake of 5,000 calories.
  • Unusually high levels of testosterone.

While capable of speech, SCP-7064 displays a limited grasp on English grammar and vocabulary. Further interview attempts are not advised, as the majority of interview attempts have ended in casualties on the side of the interviewer.

SCP-7064 displays a consistently violent temperament, attacking most humans within its vicinity. The most common method of attack is either through smashing with its two sets of heavily-muscled arms or by ripping apart individuals with an arm pulling on each limb. While SCP-7064 has shown other attitudes beyond violent rage, these states are uncommon.

Discovery: SCP-7064 was initially found on 12/15/2019 in the parking lot of the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, in the midst of a violent rage which resulted in the death of 17 civilians. MTF-Theta-6 (“Witch Hunters”) was promptly deployed and successfully contained SCP-7064 with minor casualties. Later interviews with SCP-7064 show it was attempting to "pre-game" before the football game began. Due to it appearing four hours before the game began, amnestic use was moderate but prompt removal prevented any further need for information suppression.

SCP-7064‘s origins and means of avoiding SCP Foundation detection until this point remain unknown.

Addendum 7064-1: Dr. Stein Testing Report

Testing on SCP-7064 has gone poorly. SCP-7064 is almost completely unresponsive to everything we’ve thrown at it, cooperating only at the bare minimum. We’ve tried physical restraints, electric shocks, extreme force, and other techniques, all to the same result. Frankly, it’s frustrating and feels like a waste of time. All SCP-7064 will do is insist constantly that it be freed and that it have its way with everyone involved in containing it. Testing will continue to see if we can find any way to make it more cooperative with the Foundation’s containment.

[Incidents 7064-1 through 3 have been removed from this report for the sake of brevity. In all instances SCP-7064 breached containment but was recontained, with containment procedures updated to reflect current needs. Anyone wishing to access these incident reports should contact Dr. Stein.]

Incident 7064-4: On 3/18/2020, at approximately 4:00 AM, a containment breach of SCP-████ led to a brief power failure lasting one minute. During this time, SCP-7064 was able to destroy the doors to its chamber and run through the site, attacking personnel and causing extensive property damage. SCP-7064 stopped at Cell-328, housing D-17383. Footage from the cell shows that instead of killing D-17383, SCP-7064 noticed a Kansas City Chiefs poster, which led to the two conversing over shared interests in football, beer, and exercise. During this time, D-17383 gave SCP-7064 the name "Guy." SCP-7064 was recaptured in Cell-328 thirty-five minutes after escape and moved to a new containment chamber.

Addendum 7064-2: Dr. Stein Testing Report

Testing on SCP-7064 continues to go poorly, perhaps even worse than before. The level of opposition presented by SCP-7064 grows each day, and as it is we can barely get it to cooperate. The security teams are struggling to fend off its attacks. I recommend testing cease and we upgrade containment facilities for SCP-7064.

Incident 7064-5: On 3/27/20, SCP-7064 was able to neutralize the security team present and escape its chamber. SCP-7064 was free from containment for one hour and forty minutes, during which it attacked much of the west wing of Site-60. This resulted in extensive damage to the structure as well as 9 casualties before SCP-7064 was subdued and moved to a new containment chamber.

SCP-7064 spent all of its time calling out to and trying to locate a "Leo."

In light of this incident, testing and access to SCP-7064 have been suspended. Containment procedures to be upgraded immediately.

Addendum 7064-3: Due to budgetary concerns, SCP-7064’s containment procedures are not to be upgraded. Instead, SCP-7064 is to be moved to a new containment chamber fitting its current procedures once a month, allowing for the previous to be repaired.

Incident 7064-6: On 4/13/20, after weeks of repeated attacks, SCP-7064 was successfully able to break down the containment chamber door system. During this incident, SCP-7064 was able to ascertain the whereabouts of D-17383 by threatening Foundation personnel. Before this information was revealed, SCP-7064 caused extensive structural damage to both the west wing as well as central hub of Site-60.

Upon finding the whereabouts of D-17383, SCP-7064 headed straight towards the northeast wing, finding D-17383’s chamber and destroying the sealed entrance. D-17383 climbed on and rode SCP-7064’s back. With D-17383’s knowledge of the facility, SCP-7064 was able to cause extensive damage throughout Site-60. The entire incident lasted two hours before D-17383 and SCP-7064 were both subdued and separated.

Addendum 7064-4: Correspondence between Dr. Stein and Site Director Juma.

Addendum 7064-5: Dr. Stein’s measure to move D-17383 to SCP-7064’s chamber has been a massive success. The behavior of SCP-7064 has improved drastically since the implementation of this measure. Additionally, since the measure was implemented, breakout attempts have become significantly rarer and have not been successful.

D-17383 and SCP-7064 spend most of their time in conversation. While some of it is anger directed towards the Foundation, much of it also pertains to D-17383’s lifestyle, which SCP-7064 considers fascinating. Topics frequently brought up include football, which SCP-7064 appears to have prior knowledge of2, grilling, beer, television, exercise, sex, and rock music.

Addendum 7064-6: Behavior of SCP-7064 is to be reviewed monthly, with privilege rating changed accordingly. SCP-7064 currently has class-C2 privileges. As a result of the most recent behavior review, SCP-7064 has class-C movement privileges permitting infrequent access to the Site-02 cafeteria and recreational area with the presence of an armed escort (movement privileges are immediately revocable in the event of any problematic behavior). Level 2 request privileges have also been granted, allowing for object requests to be made and reviewed by acting containment supervisor Dr. Stein. Reclassification to Euclid class pending.

The following items have been requested by SCP-7064:

Custom weight set Denied Safety threat
BBQ grill Denied Safety threat
Television set Approved -
Pornography Magazines Denied Request by janitorial department
"The Best of Motörhead" CD Approved -
CD Player Approved -
Instructional book on knitting Approved -
Yarn and knitting needles Approved -

If SCP-7064 continues to exhibit the good behavior it has been showing, more privileges may be accepted.

Addendum 7064-7: More yarn and knitting needles have been approved for usage by SCP-7064. After three weeks, SCP-7064 has produced three sweaters, two pairs of socks, and a scarf, all of average human size. As per SCP-7064’s request, D-17383 has been permitted to keep a sweater and the pairs of socks for personal use and Dr. Chelsea Simons has been permitted to keep the scarf for personal use.

Despite the advanced speed with which SCP-7064 has become proficient in knitting, no anomalous qualities have been ascribed to this aptitude. The garments have been described as being of notable quality and design by D-17383 and Dr. Simons.

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