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Item #: SCP-7063

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7063 is to be kept in a metal liquid container of any size (though preferably one holding between 12 to 16 ounces), locked inside a metal container which is to be stored in a storage area inside of Site-19, only accessible to personnel of level 2 clearance or higher. Any personnel caught allowing access to SCP-7063’s storage area to personnel who do not possess the required security clearance will be detained and disciplinary action will be taken accordingly.

Any use of SCP-7063 for testing/research should be logged in the document included in 7063’s container. Each person who wishes to use 7063 is allotted one (1) hour for testing/research. Personnel who fail to return SCP-7063 within the allotted time of one (1) hour will be found and have 7063 recovered from them, and will be reprimanded accordingly.

Description: SCP-7063 is a white liquid that resembles milk. Its composition has not been determined. The volume of SCP-7063 is anomalous; the bottle does not appear to empty as the liquid is consumed or poured. SCP-7063 is described by D-Class personnel as tasting like lukewarm water, regardless of the actual temperature. When pouring the liquid, regardless of what container it is in, the amount of liquid does not visibly grow smaller, simply staying the same. The same seems to apply to instances where 7063 is spilled on a surface. In addition, when 7063 is poured into a container, said container is anomalously no longer able to be destroyed. Because of the nature of 7063, once another container is completely filled with 7063, the most recent instance of SCP-7063 loses all anomalous properties, no longer being of an infinite nature and now being described as tasting like spoiled milk. The full extent of SCP-7063's effects is not yet known due to events later described in this document.

Incident SCP-7063-A: The following is taken from a combination of body camera footage and interviews from those involved in an incident now labeled SCP-7063-A.

While investigating the home of a man whose disappearance had been linked to another SCP, an agent found a glass bottle filled with what was eventually discovered to be SCP-7063 inside a clear glass bottle with no apparent markings. The agent requested permission from Agent [REDACTED] to take a drink of SCP-7063, believing it to be milk. Upon Agent [REDACTED] granting his request, the agent then proceeded to drink 7063 while the others were elsewhere and began loudly screaming within 3 seconds of swallowing the liquid. When the other members of the search team found him, the agent was still screaming but also violently convulsing on the floor. The other agents immediately began performing emergency medical procedures while one radioed for medical assistance and secured SCP-7063 from the floor near the incapacitated agent. When additional Foundation personnel arrived, the agent was catatonic, but still alive. Upon return to Site-19, the agent, henceforth referred to as SCP-7063-1, had begun a steady recovery.

When consuming SCP-7063, subjects subsequently suffered effects similar to SCP-7063-1’s ingestion of the liquid. The subjects are then catatonic for approximately 23 to 37 minutes regardless of attempted medical procedures, eventually beginning to recover and gain consciousness, whereafter they report no immediate effects. Interestingly, subjects who consume 7063, much like 7063-1, report no effects after ingestion ever, leading Foundation researchers to believe 7063 had no effects outside of what SCP-7063-1 experienced. When recovering the glass bottle that SCP-7063 was contained in, researchers interestingly found the bottle to be full, presumably anomalously.

5 days after SCP-7063’s discovery, SCP-7063-1 requested to be allowed out of his temporary containment chamber to visit the cafeteria for lunch. Foundation personnel denied this request and offered to bring him lunch, but eventually granted his request after incessant begging and a noticeable change in his demeanor.1 After being let out, SCP-7063-1 was spotted on multiple security cameras walking towards the cafeteria in a normal route, but disappeared somewhere about halfway along the route. Dr. █████ went to retrieve him but was unable to find him. Eventually, a Foundation janitor opened the door to a storage closet to retrieve cleaning supplies2 and found the body of SCP-7063-1, their throat punctured, and a ballpoint pen covered in blood found in SCP-7063-1's hand. There was a note written with the same ink later found in the ballpoint pen.

Addendum: Researchers and other Foundation personnel are still unsure as to how SCP-7063-1 evaded the security cameras, or where he acquired the ballpoint pen, but have nonetheless concluded that SCP-7063-1 was driven to suicide by consuming SCP-7063, as there are no records indicating signs of mental stress during their time working at the Foundation. Researchers are still unsure of what exactly SCP-7063 does, however, several conclusions have been drawn. Researchers believe that consumption of 7063 causes alterations in the consumer’s memory, and 7063-1’s note seems to allude to this. Researchers are not exactly certain of how 7063-1’s memories were affected, or why he never mentioned this to interviewers, or anyone, for a matter of fact, but Foundation researchers are currently rigorously testing SCP-7063 on D-Class subjects. No further advancements in discovering the effects of SCP-7063 have been made as of the time of writing.

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