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An instance of SCP-7061.

Item #: SCP-7061

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-7061 instances are under the purview of the Department of Zoology and the Department of Spiritual Closure. The Department of Zoology is to house SCP-7061 in Site-L9's Domesticated Animals wing, with felid amenities1 to be provided as needed. Only disarmed personnel are allowed access to SCP-7061.

The Department of Spiritual Closure is to cooperate with local and state-level Ohioan law enforcement and the Unusual Incidents Unit in locating SCP-7061's original owners and, if available, the instances' bodies. Financial compensation of no less than $10,000 per month is to be provided to identified owners upon successful discovery/recovery.

Person of Interest-7061's family is to receive $30,000,000 in monthly installments of $250,000, in exchange for their cooperation in the investigation, and their continued silence regarding POI-7061's true cause of death.

Description: SCP-7061 collectively refers to 347 100 spectral domestic cats (felis domesticus) of varying breeds and ages. All instances of SCP-7061 are designated Class-C2 on the Ramis system2, meaning that they possess translucent, but tangible forms and are visible to the naked eye.

SCP-7061 instances have predominantly docile and affectionate demeanors towards humans that approach them, though will become aggressive towards any persons carrying weapons, up to and including clawing and biting the perceived aggressor. SCP-7061 all individually require the same treatment and amenities as non-spectral cats.

As of writing, thanks to the efforts of the Department of Spiritual Closure and the Unusual Incidents Unit, 247 instances of SCP-7061 have been able to Move On, with closure provided to 226 families.

Discovery: SCP-7061 came to the Foundation's attention when the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Unusual Incidents Unit requested assistance in investigating the death of POI-7061, AKA Hadrian Alanson. POI-7061 was a twenty-one year old male student at Ohio University, whose expiration had been caught via a security camera in the Vernon R. Alden Library.

UIU agents embedded in Athens law enforcement intercepted the call, arriving at the Alden Library alongside paramedics within 25 minutes of the report being made. Witnesses were corralled for their safety and the collection of witness statements, while POI-7061's body was recovered. The UIU's discovery of SCP-7061 began shortly thereafter, and following attempts to secure them were met with hostility by the instances. Contact was made to a Foundation liaison to provide assistance.

The Departments of Zoology and Spectral Closure were made aware of the inquiry, and Zoological Task Force Iota-912 "Catnip" was dispatched to give aid to the UIU forces in securing all SCP-7061 instances into Spectral Protected Cages. Witnesses were subsequently signed into financially-backed non-disclosure agreements, while security footage of SCP-7061's emergence was wiped; POI-7061's cause of death was given as a stress-induced heart attack. █████ ████████████ was provided monthly access to a Foundation-employed therapist free of charge.


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