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SCP-7053 manifestation during the Algerian Civil War.

Item #: SCP-7053

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor social media for any posts regarding SCP-7053. Upon a SCP-7053 manifestation event, MTF Alpha-22 ("Zookeepers")1 will be dispatched. Due to the nature of SCP-7053’s manifestation, actions taken in response should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Description: SCP-7053 is a ~28,000 kg, 4 meter (13.1 ft) tall Giant Tortoise. A portion of SCP-7053's shell directly above the entity's head is missing, and a 105 mm M4 Howitzer protrudes out of this opening. SCP-7053 also has a .50 caliber Browning M2HB machine gun attached to the right side of its upper shell. SCP-7053 is capable of aiming and firing both of these weapons at will, and neither have a need for ammunition. All SCP-7053 manifestations thus far have materialized while smoking a 1.6 meter (5.3 ft) cigarette. Attempts to remove this cigarette have been met with hostility from SCP-7053.

The rules that govern SCP-7053 manifestation are not entirely understood, however, the following criteria will increase the probability of a SCP-7053 manifestation event:

  • The location of manifestation is located within the United States, or regions where the United States had a significant military presence during World War Two.
  • There exists a clear entity or entities (henceforth referred to as the Target) which pose a significant threat to human life.
  • Little or no United States military personnel are in the area.

Following a SCP-7053 manifestation event, SCP-7053 will possess moderate knowledge of the Target, and believe it was dispatched to the area by the United States military with the purpose of neutralizing the Target. SCP-7053 has universally believed that the Target is either a member of or was created by the Wehrmacht.2 SCP-7053 has never shown any knowledge of prior manifestations of itself. Upon the Target's elimination, which can consist of neutralization, incapacitation, or imprisonment, SCP-7053 with demanifest. In the event that SCP-7053 is neutralized, the corpse of the entity will only demanifest if/when the Target is eliminated.


On 04/09/2002, SCP-7053 manifested during a containment breach of SCP-0753. After containment failure, SCP-075 traveled to the nearby town of Amana, Iowa. MTF Alpha-22 was mobilized to recontain SCP-075, and SCP-7053 manifested during the ensuing engagement. The following video was recovered from the exterior security cameras of a local barbershop, transposed over radio communication during the battle.

<Begin Log>

The main street of Amana is relatively quiet, with 8 civilians on the sidewalk and another 3 eating on a bench outside of a Burger King. SCP-075 crawls out of a roadside water drain and, after briefly surveying its surroundings, leaps onto the head of a civilian (now identified as Gary Walder). Walder screams as his head liquifies. Other bystanders notice this and flee the scene as he runs into the street in a panic. A blue minivan swerves out of the way with a blaring honk, and as it screeches to a stop Walder expires. The man falls to the ground, and the liquid that once was his head forms a puddle around his corpse. SCP-075 throws itself at the vehicle at 98 km/h, shattering the windshield and latching on to the face of the occupant (Jane Howard). Two shrieks, one of a teenage male and the other of an infant female, are heard inside the van. As Howard's face disintegrates, two dark green Foundation humvees race down the road, and come to a halt about 300 feet from the car. The machine gunners atop both trucks train their guns on the van. An unmanned transport platform drives between the humvees and screeches to a halt in front of SCP-075. Three D-Class personnel are tied to the platform.

Alpha-22-1: Command, we have eyes on the skip. Bait is in place.

Commander Mayweather: Good copy. Do not engage the entity unless absolutely necessary, I am getting the object's attention now.

Nothing happens for 12 seconds.

More screams come from the car. Howard attempts pry SCP-075 from her face, with no success.

Alpha-22-1: Should I be hearing something?

Mayweather: It would seem the drone's horn is inoperable.

Alpha-22-1: I can honk the truck's horn?

Mayweather: Negative, that could cause 075 to target you. I have a safer method of drawing its attention.

Mayweather switches frequencies to a radio on board the transport platform.

Mayweather: Hello, D-444, 445, and 446.


D-444: Please please please I'll do any experiment you want! I can still be useful! God I don't deserve this!

Mayweather: The Foundation would like to thank you for your years of service. To make your passing as comfortable as possible, I would recommend you keep your mouths closed. When your partners are terminated by SCP-075, portions of their liquified remains may fall into your mouth.

Incoherent screams flood the street as the D-Class struggle against their restraints.

Mayweather switches frequencies back to Alpha-22.

Mayweather: SCP-075 should notice them soon.

Alpha-22-1: Got it, ma'am.

Howard's face fully liquifies, and she can be seen dripping into her seat. Her remains begin to seep from the bottom of the door. The teenager grabs the baby (Brody Howard and Anna Howard respectively), and flees out the back passenger door. SCP-075 turns it's attention to the distressed bait, who yell unintelligibly.

SCP-075 slams through the driver seat door, which flies off its hinges and crashes into a nearby tree. A wave of liquid Jane Howard pours out. SCP-075 slithers through the puddle, scanning the platform for any danger. In a sudden move the anomaly pounces onto D-445, whose screams are muffled by SCP-075.

Alpha-22-1: 075 has gone for the bait. We're heading to the containment zone now.

Mayweather: Good. I'll tell the engineers to power up the humidity chamber.

Brody Howard: Fuck off foot snail!

Brody appears from behind the wreckage of his mother's car, wielding a handgun. He runs into the clearing and opens fire on SCP-075. All bullets miss, but one grazes D-444. At the sound of gunfire, SCP-075 jumps off of its victim and charges Brody. Brody dives out of the way, and SCP-075 throws itself into a nearby building.

Alpha-22-1: Command, we have a complication.

Mayweather: I can see the body cameras. Your inventory shows that -7 should have a taser. Fire on the boy and drag him out of the way. I'll draw the anomaly's attention back to the bait.

Brody runs over to one of the humvees and waves both of his hands in the air.

Brody Howard: What the hell are you guys waiting for! Shoot it!

Alpha-22-7 exits the humvee and tases Brody.

Alpha-22-1: Good job -7, grab him and get him in the truck.

Alpha-22-7 runs over and pulls Brody into the truck, while a dazed SCP-075 emerges from the rubble of the building. SCP-075 faces the humvee and prepares to ram it, when SCP-7053 materializes about 400 feet behind the anomaly, and fires its main gun. SCP-075 darts out of the way right as the round hits the pavement, shattering the concrete and throwing shrapnel in all directions.

SCP-7053: So, you're this new bioweapon Hitler cooked up? I don't buy it, what's all this hype for about a big snail with a foo-

SCP-075 speeds towards SCP-7053's head. SCP-7053 fires its machine gun, and SCP-075 changes course, aiming for its left shell. SCP-075 rams SCP-7053 at 122 km/h. SCP-7053 is pushed upwards at an almost 90 degree angle, barely avoiding being flipped upside down, before falling back to the ground with a crushing thud. The fall shatters a nearby fire hydrant, and water spews into the air. SCP-7053 turns its head towards MTF Alpha-22, while continuing to fire on SCP-075 with its machine gun. SCP-7053's voice is mumbled as it tries to speak through it's cigarette.

SCP-7053: Who the hell are you? The general told me there weren't any American troops here.

Alpha-22-1: […]

Mayweather: Say you're with the Canadian army, and you were also sent to investigate rumours of a Nazi supersoldier.

Alpha-22-1: […]

Mayweather: Just go with it. I could explain it to you, but you'll have to be amnesticized later anyway.

Alpha-22-1 instructs one of the machine gunners, Alpha-22-4, to relay this to SCP-7053.

SCP-7053: Well, hate to break it to you, but I don't think your peashooters are gonna do much against this thing. You should get civilians out of here. I saw a baby crying behind that car, and there were a few women holed up in that diner over there.

SCP-7053 gestures to a nearby Burger King. SCP-075 rams SCP-7053 a second time, and while the anomaly is disoriented, SCP-075 races around and throws itself onto SCP-7053's head. Due to SCP-7053's large size SCP-075 only envelopes part of the object's face. SCP-7053 briefly flails around, before crashing its own head into the road's concrete, forcing SCP-075 off. SCP-7053 then jabs the entity with the burning end of its cigarette, and SCP-075 screeches in pain before jumping away. A black circle coats the area of contact.

SCP-7053: Stop moving, you damn weasel!!

SCP-7053 points its main gun directly at SCP-075, which recoils into its shell. SCP-7053 fires point-blank at the entity. Both entities are obscured by smoke. After a few seconds SCP-7053 curses and machine gun fire continues in the mist, followed by the sound of shattering glass.

Alpha-22-1: Command, should I get the civilians out?

Mayweather: No. Containing 075 is our priority, if you move to prot- […] Actually ignore that. The bait will be more effective if there are no civilians to distract the anomaly. Send -2 and -3 to escort them out of the area while 075 is distracted. After 7053 is terminated, we'll use the bait as planned.

Alpha-22-1: Well, how do we know 075 won't be killed? I mean, the turtle is packing a lot of firepower.

Mayweather: 075 can survive a direct hit from SCP-7053's howitzer. 075 will terminate 7053.

Alpha-22-1: Okay, you're the boss.

While SCP-7053 and SCP-075 battle in the smoke, Alpha-22-2 and -3 jump out of their respective humvees and make a break for the civilians. Both make sure to give the fighting a wide berth. Alpha-22-2 recovers Anna Howard, and is told to retreat off of the street and wait until SCP-075 is contained. As the mist begins to lift, SCP-7053 can be seen firing its howitzer at SCP-075. The shell misses and flies out of the mist, directly above Alpha-22-2's head, and slams into a nearby building. The explosion knocks Alpha-22-2 off his feet, and Anna Howard is thrown to the pavement. Shrapnel cuts three lacerations on Anna's face, left arm, and torso. The child's crying permeates the area, but is mostly drowned out by machine gun fire. After dodging the shell, SCP-075 leaps at SCP-7053, crashing into its machine gun. A metallic clang rings out across the battlefield, and the broken weapon falls to the pavement.

SCP-7053: Okay little snail, NOW YOU'RE JUST PISSING ME OFF!

SCP-7053 turns to face SCP-075 and fires its howitzer. SCP-075 flies out of reach, stopping a few feet from the recovering Alpha-22-2 and Anna Howard. SCP-075, while unharmed, has decreased in velocity and shows signs of fatigue. As Alpha-22-2 pulls himself up, SCP-075 leaps onto his face, forcing him back onto the pavement. His screams are muffled, both because of his mouth being covered by SCP-075 and also because his mouth is disintegrating.

Alpha-22-1: Commander, permission to engage?

The screams of Alpha-22-2 continue. SCP-7053 runs over to Alpha-22-2 and aims it's remaining weapon at SCP-075.

SCP-7053: Canadians! I could use some help, shoot the bastard a few times to get it off of him, and I'll blast it again!

Mayweather: Do not engage, your weapons will have no effect on the anomaly. All it would do is continue to draw 075's attention from the bait.

SCP-7053 waits for Alpha-22 to fire for a few seconds, before turning it's head and glaring at the task force.

SCP-7053: Do you have wax in your ears? You wanna help or not!

Alpha-22 does not respond. Alpha-22-2's screams give way to an alien gurgling, and SCP-7053 looks back to the soldier.

SCP-7053: Fucking canucks4, gotta do everything myself.

SCP-7053 lumbers to the edge of the street and bites down on a stop sign. The anomaly pulls upwards, straining its neck as far as it can, before the sign is forcibly uprooted. SCP-7053 moves back to Alpha-22-2, holding the metal rod of the sign in its mouth. SCP-7053 draws it's head back and prepares to strike.

SCP-7053: Get the hell off him, Nazi scum!

SCP-7053 whirls its head around, bringing the red octagon of the stop sign crashing into SCP-075. The octagon is broken off of its pole and is sent flying, while the pole itself has a strong bent at the point of impact. SCP-075 is unaffected. SCP-7053 pulls the rod back, and strikes again. The pole shatters, but SCP-075 remains unaffected. Cursing, SCP-7053 drops the pole and bites down on SCP-075, lifts it into the air, and throws the entity into a brick wall. Crashing into the structure, SCP-075 finally releases Alpha-22-2. Alpha-22-2's face is partially liquified, and horribly disfigured. SCP-075 bounces off of the wall and speeds towards SCP-7053 at a much greater speed than previously. SCP-7053 fires its howitzer, which SCP-075 easily dodges. The entity breaks right, curves back to hit SCP-7053 on its side, jumps into the air, and punches through SCP-7053’s shell at 224 km/h. SCP-7053 screams in pain and starts to disintegrate from the inside out.

Alpha-22-1: Well, I think that's it for the turtle.

Mayweather: Agreed. Moving bait into position.

The drone carrying the D-Class drives to the breach in SCP-7053's shell. SCP-7053 moves towards Anna Howard, picks her up and rolls her towards Alpha-22. Parts of SCP-7053's liquified interior begin to drip out of its shell. SCP-7053 hobbles towards Alpha-22-2, but its front left leg suddenly liquifies. SCP-7053 falls down with a splash, then pushes itself up with the remaining legs and limps to Alpha-22-2, grabbing him and tossing him next to Anna.

SCP-7053: Get your soldier and the kid out of here! Find some Americans and tell them that Sherman sent you. Th- They'll send more men! The- They migh- [Incomprehensible]

SCP-7053's head liquifies and melts to the ground. Alpha-22-7 hops out of his humvee and grabs Anna Howard and Alpha-22-2. What remains of SCP-7053's shell collapses, and SCP-075 emerges from SCP-7053. The drone drives through SCP-7053 and all D-Class scream while struggling against their restraints. SCP-075 pounces onto D-444, and the drone speeds down the road, followed by both Alpha-22 trucks.

SCP-7053's liquified body begins to ooze into a roadside sewer drain, and after 6 minutes demanifests.

<End Log>

Following this video log, SCP-075 terminated D-444, D-445, and D-446 while the drone transported it into a Portable Humidity Chamber on the edge of Amana's main street. Humidity in the chamber was less than 1%, causing SCP-075 to enter its inactive state.

Brody Howard and Anna Howard were both amnesticized, and the cover story of a car crash was used to explain Jane Howard's termination and Anna Howard's injuries. Alpha-22-2 suffered from blindness, deafness, and severe disfigurement before expiring from his injuries two hours after SCP-7053's termination. After containment of SCP-075 was re-established, SCP-7053’s corpse demanifested.


The following letters were sent from Corporal Lee Williams to Linda Curin, during the former's deployment to Europe with the 112th Infantry Regiment in 1944. A full transcript is available upon request.

November 5th, 1944

Dearest Linda,

I hope everything back home is going well. I miss you more than you could imagine, and I really miss your beef stew! We got off of the boats a few days ago, and we won't be at the front for a few weeks. They did let us loose into the village though while the cars fueled up, and it was the most surreal experience! For a small village you'd be surprised how many shops have been set up, I guess to make some money from all of the army men coming off the boats.

[Extraneous Information Removed]

While we were in the town bar, which was getting a lot of patronage from all of the soldiers in town, a column of tanks rolled on by heading east. When the soldiers saw the whole bar erupted in cheers, like the stadium back home. Me and Larry went out to watch, along with a few other boys from the regiment. They really were hulking beasts, I'm sure you've seen pictures in the paper but they are an absolute marvel in person. Most of the people lost interest and went back inside after a few minutes, but after they did Larry spotted this little turtle on the ground crawling towards the column. One of the boys said he must have had a death wish but Larry thought he just wanted a closer look. I mean if we think tanks look giant imagine what they must look like from his point of view! Larry scooped him up and is carrying him around like a pet now. Not sure if the army will allow it, but I don't see any harm in it.

Reminds me of your old man, always picking up new animals to take care of. I wish you the best, and I hope that we can end this war quickly so I can see you again.


December 29th, 1944

Dearest Linda,

I hope this letter finds you well. Two months without your beef stew is beginning to take its toll, but I think I'll be able to pull through. In all seriousness, we're heading up north to the Ardennes, our boys are getting beaten pretty badly up there.5 We've linked up with some tanks, so having them around definitely soothes my nerves.

[Extraneous Information Removed]

In the truck we didn't really have anything to do but just wait around, so Larry thought to bring out Sherman (that's what we named the turtle from my last letter). Sherman was taking a nap and must've been really annoyed that we woke him, so he took a little nip at me when I tried to pet him! One of the boys thought that giving him a cigarette would cheer him up, so Larry pulled out one of his. The first time Sherman thought it was a treat and ate the cigarette, but after a few tries we were able to get him to hold it in his mouth, and I lit it for him. After some cheering, one of the guys said that this might not be safe for Sherman, but I mean come on, all the doctors say it's perfectly safe for people so what's the harm?6 Anyway, after this Larry let Sherman ride on one of the tanks accompanying us. Once we put him on the little guy ran to the front to check out the main gun, and then stayed there looking at it in wonder for a solid hour. We had to take him off once we started riding over some rocky ground, he almost fell off a few times, but I’m sure it was fun for him while it lasted.

[Extraneous Information Removed]

January 3rd, 1945

Dearest Linda,

The fighting here is getting pretty bad. Larry took a bullet in the shoulder, they thought he'd be fine at first but it's gotten a nasty infection. The doctors say he's got a 50-50 shot if he keeps resting and takes some medicine they got for him. I saw a guy get blown apart by artillery the other day. That messed me up pretty bad. They took the tanks away to go fight somewhere else, apparently we aren't a very high priority. About a fifth of our number are dead or injured, and the Commander is telling us that fresh troops are coming in to reinforce in a few days. So that'll be great. If I'm still alive then. Also I got your christmas package the other day. A bit late, but honestly I'm glad it came now, I definitely needed it. That was some mind blowing beef stew. I love you, and I hope everything is going well at home.

Say hello to Barb for me.


Two days after this letter was sent, a German night attack overwhelmed 112th Infantry Regiment. After its commander was killed, the regiment lost cohesion and retreated in disarray. Despite a complete Allied rout, German forces did not pursue, and casualties were deemed to be within acceptable parameters.

Soldiers fleeing the battle spread rumors of a large turtle that had stopped the German advance, but these were widely dismissed as the result of darkness and confusion on the battlefield. After The Battle of the Bulge ended, SCP-7053's corpse was discovered in a thicket of oak trees, surrounded by four destroyed panzers and nineteen corpses. Two of the corpses were located beneath SCP-7053, and the entity was likely attempting to shield them from German fire. One corpse was identified as Lee Williams, the identity of the other remains unknown.

Two of SCP-7053's legs had been blown off, and its shell was breached in three places. A later autopsy of the anomaly revealed 137 bullets lodged into its skin.

Agents of His Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal (HMFSCP)7 were dispatched, and the corpse of SCP-7053 was recovered. Due to rumors of SCP-7053 being widely dismissed by those who heard them, use of hypnosuggestive agents8 was deemed unnecessary.

After the surrender of Axis forces in Europe, SCP-7053's corpse demanifested. Following a second manifestation in 19519, the newly formed SCP Foundation officially designated the anomaly SCP-7053 and initial containment procedures were established.

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