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Item#: 7051
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: No containment procedures have been put in place for SCP-7051 instances and their general affects.

Description: Instances of SCP-7051 are completely undetectable and cannot be observed by visual/thermal cameras, motion detectors, echolocation, or any other method of perception. The only method of observation available includes physically touching SCP-7051. No effects are present when physical contact with SCP-7051 is made but SCP-7051 has been known to avoid physical touch in most cases.

When someone is in the presence of an instance of SCP-7051 and no other people are currently present, people in the presence of SCP-7051 may begin talking to themselves for long periods or until another person enters the vicinity.

SCP-7051's behavior is innocuous and the anomaly's main activity involves moving objects when placed down, closing and opening doors randomly, etc. These habits commonly come from people who misplace items or leave doors open. SCP-7051 is commonly confused for bad habits and a forgetful mind.

Tests and Observations

The following experiment reports include observations of SCP-7051's behavior and the experiments performed with SCP-7051.


DATE: 11/6/21

NOTE: The following video is one of the only two recordings of SCP-7051 and its behavior.


09:10:47 Dr. Gonzales is in their office reading through files sent to him that morning.

09:12:22 Dr. Gonzales places their coffee cup on their desk and turns to open the desk drawer.

09:13:31 While Dr. Gonzales' back is turned the coffee cup rises off the desk and is moved to the very edge of the desk.

09:22:18 When Dr. Gonzales turns back to the desk, they drink more of their coffee without noticing the cup's movement. He places it back onto the desk where it had originally been and continues reading through documents on his desk.

09:25:55 Dr. Gonzales looks at his phone, and while they are not looking the coffee cup rises off the desk and floats onto a nearby filing cabinet.

09:28:15 Dr. Gonzales turns back to their desk, and when they notice the coffee cup has been moved they get up from their desk and lock their office door. They then dial security personnel to come to search their office.


ENDING NOTE: After Dr. Gonzales reports having an intruder in their office, Epsilon-11 breaches their office and apprehends the instance of SCP-7051.


DATE: 06/30/22

NOTE: The following video is the second of the only two recordings of SCP-7051 and its behavior.


12:38:52 Researcher Cowling is in his duel office with Researcher Vickers. They place a stack of papers on one side of their desk and walk over to their filing cabinet to unlock the drawer.

12:39:12 The stack of papers is seen sliding over approximately two feet across Researcher Cowling's desk.

12:40:53 Researcher Cowling turned back to their desk and when Researcher Cowling noticed the movement of the stack of papers, they questioned Researcher Vickers if they had moved the papers.

12:42:18 Researcher Vickers denies having moved the papers, and Researcher Cowling goes on without questioning them any further.


Ending Note: The instance of SCP-7051 in the video was never found nor recovered.

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